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1. Reuben
2. Simeon
3: Levi
4. Judah

5. Dan
6. Napthali
7. Gad
8. Asher

9. Issachar
10. Zebuluni
u. Joseph
12. Benjamin:

These are the 'twelve patriarchs, fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel. An 4he holy men who lived before, or under the law, are called patriarchs.*

LECTURE VII. Joseph was the youngest but one of Jacob's sons; he was a very good lad indeed, his father loved him better than the elder ones, which made them jealous, and they resolved to kill him; so one day, when his father sent him to see how they did, they were going to do it : but Reuben, who bad more pity than the rest, begged they would only throw Joseph into a pit, from whence he thought to have taken him up when his cruel brothers were gone away ; but just as they had put Joseph into the pit, some Ishmaelites, who bought men and women to make them work for them as hard as horses, came by, and Joseph's brethren sold him to them; they tben toiska tine coat of many colours, which bis father had given him, and dipped it in blood, to make Jacob believe his darling was lilled by a wild beast-: the poor old patriarch was ready to break his heart with sorrow when he saw it. Joseph was carried into a country called Egypt, a great way from Canaan, and Potiphar, captain of the guard to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, bought him of the men to whom his cruel breihren had sold him. Joseph was a very faithful servant to Potiphar, who was so pleased with: him that he inade hina his steward, and treated him as a friend; but Potiphar's wife was a very wicked woman,

and she told a false story to her husband io bide ber own faults, and persuaded Potiphar that he was deceived in his good opinion of Joseph, and that he was a very bad man; so Potiphar put Joseph into prison; but the keeper of the prison found Joseph was a good man, and he put all the rest of the prisoners under his care, and treated him as a friend.

Questio - Where did Jacob dwell after his father's

* The fourth Portion of Miscellancous Questions to be asked here.

death ? [Ans. In Capaan.] How many sons had he;? Ans. Twelve.] What came from these twelve sons ? [Ans. The twelve tribes of Israel.] Who was Joseph ? [Ans. One of Jacob's sons.] Was he the eldest? {Ans. No: the youngest but one.) Did his brothers love bim? [Ans. No:] Why did not 'they love him? (Ans. Because he was his father's favourite.] Wbat did they do to get rid of Joseph ? [dns. Sold him to the Ishmaelites ] Where did the people who bought Joseph .carry him ? [Ans, To Egypt.) What did they do with bim there ? [Ans. Soid bio to Potiphar..

] Who was Potipbar ? [Ans. Captain of the guard to Pharaoh, king of Egypt.) Did Joseph behave well as a servant to Potiphar? [ Ans. Yes.] Who accused him falsely of a great crime? [Ans. Potiphar's wife.) What did Potiphar do when he thought Joseph wicked ? (Ans. He put him in prison.] Who was kind to him there? [Ans. The keeper of the prison.] Whom did the keeper of the prison put onder Josepb's care? [Ans. The other prisoners.]

Instruction.--- Amongst the prisoners were two of Pharaoh's servants, his chief butler and his chief baker; and it pleased God that each of these men should dream a dream which they could not forget. The next morning wben Joseph went into their prison he found theni very sad, for they thought their dreams were different from common dreams, which have no meaning at all, and they told their dreams to Joseph. As soon as they båd done so, God gave Joseph the power to interpret, or tell the meaning of these dreams ; 50 Joseph told the baker that his dream signified, that he would be taken out of prison in six days and hanged; and he told the butler that his dream signified, that be would be delivered from prison in six days, and restored to his office. And things fell out exactly as Joseph foretold. Joseph begged the chief butler to remember him, and try to get him released out of prison, but as soon as his amictions were at an end ibe butler forgot Joseph.

Questions. Which of Joseph's fellow prisoners bad dreams from God ? [Ans. Pharaoli's chief butler and chief baker.] To whom did God make known the meaning of these dreanis ? [Ans. To Joseplr.] Did things fall out as he interpreted i Ans. Yes.)

Instruction.--- At the end of two years after Joseph had interpreted the dreams of the butler and baker, Pharaoh, king of Egypt, dreamed two dreams in one night, which hç could not forget or understand. One of these dreams was;

that he saw seven fat kine, or cows, come up river, and after them seven lean ones, which dey fat ones. The other dream was, that he saw sevei fine eais of corn come up, and after them seven parched ears, and that the seven thin ears deve seven full

ears. Pharaoh sent for all the wise men of Egypt, to : of them could interpret' his dreams,' but they all they could not; on this Pharaoh's chief bútler mind what Joseph bad done for him, and he told that there was a young man in the prison who con pret dreams. Pharaoh, therefore, sent and fetch out of prison, and desired hini to tell hin what th signified; but Joseph said to Pharaoh, "Do not in tions belong uinto God? God shall give Pharaoh a of peace.” As soon as Joseph had said this, Gød p his mind what to say, and he told Pharaoh that dreams signified the same thing, and that they wer make known to him, that there would be seven great plenty in Egypt, and after them seven years of and Joseph advised Pharaoh 10 let corn be laid kingdom during the plentiful years, against the famine came.

