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at my house, and I

you how to work clothes. So this good man taught poor Ralph how to and ditch, and plough, and sow, and reap, and thre drive a team, and clean a horse, and feed pigs : and g at first fourpence a-day, and then sixpence a-day. In time Ralph bought two shirts and a pair of shoes, and he bought a good coats and was quite a tight lad. see what is to be got by work.

DOV Questions ---Was it not a sad thing for poor Ralp to lose his father? [Ans. Yes.] What was he afr [Ans. That he should be starved.] What did a go tell him ? [ Ans. That God would not let him starve if good.) What did God put into the heart of this go to do for Ralph Banks ? [Ans. To set him to work.] did he gain by work? [Ans. Victuals, and drink, and a and money.] Was it not a happy thing for him to me such a friend ? [Ans. Yes.] Would he have been as if he had gone a begging, or took to stealing ? [Ans. A

Instruction.---Learn from this story not to think wh have lost the parent or friend who maintained you, th are doomed to misery all your life long ; but seek work, and trust in God's goodness; and when God rais up a friend, follow his advice, and keep from all bad way then you will be sure of being comforted for your loss.


STORY X. Tom Bowles was a poor boy who was brought up 50 that he did not know what a church was for, and a in the week were the same to him; he did not know to serve God; he had no thoaght of God, yet he too name of God in his mouth ;,,but it was to swear, and by. In this sad way Tom Bowles went

till une g9Qd friends of the poor said to bim one day," D know who God is, my lad ?": What,” said Tom. ask you," said the gentleman, if you know the God made you?" Not 1," said the boy, been to church ?" said the man “ No," said Tom; should I go to charch for the church is not for poor they cannot dress fine," se The church is the house of said the man! Svo you think the great God minds the of folksNo, my boy. God looks at the heart. ; If a ıran's or a poor boy's heart; is right, God does not like the worse for a meán dress.” “I don't know what to say at cburch if I go there," said Tom. " Cannot you read then ?" said 'his friend : “ Don't you know how to pray "... * No:" said Tom. " That is a sad thing," said bis friend. “Well, it is not too late for you to learn. I will take you to a plave where you may be tauglit to know God, and serve him, and what to do and say at church; and a great deal that will do you good to know. Will you go, my boy i".-"Yes, that I will," said "Tom, * if you will shew, mc the way, and get me in." So the gentleman took 'Tom to school, and there he learnt to read ; and when he was told how good God is, he did so wish he had known it when he was quite young. And when he went to church he was so glad! And he soon learnt to pray to God, and praise him for all things; and left off all his bad words and bad ways, and was one of the best boys in the whole school,


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Questions.-.-Was it not a sad thing for Tom Bowles to be brought up so as not to know the God who made him ? (Ans. Yes.] Did he never use the name of God ? [Ans. Yes.] How did he use it? Tans. In cursing and swearing. ). Was not this dreadful? [Ans. Yes.] What place had he never been in-7 | Ans. A church.) Was not this dreadful ? [Ans." Yes:] What was it that he did not know how to do? [ Ans. Say his prayers.] Was not this very shocking ? [Ans. Yes.) Was he not fortunate in meeting with a friend to put him in the way of doing what he ought? [Ans. Yes.] 'What did Tom wish when he was told of God's goodness? [ Ans. That he had known it when he was younger.) How did be feel himself when he went to church ? [Ans. Glad.] What did be learn to do in a short time? [Ams. To pray to God.] What did he soon leave off? [ Ans. Bad words and bad tricks.]

Instruction.---This story should teach you to reflect what a misfortune it is to be brought up in ignorance of your daty, and what a blessing it is to be pot in the way of learning it; wbich will lead you to be thankful when you meet with friends to furnish you with instruction, and to make the best use of the opportunities you base of learning bow to serve and please God.

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STORY XI. "god path 1000$? Jack Paine was one of those boys that love lo teaze and vox the rest. If he was in the work room at School, he would tell tales ; if he waš upon the form in tlie'rbom'where

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the boys learnt to read, he would give one a sly pinch, and pull the liair of the next, or snatchi his book,, and make him lose the place where he was to learn his task.

He went on this way till there was not a boy that would sit by him if they could help it; and none would play with him; and he was chid and beat most days for his tricks, so that he led a sad life.

At last a good boy, whose name was Will Grant, said to him, “You are in a sad way, Jack ; if I was in your place I would mend; I would leave off the tricks that make folks hate and shun one so." ; "If I do,” said Jack, no one will play with me." Yes," said Will Grant, I will play with you; but mind you shall not pinch or pull hair ; it you do, good by to you, I will play with you no more.' Jack said he would not, and he kept bis word; and soon Icarnt from this good boy to be good 100. Then Will said to the rest of the boys, “ Why don't you play with Jack Paine ?" will pinch," said Ned Cole. “ He will pull bair,” said Tom Crow. " He will snatch,” said Dick Ford. “ No," said Will Grant, “ he has left off those tricks now."

