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the seventh Day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.-In it Thou shalt do no Manner of Work, -thou,-and thy Sonand thy Daughter,—thy Man-servant--and thy Maid-servant, -thy Cattle, and the Stranger that is within thy Gates.For in six Days the Lord-made Heaven and Earth,--the Sea, and all that in them is,-and rested the seventh Day : wherefore the Lord blessed the seventh Day,-and hallowed it,

V. Honour thy Father and thy Mother,--that tby days may be long in the Land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

VI. Thou shalt do no murder. VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery. VIII. Thou shalt not steal IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy Neighbour,

X. Thou shalt not covet thy Neighbour's House, -thou shalt not covet thy Neighbour's Wife,por bis. Servant,nor his Maid, nor his Ox,-nor bis Ass, nor any Thing that is his.

N. B. While Children are in this Class, they may be taught to repeat by heart some of Dr. Watts's Divine Songs for Chil. dren.-But as soon as they can say the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, they should be removed to a higher Class. Some of the elder Scholars will be able to do a great deal of the Teacher's business in this Class.


Relating to the Lessons in page 17, and sequel, of the First

Part of the Charity-School Spelling-Book.


The children should be told that the lessons they read are designed not merely to improve them in reads ing, but to teach those things which, if they do them, will make them wise and happy; that if they read the words, or learn them by heart, without thinking of the meaning of them, they will be no better than parrots ; and that you shall ask them questions, to try whether they can remember any of the lessons they have read in the Spelling-book. Cu


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What must you do if you wish to be wise and good ? [Ans. Learn to read.) If you spend all your time in play, what will you be? [Ans. A dunce.] Should you like to be called a dunce ! [Ans. No:] What should you do before you go to play? [Ans. Work and learn your book.] Should children who are put to school loiter about in the streets ? [Ans. No.]. Can any one earn money by doing so ? [Ans. No.] Is it not a sad thing to lose time when work is to be had ? [Ans. Yes.]

How many days are there in a week ? (Ans. Seven.] How many of these are working days ? [Ans. Six.] What is the seventh ? [Ans. The Sabbath day.] What should we do on that day? [Ans. Go to church and learn our duty.) What should you make the most of ? [Ans. Time.] How should you make The most of time? [Ans. By learning and working.) What may you earn for yourself hereafter, if you always make the most of your time? [Ans, Money.) What will money purchase for you ? (Ans. Clothes, and victuals, and drink.j Will it not be a great pleasure to you to earn those things for yourself, instead of making your poor parents work for you ? [ Ans. Yes.] Will it not be very comfortable to you to bave good clothing, and plenty of victuals and drink, instead of going starving about in ragged clothes, as many do who live in idleness ? [ Ans. Yes.]

How should boys or girls behave at home? (drs. They should be good.] Should not people be good in all places ? [Ans. Yes.] Is it right for children to behave rudely ? (Ans. No.] Who likes rude boys or girls ? [Ans. Nobody.] Do you wish to gain the love of good people? [ Ans. Yes.] What must you do to gain it ? [ Ans. Be good.] Do not poor people want friends ? [ Ans. Yes.] Do bad people gain friends ? [Ans. No.] If you are told of bad behaviour, what should you do? (Ans. Try to mend.] What will bad behaviour bring upon you ? [Ans. Punishment.] Why do your parents and teachers try to make you good ? [Ans. That you may be happy.] Should not you mind them then ? [Ans. Yes.]

ma How many Gods are there? [Ans. One.] What did God



make? [Ars. All things.] Who dos God love? (Ans. Those who are good.] Does God love poor p-oples [ Ans, Yes, if they love him.] Who will God bless ? [ Ans. Those who love him.] Will God who is good and wise, love bad people as he loves those who are good ? [Ans. No.] Should not you try then to be good ? [Ans. Yes,) Who made day and night ? [Ans. God.), Whit did. God make day for? [Ans. To work in.] What did God make night for? [ Ans. To take rest in.] Is there any dark night with God ? [ Ans. No.) What does God dwell in ? [Ans. Light brighter than the sun,]

What does God see ? (Ans. All things.] What dues God know ? [Ans. All things.] Does God know the thoughts of our hearts ? (Ans. Yes.] As God sees all we do, what should we take care not to do : [Ans. Bad-things ] As Gorts hears all we say, what should we take care not to speak? [Ans. Bad words.] What shall we 'lose if we do bad things, and speak bad words ? [Ans. The love of God.) Is it a bad thing to tell lies ? [Ans. Yes.] Who knows when people'tell lies? [Ans. God.] Is it a bad thing to steal ? [Ans. Yes.] Who knows when people steal? [Ans. God.) Is it possible to hide any thing from God ? [Ans. No.] Will God love those who tell lies or steal ? [Ans. No.) Is it not a very mean as well as a wicked thing to tell lies ? [Ans. Yes.] Does not every body despise liars ? [Ans. Yes ] Should you like to be despised by every body? [Ans. No.] What does one lie generally draw on? (Ans. More lies.] Do you think God will love those wbo swear and take his name in vain ? [Ans, No.] Is it right to call people by bad names ? [Ans. No.] Is not a good word as soon said as a bad one? [Ans. Yes,] May you steal little things ? [Ans. No.] Are other people's clothes, yours? Ans. No.] Is ibeir money yours? [Ans. No.) What bad thing will you do if you take thein without their leave? [Ans. Steal.] Does God love those who steal ? [Ans. No.] Who is the best friend you can have? [ Ans. God. To whom is God a sure friend, if they are good ? [Ans. The poor.] If you would have God for your friend, what must you try to be ? [ Ans. Good.] Who can hurt you if you have God for your friend ? [ Ans. Nobody.]

