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natured to every body, particularly to those who are in sickness or sorrow, for God does not own for his children any who are illnatured, but will punish them severely. We must not use any bad words. God is angry with those who swear, or tell lies, or say any kind of bad words; it is very wicked indeed to do these things.

Questions.-Who must children be dutiful to ? [Ans. Parents.] Who are parents ? [Ans. Fathers and mothers.] Are not grandfathers and grandmothers parents also ? [ Ans. Yes.] What is meant by being dutiful? [ Ans. Behaving well to them.] Should not children love their parents ? [Ans. Yes.] Should not they obey them? [Ans. Yes.] What is meant by obeying them? [Ans. Doing as they bid them.] Is it dutiful in children to give saucy answers to their parents ? [Ans. No.] What should children do when their parents correct them for their faults ?

[ Ans. Beg pardon, and promise not to do so again.] How sbould brothers and sisters behave to one another ? [Ans. Kindly.] Should they quarrel and fight, and call one another by bad names [Ans. No.] How should we behave to every body ? [Ans. With good nature.] Who in particular should we be ready to pity and help? (Ans. Those who are in sickness or sorrow.) Is it right to be cruel to dumb creatures ? [Ans. No.] Does God love people who swear and say bad words? [Ans. No.] Is it not very wicked to do so? [Ans. Yes.] Should you like to make God angry ? [Ans. No.] What words and things must you keep from speaking and doing if you would keep from making God angry? [Ans. Bad ones.] What words and things must you speak and do if you would please God ? [Ans. Good ones.]


Concerning our Lord Jesus Christ, and a future Judgment.

Instruction. All mankind are sioners, that is, they very often do things which they ought not to do, and make God angry with them ; children, for iņstance, neglect to pray to God and praise hinı: sometimes they tell lies, or say bad words ; some. times they are cross and ill-natured to their brothers and sisters, or their school-fellows. Whenever children do these and other naughty things, they offend God, they commit sin; but if they are sorry for their faults, and beg God's pardori, he will forgive

them for Jesus Christ's sake, who is the Saviour and the Friend of mankind. Jesus Christ is the only Son of God the FaTHER ALMIGHTY; he came down from heaven on purpose to save makind from everlasting death, and put them in the way of everlasting life, by dying for them, as you will learn hereafter. If Christ had not died for mankind, we should all have perished as sinners.

Questions.- What are all mankind ? [Ans. Sinners.] How are they sinners ? [Ans. They do sinful things.] Is not God angry with ihose who commit sin ? [Ans. Yes.] Do not chile dren very often commit sin ? [Ans. Yes.) What must those do who liave committed sin ? [Ans. Ask God's pardon.] For whose sake will God forgive them?, [Ans. For Jesus Christ's sake. Who is Jesus Christ ? [Ans. The only Son of God the Father Almighty.) What is he to mankind Ans. A Saviour and a Friend.) What did the Son of God do in order to save mankind ? (Ans. He came down from heaven and died for us.] Wbat would have become of us all if Christ had not died, to şavę us ? [Ans. We should all have perished.]

Instruction.-When our Lord Jesus Christ was upon earth he set a pattern of a holy life, such as we ought all to try to lead; and he taught many things which we must believe if we wish to have God for our Father. After our Lord Jesus Christ bad died for mankind, and was buried, he rose again from the dead, and ascended into heaven ; and he will come again at the end of the world, to judge mankind according to their works.

Questions.-- What sort of life did our Lord Jesus Christ set sa pattern of, when he was upon earth ? [Ans. A holy life.] What surprising things did our Lord Jesus Christ do after he was dead and buried ? [dns. He rose again from the dead, and ascended into heaven.] Will he ever come again ? [Ans. Yes.] What will he come for ? [Ans. To judge mankind according to their works ]

Instruction.---Our Lord Jesus Christ when he was upon earth taught, that after this world is at an end, there will come another' world, in which good people will be happy for ever, and bad people will be tormented for ever and ever. The place for good people is called Heaven), where all the angels live in the presence of God; and the place for bad people is called Hello where the Deyil, our great enemy, and wicked spirits, dwell.

Questions. --Did our Lord Jesus Christ teach that, there is another world ? [Ans. Yes.) How will good people be in that world?. [.ns. Happy for ever and ever.) How will bad people be in the next world ? [Ans. Tormeoted for ever and ever.]


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sees fit.

What is the place where good people will go tó, called? (Ans. Heaven.) Who dwells there in the presence of God ? [dns. The angels.) What is the place called to which bad people

Igo? (Ans. Hell.) Which do you wish to go to, heaven or hell? [ Ans. Heaven.]

Instruction ---Before any one can get to the other world he most die. Every one that is born into this world must die; and no one can tell how soon it


lease God that he shall die Sonne die when they are little babies, others when they are bigger children'; some live to be young men and women, and some live to be old; but all die sooner or later, when God

Questions. ---What must we all do before we can get to the other world'? [Ans. Die.] Can you tell when you shall die ? [ Ans. No.] Do you know for a certainty that you shall lire even a day, an hour, or a minute.? [Ans. No.] Is it not very common for children and ġoung people to die? [Ans. Yes.] When does every one die? [Ans. When God sees fit.]

