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who should destroy the works of the devil, and deliver mankind from his power.

Questions.-- Wlio entered into the serpent ? [Aws. The devil.] Who is the devil? [Ans. The chief of the wicked fallen angels. ] What did the devil in the serpent tempt Eve to do? [Ans. To eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.] Whom did she persuade to eat of it? (Ans. Her busband.] Who was her husband ? [Ans. Adam.] Whose commandnient did they, break when they eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge ? [Ans. God's commandment.) What did they commit when they broke God's cominandment ? [Ans. Sin.) What did God condemn them to ? [Ans. Death) Did God suffer Adany and Eve to stay in Paradise after they lrad sinned?" [Ans. No.) What promise did God make to them before he turned them out of Paradise'? [ Ans. That the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head.7 Who was mcant by the seed of the woman? [Ans. Qar Saviour.] Wo was nieant by the serpent ? [Ans. The Devil.] Who did God place at the gate of the Garden of Eden to keep them from getting at the Tree of Life ? [Ans. Cherubims and a flaning sword:) What are cherubims ? [Ans. Angels.]

In truction.-- Adam and Eve, after they were turned out of Paradise, had a son, named Cain, and soon after another son, named Abel. Abel, when he grew up, was a keeper of sheep, and Cain a'riller of tlle ground (that is, a husbandman.) Afier Arjan and Eve had sinted, the Lord required mankind to, sacrifice, or to kill lambs, and to offer them up to him. Caior brought an offering of the' fruits of the ground, but no larub for a sacrifice; but Abel brought a sacrifice of the best of his finck. And the Lord approved his offering, because it was a proper 'one; but rejected Cain's, because it was an offering of his own choosing, not such as the Lord God had ordainei. After this Cail' hated his brother, and one day, when they were alone in the field together, Caio was so wicked as tó kill Abel; but thougi he thought he did it secretly, God aw him, and to punish him God sent him away from all his relations except his wife, who went with him; and God made him wander about as a fugitive' and a vagabond whom no good people would keep company with ; and God set a mark upon him by which he was known to be the wickrid wretch' who murdered his owny brother, and this caused Cain to live in constant fear that he should be killed bimselt; so he led at very miserable lite, whilst his good brother, Abel, was rewarded for his sufferings by going to heaven;

Questions ---Who were the first sons of Adam and Eve? [ Ans. Cain and Abel.] What wicked action was Cain guilty of? [Ans. He killed his brother.] Why did he kill bim? [Ans. Because God loved him.] Why did God love Abel ? (Ans. Because lie was good.] Did not God punish Cain for being so wicked ? [Ans. Yes.] How did God reward Abel ? {Ans. By taking him to heaven.]

Instruction.---Aster Abel's death Adam and Eve bad another son, named Seth, who was very good, and they had a number of other children, sons and daughters; and these children grew, to be men and wonien, and had families, and so on, for a great many years, till there were a vast many people in the world. Adam lived to be nine hundred and thirty years old, and all his children, grand children, and great grand children, lived a great many years longer thau. men do now, one of Seth's race, named Methuselah, was nipe hundred and sixty-nine years old when he died. Methuselah was the oldest man that ever lived in the world.

Another of Seth's race was a very good man, called Enoch; he was a preacher of righteousness, that is, he tried to persúade others to lead righteous lives, and do their duty to God and man; and God was so pleased with Enoch that he took him up to heaven without his dying. One of Seth's race, who was also a preacher of righteousness, was called Noab, and he had three sons, named Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Cain lived in a different part of the world from Seth and his family, and he also had children and grand children, but they were not good people, though some of them were very ingenious, One of them was named Jabal; he invented tents to live in. Another, named Jubal, invented the harp and organ; and another, whose name was Tubal-cain, contrived instruments of iron and brass.

Questions ---What was the name of the son whom Adam and Eve had instead of Abel ? (Ans. Seth.] Did not God spare Adam's life for a great many years ? [Ans. Yes.] Who was the oldest man that ever lived in the world ? i Ans. Methuselab.] Wbat was the name of that good man who was taken to heaven without dying? [Ans. Enoch.) What was Enoch? [ Ans. A preacher of righteousness.] Why was Enoch taken to heaven? (AnsBecause he pleased God.] What was the name of another good man of the race of Seth, who had three sons ? (Ans. Noab.) What were the names of Noah's sons ? [Ans. Shem, Ham, and Japhetb.) Were any of Cain's sons good.? [Ans. No.] Were any of them ingenious ? [Ans.

Yes.] What did Jabal invent? (Ans: Tents.] What did Jubał invent? [Ans. The harp and organ.? What did Tubalcain contrive [Ans. Instruments of brass and iron.] *


