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going up and down this ladder, and the Lord standing above it : and the Lord spake unto Jacob, and said, that he would make of him a great nation, and would give him the land to lay on, the land of Canaan. The Lord also promised Jacob that he would be with him in every place he should go to, and would bring him back again to the land of Canaan. When Jacob awaked from this dream, he vowed a vow unto the Lord, that he would have no other God.

Questions.---Where did Jacob lay himself down to sleep the night after he left his father's house? [Ans. On the ground.) What had he for his pillow ? [Ains. A stone) What did the Lord promise Jacob in his dream? [Ans. To make of him a great nation.] What land did the Lord promise to give Jacob? [ Ans. The land he lay on.] What land was that? [Ans. Canaan.) What else did the Lord promise Jacob? [Ans. To be with him in all places, and 10 bring him back to Canaan.] What vow did Jacob make ? Ans. That he would have no God but the Lord.] What did he mean by that ? [Ans. That he would never worship idols.]

Instruction.--After his dream Jacob went on his journey, and at last he came to a place in the east country, where there was a well, and three flocks of sheep lying by it; and he inquired of some people whom he met, whether they knew Laban ; and they told him they did, and that Rachael, Laban's daughter, would soon come to the well, to water the sheep; and whilst Jacob was talking with these men, Rachael came; and Jacob ran and rolled away tbe stone which was over the mouth of the well, and watered the sheep for her ; and he kissed Rachael, and wept with joy at finding bis mother's relations; and when Rachael told her fatber Laban, that Jacob his sister's son was come, he went out to meet him, and invited him to his house ; and Jacob, not wishivg to be a burden to Laban, made himself so useful, that at the end of a month Laban offered to give him wages, and Jacob agreed to serve him seven years for Rachael, if he would give her to him for a wife; this Laban promised to do, but at ibe end of the time he cheated Jacob, and obliged him to marry Leah, his eldest daughter. This was a sad trick ; but as people in those days had more wives than one, Jacob offered to serve seven years more for Rachael, and at last she became his wife and Jacob loved Kachael better than Leah,



Questions.-.Wbat did Jacob find feeding by the well? (Ans. Three flotks of sheep.] Who did they belong to? [ Ans. Laban ) Who was Laban? [ AnsRebekah's brother.] What relation was he to‘Jacob? ans. His uncle.] Who came out to water the sheep? [.1ns. Rachael.] Who was şhe ? [Ans. Laban's daughter.] 'What did Jacob do when be was told who Rachael was? [Ans. He kissed Rachael and wept. ). Why did he weep? [Ans. Because he was glad to find he was amongst his relations ) Did Laban receive Jacob kindly? [ Ars. Yes.} What bargain did Laban make with Jacob? [ons. That he should serve him seven years for his daughter Rachael.] Did he give him Rachael at the end of seven years ? [Ans. No, he gave him his other daughter Leah.] What new bargaindid Jacob make? (Ans. To serve him seven years more for Rachael.] Did he do so ? Ans. Yes.] Which of his wives did Jacob love best? [Ans." Racbael.]

Instruction.---Whilst Jacob continued with Laban, which was twenty yeņrs, he went through great hardships; and Laban changed his wages ten times, but the Lord blessed Jacob so, that though Laban strove io hivder it, he became very rich in cattle and in flocks, in camels and asses, and he had men servants and maid servants Laban's sons grew very spiteful and envious, which made Jacob and his family uncomfortable, yet he would not return to Canaan till God gave him leave to do so ; but as soon as the Lord said unto him, Retorn to the land of thy father, and to thy kindred, and I will be with thee, Jacob was glad to depart, and his wives were ready to go with bim. So Jacob took his wives and his children, and his catile and his goods, and whilst Laban was absent, tbey set off for Padan-arani. As soon as Laban heard that they were gone, he pursued after them in great anger, but God appeared to him in a dream, and commanded bim not to hurt Jacob; so when Laban overtook Jacob, and they had talked together, they parted in friendship, promising never to do each other any harm.

Questions.-Did Laban use Jacob kindly > [Ans. No.} How many times did he change his wages ? [Ans. Ten times.). Why did he so ? [Ans. To hinder his growing, rich.] Did he hinder it? (Ans. No.) How came Jacob to grow rich. [ Ans. The Lord blessed Ja.ob.] What did Laban's sons do when they saw Jacob growing rich ? [ Ans. They murmured.] Were not Jacob and his family very

uncomfortable ? (Ans. Yes.] What did the Lord command Jacob to do then? [Ans. To return to the land of bis father and his kindred.] Was he not very glad to do so ? [Ans. Yes.]

Instruction. As Jacob drew near to his own country he began to be afraid of his brother Esau, who was become a powerful, prince; and when Jacob heard that Esau was coming to ineet hiin, and four hundred men with him, he was greatly alarmed, because he thought Esau would be revenged on him for the trick be bad put upon him ; so he sent some of his people with a great present, and a very kind message to Esau. Then Jacob prayed to God to deliver him out of the hands of his brother; and jhe Lord turned the heart of Esau, so that be met Jacob with kindness, and fell upon his neck and kissed him, Al length Jacob, with all his family, arrived safely in the land of Canaạn, where be found bis aged father still alive, who rejoiced greatly at his return; but Isaac died soon after, being an hundred and eighty years old, and his sons, Jacob and Esau, buried him in the cave of Mach pelah. Before Jacob arrived in Canaan the Lord gave him tlie name of Israel.