Instruction ---Every person has a Body and a Soul. You have a Body and a Soul: the body is that part of you

which can be-scen and felt; your soul is that part of you which cannot be seen, but which thinks. The soul cannot be seen, because it is a spirit. To die is to have the soul leave the body. When the son) leaves the body, the body loses its life, it is a dead Corpse ; it is buried, its flesh turns to corruption, and its bones moulder away, till there is none of the body to be seen ; but the soul still lives : so there is not an end of us when we die ihe betier part remains alive.

Questions... Has every person a body and a soul? [Ans. Yes.] Have you a body and a soul? (Ans. Yes.] Which part of you can be seen, your body or your soul: (Ans. The body.] Which of these thinks ? [Ans. The soul.) Why cannot the soul be seen? [-Ans. Because it is a spirit.] Don't you find that there is something in you which you cannot see, but which thinks ? [Ans. Yes.] What is this? (Ans. The soul.] Which dies, the body or the soul ? [Ans. The body.] What does the body Jose when the soul goes out of it? (Ans. Its life.] What is done with it then ? [Ans. It is buried.] What does the flesh of the body turn to ? [Ans. Corruption.] Do these things happen

to the soul ? [Ans. No.) Does that turn to corruption and moul:er away?' I Ans. No.Is there an end of us when we'die ? [Ans. 'No.1 Which part remains alive after the other? (4nThe soul.] Which is the better part, the body that dies, or die soul that marr dies? [-Ans, The soul.]

instruction --- At a day which God has appointed, the GREAT JUDGMENT DAY, this world will be at an end; it will be burnt up with fire. Then our LORD Jesus CHRIST will come again to judge the world with power and great glory, and all his holy angels with him. The trumpet will sound to awaken from the dead all mankind ; then all the men, women, and children, that ever lived upon earth, will be raised to life again ; and every syul will have its own body; but the bodies will be altered, so that they will never die any more; they will last for ever. Then every one will stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and be called to account, and Christ will judge them according to what they have done in this world.

Questions.-.-What will become of the world at the last day? [ Ans. It will be burnt up.) Who will come at the last day? { Ans. Our Lord Jesus Christ.) What will be come for? [Ans. To judge mankind.] How will they be awakened from the dead ? [ Ans. The trumpet shall sound.) Who shall rise from the dead ? [Ans. All the men, women, and children, that ever lived in the world.] What will every soul receive? [Ans. Its own body.] Will the bodies be altered ? [ Ans. Yes.] Will they be subject to die any more? [Ans. No.1 What will all. mankind stand before the judgment seat of Christ for ? (Ans. To be judged.] How will Christ judge them? [Ans. According to what they have done in this world.)

Instruction.-.-When the last trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised to life, those men, women, and children, who have led good lives, will be filled with joy, and will go to meet their Lord in the air ; they will not be afraid to stand before him, or ashamed to meet the angels; our LORD will receive them with the greatest kindness, and will say unto them, "Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you

from the foundation of the world." Then they will be taken into heaven, where they will dwell in the presence of God, and be like the holy angels, blessed for ever and ever.

Que:tions.--.When the dead are all raised to lise, what will those be filled with who know that they have believed CARIST'S doctrine, and tried to follow his example? [Ans. Joy.) Will they be afraid to stand before his judgment seát? [Ans. No.] Will they be ashamed to meet the angels? [Ans. No.] How will our Lord receive them ? [An., With kindoess.) What. will he say to them? [ Ans. Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.] Where will they be taken to then? [8ns: To heaven.] In whose presence will they dwell? (Ans. In the

presence of God.] To whom will they be like? [Ans. The holy angels.] How long will they continue in heaven? [Ans. For ever and ever.] Intruction ---It will be


different with those who have led bad lives. When they are awakened from the dead by the last trumpet, instead of going with joj to meet their Lord in the air, they will want to hide themselves in the caves of the carth ; they will call to the inountains to cover then, and the sca to swallow them, that they may escape the just anger of tbeir heavenly judge. But all in vain: there will be no caves or mountains, there will be no sea, for this world will be at an end, and they must live for ever in the next. When their heavenly judge conres, they must stand before him. Insiead of the kind words which our Saviour will say to the good, he will say to the wicked, “ Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting tire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Then they will be sent to hell, to suffer endless torinents beyond description.

Questions.---Wilt those who have not believed their Saviour's w) or tried to follow his example, rejo ce to hear the last trumpet ? (Ans. No.] What will they wish to do? [Ans. To hide themselves in the cares of the earth.] What else will they wish ? [Ans. For the mountains to fall on them, and the sea to swallow them.] Will there be any caves left to hide in ? (Ans. No.] Will there be any mountains to cover them, or sea to swallow them, when the whole world is burnt up? [Ans. No.] Will Christ speak kindly to the wicked, and take then to heaven ? [Ans. No.] What will he say so them? [Ains. Depart, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.] Where will they be sent to ? [Ans. Hell.] What will they suffer there? [Ans. Torinents without end.)

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On Prayer.


When the Lord's Prayer is to be taught, the Teacher should repeat it to the scholars very distinctly, syllable hy syllable, and sentence by sentence, as marked in this Lecture ; observing whether they pronounce the words properly; and making them perfect in one sentence be

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