Pharaoh was so pleased with Joseph immediately ordered him to be clorhed in fine li princely robes, and to ride in a chariot like that he rode in, and he niade him governor over all the Egypt, that he might see to the laying up of t against the famine came; so Joseph, from being prisoner, was made a great man"; king Pharaoh al greater than he in the kingdom of Egypt.

Questions.-Who was Pharaoh? [-Ins. The king of Were his dreams from God.? [Ans. Yes.] Did Pha any of his wise men understand the meaning of them No.) Who did Pbaraoh send for to interpret them Joseph.] Did God maké known to Joseph the mea the dreams? [ Ans: Yes.] How did Pharaoh reward for interpreting his dreams, and giving him good {-1ns. He made him governor over all the land of E

cabine WOH LECTURE VIII.1 12!!1 Instruction. The seven years of plenty came as had forelold, and there was so much corn, that when

people of Fgypt were well supplied there were great quanvities left, which Joseph took care to have laid up in store. houses every year. At the end of seven years the famine began, as Joseph had foretold, and reached to all the coun. tries round. When the famine was very great in Canaan, Jacob heard that there was corn in Egypt, so he desired his sons to go thither and buy some, but he would not let Benjamio, his youngest son, go with the rest, because he was afraid some mischief might befal him. When Joseph's brethren arrived in Egypt, they went to him, as governor of tbe land, to buy corn; and as soon as Joseph saw them, he knew them, but they knew not him; and as he wished to know whether they were as wicked then as wben' they sold him to the Ishmaelites, he spoke roughly to them, and called them spies, and pretended not to believe them when they told him they were all the sons of one father, and that there was another brother at bome: and he insisted upon their leaving their brother Simeon behind whilst they went and fetched Benjamin : but Joseph ordered his steward to put all bis brethren's money which they had brought to buy corn into their sacks with their provision. When they got home they were greatly surprised to find their money; and they told their father all that had befallen them in the land of Egypt, and that the governor of the land insisted their taking Benjamin with them, before he would release Simeon. This was sad news to Jacob, and he said, Benjamin should oot go down, for that if mischief should befal him by the way, it would bring down his grey hairs with sorrow to the grave. Jacob's sons were afraid to go to Egypt without Benjamin, but at last they prevailed upon their father to part with bim; and when they arrived in Egypt, they went to Joseph and presented Benjamin to him, and carried back the money they had found in their sacks, and other money to pay for the corn. Joseph was very glad to see his youngest brother, and he set Simeon free, and invited all bis brethren to dine with bim, who thought it a great bonour to be the guests of the governor of Egypt,

Questions.-Where did Jacob and his sons live at the time Joseph was governor of Egypt? [Ans. In the land of Ca. naan.] Did they know he was governor there? (Ans. No.1 Did they know he was alive? [Aris]. No. How came Joseph's brethren to go into Egypt ? [ Ans. Their father sent them to buy corn.] Did Benjamin go with the other ten! (Ans. No.] Did Joseph know his brethren when they came


into his presence ? [Ans. Yes.] Dif they know him ? [Ans. No.]. What did he pretend to take then for? [Ans Spies.} Why did he do so ? [Ans. To try them.] Who did he put in prison when he let the rest depart? [Ans. Simeon.] Why did he put him in prison ? [ Ans. To make the others fétch Benjamin.] Was not Jacob greatly distressed when he heard that Benjamin must go ? [Ans. Yes.] What did he say? [Ans. That Benjamin should not go.] Did Jacob consent at last to let Benjamin go with his brethren to Egypt? [4ns. Yes.] Was, not Joseph very glad when he saw Benjamin ? [-Ans. Yes.] Were not 'they surprised when such a great man gave them an invitation to dinner? Ans. Yes.] Was not Joseph greatly affected when his brother Benjamin stood before him ? [Ans. Yes.] Did he treat his brethren well, and make them happy ? [Ans. Yes.] Was Simeon set at liberty ? [Ans. Yes ]

Instruction - As Joseph's brethren had been so very unr. kind to him, he was fearful tliey might be so to Benjamin, therefore he resolved to try them, and for this purpose he ordered his steward to put, as before, every man's noney in his sack, and his silver cup into Benjamin's sack. When they were gone a little way, Joseph ordered his steward to go after thein, and ask them how they could behave so 'ill as to take



cup. They all declared they had not done it; on which the steward insisted upon searching their sacks, and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack; then all his brethren protested they were innocent, and'rent their clothes, in token of sorrow, and puting their sacks upon their asses, they returned back to the city; and were conducted to Jó. seph's house.

When Joseph's brethren came into his presence, they fell upon the ground before him, and Judah, speaking for himself and his brethren, offered to be slaves to Joseph as long as they lived, if he would but suffer Benjamin to return to his father. Therr Judah related to Joseph how unwilling Jacob had been to part with Benjamin, and what promises - he had made to take him back; and Judalı said he could not return without his youngest brother, lest hershould bring down the grey bairs of his father to the grave. Then Joseph could no longer keep from making himself known to his brethren, but cried out, as I am Joseph your brother, whoin ye sold into Eyypi; doth' my father yet' live?" and he wept aloud; and his brethren could not answer him, for they were troubled at his presence; bat he spoke kindly' to them, and talked of bis aged father, and

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