" Then we all will play with him," said they; and a fine game they had. I don't know what it was, but they were all good friends from that day

Questions.---Was not Jack Paine a very disagreeable boy? [ Ans. Yes.] Was not. Will Grant a very good-natured one? Ianis. Yes.] Is it right to teaze and vex others ? [Ans. No] Does any boy like to be served so ? [ Ans. No.] Is it right for boys to tell tales of one anotber? (Ans. No.] Did not Will Grant give very good advice to Jack l'aine ? (Ans. Yes.] What did he advise him to do? [Ans. To mend his ways.] Did he leave off his bad tricks ? [urs. Yes.) Were bis school-fellows willing to play with hini at first? [dns. No.] Did they do it at last by Will Grant's persuasion ? [Ans. Yes.] Had not they a merry game together? [Ans. Yes.] Was nde this better than teazing and quarreling, and telling tales ? [Ans.Yes.] Don't


think Will Grant had great pleasure in making peace amongst his school-fellows? (Ans. Yes.] Instruction.---You may learn from this story how very

disagreeable boys make themselves by teazing, ill-natured tricks, and what punishment they bring upon themselves. You may also learn how you ought to behave to your school-fellows; that you should be ready to forgive faults, and make up quarrels. A peace-maker is beloved by etery body, and God has promised to bless him.



On the day of Public Examination such children as can answer the foregoing Miscellaneous Questions readily,

, may be formed into a new class, for which the following Lectures are designed: and it will be a great means of fixing the lessons in the minds of the scholars, if a set of Scripture Prints is provided, to shew to them occasionally, requiring them to tell subjects of such as are put into their hands.

The Miscellaneous Instructions belonging to these Lectures, will be found at the end of them, divided into Portions, according to the references in the Margin.

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LECTURE I. Instruction.--God created the first man Adam out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into him the breath of life, and man became a living soul; and on the same day God formed the first woman, Eve, out of one of Adam's ribs; and God put Adam and Eve ioto a beautiful place called the Garden of Eden, which was au' earthly paradise, that is, a place of happiness; and God gave them leave to enjoy all the good things of Paradise, and to eat of all the trees in the garden, as well as of a tree which grew in the midst of the garden,

alled the Tree of Life; bu there was another tree which grew by the Tree of Life, called the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. And when God gave Adam and Eve leave to eat of all the other trees, he said, " But of the Tree of ihei Knowledge of Good and Evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for * in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."

Questions:---What did God make the world out of ? [Ans. % Nothing.) Is it not very wonderful to think of God's making all things out of nothing ? [ Ans. Yes. What is this called ? [Ans. Creating.): Which did God make first, the mian or the woman? Ans. The man:] What did he maker him from? [Ans. The dust of the ground. What did he breathe into him? (Ans. The breath of life. Whardid man become then ? [ Ans: A living soul. Where did Gad put the man when he had created him? [dns: Into the garden of


Eden.) What was the garden of Eden? [Ans. A paradise.] What is a paradise. [ Ans. A place of happiness.] What are the names of the two trees which grew in the midst of the garden of Eden? (Ans. The Tree of Life, and the Tree of ihe Knowledge of Good and Evil.] Which of these trees did God command man not to eat cf? [Ans. The Tree of Knowledge.) How did God say man should be punished if he did cat et it? (cins, He should die.] What was given 10 Adam to do as be pleased with ? [Ans. All the rest of the. trees in the garden of Eden.]

* Instruction --- There is a wicked spirit called Sata? and the Devil, who was once a glorious angel in heaven, but he set himself up against God, and a great many other angels joined with tim, on which account God cast them out of heaven, and condemned i bem to a place of torment called Hell, where they will be tormented for ever. The Devil and his angels hate God and all goodness, and cannot bear to see any creatures happy ; so as soon as the devil beheld Adam and Eve in Paradise, he resolved to try to make them wretched, and to bring them to the same place of torment to which he was 'condemned himself; and with this view he resolved to tempt them to break God's commandnient. But the devil would, not show himself in his own proper shape, for he is a de. ceiver and a liar, and likes to do every thing slily; so he entered into the serpent. Eve, not considering that no creature but mankind had the gift of speech, believed that the serpent spoke to her in praise of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. But it was Satan himself who told her, " That the tree was good for food, and a tree to be desired to make one wise;" and that “ If she and her husband would eat of it, they, would not die, but would be wise as God himself." Though what the serpent said was directly contrary to God's word and commandment, the woman took of the tree and, did eat; and gave some of it to her husband, and he did eat also ; so they committed sin, and God made them subject to death,which is the punishment for sin ; and God turned them out of Paradise ; and that they might not go back and eat of the tree of lite, God sent cherubims, that is, angels, with a flaming.sword to guard it. This mankind lost their innocence and their happiness together, and brought Death into the world. This is called The Fall of Man. But before God turned them out of Paradise, he graciously promised that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpeni's head; which signified that a Saviour should be born of the Virgin Mary,

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