Venetia, Выпуск 33

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Longmans, Green, 1837 - Всего страниц: 482

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Стр. 318 - We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality.
Стр. 427 - It soon becomes a very small part of that profound and complicated sentiment, which we call Love, which is rather the universal thirst for a communion not merely of the senses, but of our whole nature, intellectual, imaginative and sensitive...
Стр. 481 - A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE DOG ; being a Manual of Canine •Pathology. Especially adapted for the Use of Veterinary Practitioners and Students. With 88 Illustrations.
Стр. 318 - ... scandal, talk about it for a day, and forget it. But once in six or seven years our virtue becomes outrageous. We cannot suffer the laws of religion and decency to be violated. We must make a stand against vice. We must teach libertines that the English people appreciate the importance of domestic ties. Accordingly some unfortunate man, in no respect more depraved than hundreds whose offences have been treated with lenity, is singled out as an expiatory sacrifice.
Стр. 87 - Miles Hendon sank into a chair and covered his face with his hands. After a pause, his brother said to the servants: "You have observed him. Do you know him?" They shook their heads; then the master said: "The servants know you not, sir. I fear there is some mistake. You have seen that my wife knew you not.
Стр. 436 - Cadurcis, is that, with all the faults of youth, of which you will free yourself, your creative power is vigorous, prolific, and complete ; your creations rise fast and fair, like perfect worlds.' ' Well, we will not compliment each other,' said Cadurcis ; ' for, after all, it is a miserable craft. What is poetry but a lie, and what are poets but liars ? ' ' You are wrong, Cadurcis,' said Herbert, ' poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
Стр. 391 - ... presumed with violence to pry into the pious bowels of our mother Earth, for she without compulsion kindly yielded from every part of her fruitful and spacious bosom, whatever might at once satisfy, sustain, and indulge her frugal children. Then was the time when innocent beautiful young shepherdesses went tripping over the hills and vales : their lovely hair sometimes plaited, sometimes loose and flowing, clad in no other vestment but what...
Стр. 390 - which our first parents called the age of gold ! Not because gold, so much adored in this iron age, was then easily purchased, but because those two fatal words mine and thine, were distinctions unknown to the people of those fortunate times ; for all things were in common in that holy age...

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