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LECTURE II. Instruction.--Io the days of Noah mankind were become very wicked, but Noah was very good ; therefore God loved him, and God told Noah that he would drown all the wicked people by a great food of waters, but that he wou'd preserve him alive, and all his family; and God commanded Noah to make an Årk, which was a vessel something in the form of ahouse ; and it was to be pitched within and withont, to'krep the water out; and when the time was conse in which God designed to drown the world, he comnianded Noah to go the Ark with his wife, and his three sons, Shem, Hamı, and Japheth, and their wives, and to take with them two of every kind of living creature that was in the world, and God ea used all the creatures which Noab hiinself could not have, got together, to go to Noah. And when Noah and his family went into the Ark, all these creatures went in with them and God commanded Noah to carry all kinds of food into the Ark, that every creature might have what was proper for it toleat, and when all this was done, God shut them all up in the Ark, and then God made the water burst out of the earth, and pour down from the skies for forty days, and foriy nights, without ceasing, vill the whole earth was under water, and the Ark floated above the tops of the highest mountains, and all the living creatures in the world, excepting Noah and those who were with him in the Ark, were drowned. Then ; God made a high wind to blow, which dried up the waters; and after the rain ceased, Noah put forth a raven in order to see whether the earth was dry, but ihe raven did not return to him. Seven days after he sent forth a dove, which came back bringing an olive leaf in her mouth ; by this Noah knew that the trees were springing forth again ; and severi days after tbat he sent the dove out again, but she found the carth so pleasant; that she did not go back to the Ark aný more. When the earth was quite dry, God commanded Noah to come out of the Ark, with all his family, and the other living creatures that were with him ; aid as soon as * When the children have gone through this Lecture

, it will be proper to exercise their memories with the first portion of Miscellaneous Questions, which are at the end of the Lectures.

they came upon the dry land, Noah offered such a sacrifice as he knew ihe Lord approved, and returned thanks to God with his family, for their wonderful deliverance; and God made a covenant, or promise, to them, and to every living creature, that He would never more destroy the earth by a food of waters; and God told Noah that he would set his bow in the clouds, meaning the rainbow, as a token of bis covenant, that the flood might never be forgotten.

Questions.--Who served God with his family, when all the rest of the people in the world were wicked ? [Ans. Noah.] Did God shew favour to him? [Ans. Yes.] What did the Lord tell him he would do 2 [Ans. Bring a faod of waters upon the earth.] What did he tell Noah to make? (Ans. An Ark.] Did Noah do so ? [Ans. Yes.] What men and women did God command Noah to take into the Ark with him? [xlns. His wife, and bis sons, and his sons' wives ] What creatures did God tell bim to take in ? [ Ans. Two of every kind.] How did Noah get them together? [ Ans. God made thein go.] What was Noah to take in to feed those creat:res with? [ Ans. Food of every kind.] Did Noah do all that the Lord commanded? [ Ans. Yes.] What did the Lord do when Noah and his family and all the living creatures were entered into the Ark? [Ans. The Lord shut them in.]

How did the fiood come? [Ans. It rained upon the earth forty days and forty nights.] Was the whole earth laid under water? [dns. Yes.] What became of the Ark!? [Ans, It was lifted up above the highest mountains.] What died by the food [zins. Every living creature.] Were there none saved of all mankiod ? [Ans. Only Noah and those who were with him in the Ark.] How many people were there in the Ark? [Ans. Eight.] Who were they? [ Ans. Noala and his wife, and Noah's three sons, and their wives.] Did God take care of those who were in the Ark? [Ans. Yes.} What did God send to dry the earth wben all the wicked people were drowned ? [Ans. A great wind.] What bird did Noah put out of the Ark first? [ Ans. A raven.) Did it go back to him? [ Ans. No.) What other bird did he send ont? [ Ans. A dore.] What did she bring in her month when she came back the second time? [Ans. An olive leaf.] Did she return, a doird time? [Ans. No.) Was it not a joyful sight 19 Noah and those who were with him in the Ark to see ibe earth dried again? Ans. Yes.] What did God shew by the care be tock of Noab and bis family in the Ark? [ans. That he bates wicked people.) Did Noah go out of the Ark after

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the flood ? [Ans. Yes.] What proinise did God make to Noah after he came out of the Ark? [ ans. That he would never more destroy the earth by a foorl.] What did the Lord name as the token or sign of this promise ? [Ans. The rainbow.]

Instruction. After the flood, Noah's three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, had children';, and these children grew to be men and women, and had families atso, and so on for a number of years, till there was once more a great many people in the world. Most of these were very wicked and prond, and said, “ God should not destroy them;" so they

began building an high Tower, thinking to go up to heaven *by it, if there should come another flood; but God punished them by confounding their language, or making them forget all the words they before knew, and call every thing by new names, so that they could not all understand one another. On this account they divided into parties, and went away to different countries. Such as talked the same words went together to the same places, and thus mankind were scattered abroad; and by this means a great many parts of the world 'caine to have people in them, which had not any before. This is called the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel.

Questions.-- Were there not in process of time a great many people in the world again after the food ? [ Ans. Yes ] What did some of these resolve to build ? [Ans. A city and a tower.] How high did they intend to build the tower ? [Ans. To reach to heaven.} What did the Lord do to punish them? (Ans. Confound their language.] What is meant by come founding their language? [Ans. Making them forget the words they spoke before, and call 'every thitig by new names.] Did not this occasion them to divide ? [Ans. Yes.] Who kept together ? [Ans. Those who spoke the same language.]

Did these partieś go to different parts of the world ? [Ans. Yes.] What is the tower called which they began to build ? [Ans. The Tower of Babel.] *

LECTURE III. Instruction.--A long time after the food, all the nations: which came from Noah's three sons worshipped idols, false gods, but there was a good inan named Abraham, who

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• The second Portion of Miscellaneous Questions to be asked here.

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