Wheu will God take care of you if you are good ?"[ Ans. By night and by day.) What will God give you to enable you to work, if he sees fit? (4 s. Strength] What will God give you to enable you to learn ? (Ans. Sense.] As God is good, should not you love him? [dns. Yes.] As he


if great, should you not fear him ? [Ans. Yes. Who is the giver of all good things ? [Ans. God.] What must you do when you want any thing from God? Ans. Pray to him.] Do noi you want victuals and drink and clothes ? [Ans. Yes.] Do not you want health and friends ? [Ans. Yes.] What must you give to God for all the good things he bestows upon you? Lans. Thanks.] aybi ste ORE com la

Does not. God love thnse who are good natured and kind to other people ? [Ans. Yes.] is it good-natured to fight, and scratch, and call names ? [uins. No.) Is it good-natured to spoil things belonging to other people, or to hurt poor dumb creatures ? {uns. No.] Can damb creatures feel? Ans. Yes.]* Have they not flesh, and blood and bones a well as you? [dns. Yes.] Doc not you feel pain when-arry one gives you a hard blow with a stick or a stone, or a cut wiba wbip? [Ans. Yes.] Don't you feel pain when yon are cut with a knife or any other sharp thing? [sins. Yes.] Should you make it your sport then to bruise or wound poordomb creatures ? (Ans. No] Would it not hurt you sadly were you to break your leg or your arm, or to have it cut off? (Aras Yes.] is not a leg a leg to a fly, as well as to a boy or girl ? [Ans. Yes.] If you get a scratch with a pin, how do you feel ? [ Ans. Sore.] Would not you feel a great deal worse if any body was to run a spit or a sword through: your arm, or any other part of you ? [ Ans. Yes.] Is not a pin as large to a fly as a spit or a sword to you? [Hns. Yes ] Should you like to have a string tied to your leg, and to be pulled about by it? (Ans. No.] Should you like to be shut up in a cage and starved to death ? [Ans. No.] 'Should you serve poor birds 60 then? ( vlas. "No.) Is it right to make sport of terrifying poor dumb creatures? [Mrs. No.] Who made beast, and flies, and birds, and all living creatures ? [A!1s. God.] Whose creatures are they? [Ans. God's.] Will God be pleased with those who use his ereatures cruelly? [ Ans. No.]

What day of the week is the LORD'S DAY! [-Ans. The Sahbaih day. ] Who is the Lord'? [Ans. God.) Why is God called the Lord.? [ Ans. Because he rules over all things in heaven and earth.] Where should people always go to on tlie Lord's day ? (Ans. To church.] What should you do tbere? [Ans. Pray

y and hear God's word.) What should you not do in church? [Ans. Talk or play.] Does nột God know who pray to him, and hearken when the minister reads bis word, and who do not? [ins. Yes.] Does not God

kaow who play, and talk idle talk in his house ? [Ans. Yes.) Don't you think God will be very angry with those who do 50! [Ans. Yes.) Should not you be afraid of making God angry? [Ans. Yes. What is the church ? [Ans. God's house.] Is it right to go into God's house with a dirty skin (Ans. No.] Is it right to go thither without cleaning your shoes, and making yourself as tidy as you can? (Ans. No.] What should boys do with their hats, when they enter the house of God? Ans. Pull them off.] What should girls do with their pattens ? (Ans. Pull them off.] In what posture should you always pray to God? (Ans. Upon your knees.] Should you sit down, or stand, when the rest of the people io church kneel down ? [Ans. No: kneel down.] Should note children do what good men and women do in church, as far as they are able ? (Ans. Yes.] Cannot children, even before they are able to read, join in the prayers ? [Ans. Yes.] Should they bawl out loud, so as to disturb the people ? [Ans. No.) How should they say their prayers ? [Ams. In a low voice.] Should children run in and out of church in a rude way, so as to hinder other people ? [Ans. No:] How should the children of a school sit at church? [Ans. In their places.] How should they walk to and from church? [Ans. In their proper ranks.] What should you shew by your whole bea haviour ? ( Ans. That you are a good child.)

SHORT STORIES OF GOOD AND BAD GIRLS, From the Charity-School Spelling-Book, Part I.with Questions. otivi Poesia 191018010


The Stories may be read occasionally, one or two at a time, for the instruction and amusement of such children as are not able to read them in the SpellingBook, but they should be desired to take notice of what shall appear to them to be right or wrong in the girls br_boys they relate to, that they may be led to follow the example of the and avoid thar of the bad. If the scholars are able, they may read the stories themselves in the Spelling Book, and be questioned afterwards.

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