Questions ---Was Esau, Jacob's brother, alive? [Ans. Yes.) Was not Jacob afraid 10 meet him ? [Ans. Yes.] What did he send to Esau ? [Ans. A present.] How many men did Esau bring with him when he came forth to meet his brother? [Ans. Four hundred.] Was not Jacob afraid when be beard his ? [Ans. Yes.] Why was he so afraid of his own brother? [Ans Because he had acted deceitfully.) How did Esau behave when he met Jacob? [Ans. He fellón bis neck and kissed him.] Was not Jacob very glad wben he was reconciled to his brother ? [Ans. Yes.] Did Jacob find his father Isaac alive when he got back to Mamre? [Ans. Yes.] Did not Isaac die soon after? [Ans. Yes.] How old was Isaac when he died ? (Ans. An hundred and fourscore.] What name did God give to Jacob when he went back to Canaan? [ Ans. Israel.)

Instruction.-When Jacob left Canaan, to go to Haran, he had nothing, but his staff that he could call his own; when he returned to his native land he had twelve sons, many flocks and herds, and a number of servants; but his beloved wife Rachael died by the way. The names of Jacob's twelve sons were,

1. Reuben
2. Simeon
4. Judah

5. Dan
6. Napthali
7. Gad
8. Asher

9. Issachar
10. Zebulun
u. Joseph
12. Benjamin:

These are the 'twelve patriarchs, fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel. * AN 4he holy men who lived before, or under the law, are called patriarchs.*

LECTURE VII. Joseph was the youngest but one of Jacob's sons; he was a very good lad indeed; bis father loved him better than the elder ones, which made them jealous, and they resolved to kill him; so pne day, when his father sent him to see how they did, they were going to do it: but Reuben, who bad more pity than the rest, begged they would only throw Joseph into a pit, from whence he thought to have taken him up when his cruel brothers were gone away ; but just as they had put Joseph into the pit, some Ishmaelites, who bought men and women to make them work for them as hard as horses, came by, and Joseph's brethren sold him to them ; they then took a tine coat of many colours, which his father had given him, and dipped it in blood, to make Jacob believe his darling was lilled by a wild beast.: the poor old patriarch was ready to break his heart with sorrow when he saw it. Joseph was carried into a country called Egypt, a great way from Canaan, and Potiphar, capiain of the guard to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, bought him of the men to whom his cruel breihren had sold him. Joseph was a very faithful servant to Potiphar, who was so pleased with him that he made hina his steward, and treated him as a friend; but Potiphar's wife was a very wicked woman, and she told a false story to her husband io bide ber own faults, and persuaded Potiphar that he was deceived in his good opinion of Joseph, and that he was a very bad man ; so Potiphar put Joseph into prison; but thę keeper of the prison found Joseph was a good man, and he put all the rest of the prisoners under his care, and treated him as a friend.

Questio Where did Jacob dwell after his father's * The fourth Portion of Miscellancous Questions to be asked here.


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death ? [Ans. In Canaan.) How many sons had he;? [ Ans. Twelve.] What came from these twelve sons ? [Ans. The twelve tribes of Israel.] Who was Joseph ? (Ans. One of Jacob's sons.] Was he the eldest ? [ Ans. No: the youngest but one.] Did his bro!hers lore bim? [ Ans. No:] Why did not 'they love him? [Ans. Because he was his father's favourite.] W.bat did they do to get rid of Joseph ? [dns. Sold him to the Ishmaelites ] Where did the people who bought Joseph .carry him ? [Ans. To Egypt.) What did they do with bim there? [Ans. Soid bio to Potiphar..

] Who was Potipbar? Ans. Captain of the guard to Pharaoh, king of Egypt.) Did Joseph behave well as a servant to Potiphar? [ Ans. Yes.] Who accused him falsely of a great crime? [Uns. Potiphar's wife.] What did Potiphar do wbra he thought Joseph wicked ? | Ans. He put him in prison.] Who was kind to him there? [Ans. The keeper of the prison.) Whom did ibe keeper of the prison put onder Josepb's care? [Ans. The other prisoners. ]

Instruction.--- Amongst the prisoners were two of Pharaoh's servants, his chief butler and his chief baktr; and it pleased God that each of these men should dream a dream whicha they could not forget. The next morning when Joseph went into their prison he found then very sac, for they thought their dreams were different from common dreams, which have no meaning at all, and they told their dreams to Joseph. As soon as they bad done so, God gave Joseph the power to interpret, or tell the meaning of these dreams ; so Joseph told the baker that his dream signified, that he would be taken out of prison in six days and hanged ; and he told the butler that his dream signified, that be would be delivered from prison in six days, and restored to his office. And things fell out exactly as Joseph foretold. Joseph begged the chief butler to remember him, and try to get hini released out of prison, but as soon as his afflictions were at an end the butler forgot Joseph.

Questions -- Which of Joseph's fellow prisoners bad dreams from God ? [Ans. Pharaoli's chief butler and chief baker.] To whom did God make kdown the meaning of these dreams ? [Ans. To Joseplı.] Did things fall out as he interpreted i (Ans. Yes.)

Instruction.--- At the end of two years after Joseph had interpreted the dreams of the butler and baker, Pharaoh, king of Egypt, dreamed two dreams in one night, which he could not forget or understand. One of these dreams was,

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