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are wanted, can they be had without God ? [ Ans. No.] What is leather made of ? [Ans. The skins of beasts.] Suppose tools are wanted, can tbey be had without God ? (Ans. No.] Who made iron ? [ Ans. God.] Cannot men sow and plant corn, and trees, and all the things which grow out of the earth? [Ans. Yes.] Who made the seeds ? Ans. God.] Who makes them grow and produce more seeds? [Ans. God.] Could we bave even a morsel of food, a drop of drink, or a bit of clothing, without God ? [Ans. No.] who made firing ? [Ans. God.] What are all mankind when they first come into the world? [Ans. Little babies.] Can they take care of themselves then ? [ Ans. No.] Who purse and work for little babies, and take care of them? [Ans. Their fathers and motheis.] Who made their fathers and mothers ? [Ans. God.] Have we any thing that does not come from God? [Ans. No.] What niust we do every night and morning if we would have God love us and take care of us ? [ Ans. Pray to God.) Wbat is meant by prayer ? [Ans. Begging of God to give us good things.] When do we want God's help? [Ans. At all times.] How long can we live without God's taking care of us? [ Ans. Not a moment.} What can we do to make God happier? (Ans. Noibing.] What is the only return we can make to God for all his goodness? [ Ans. Our thanks.) Should we ever suffer a day to pass without thanking God for his goodness ? [Ans. No.] Are not Jife and food, and other necessary things, worth praying for? [Ans. Yes.] Could we live or get any thing if God did not see fit? [dns. No.] Can your father or mother make you well when you are sick ? [Ans. No.] Can they keep you from dying? [Ans. No.] Who can make you well, and keep you from dyiug ? [Ans. God.) Who should you love best, your father on earth, or your Father in heaven? | Ans. My Fatherin heaven.) What day must we keep holy in order to please God? (Ans. The Sabbath day.] What day is that? | ns. Sunday.) In how many days did God create the world ? (Ans. Six days.] Whose day is the seventh day? Ans. The Lord's Day.] Can we expect the blessing of God if we do our own work on his day? (Ans. No.) Can children expect his blessing if they spend the Lord's day in play? [ Ans. No.] Have working people time to make themselves quite clean on working days! [Ans. No.] When have they time to do so ? [Ans. On Sundays.] Have they time to sit down to read and improve their minds on working days ? (Ans. No.] Is not a day of rest very comfortable after six working days ? [Ans. Yes! What should you return to God for appointing the Sabbath

day? Ans. Thanks.] How should you spend it? [Ans. In learning your duty.] Which is the happiest day in the week, if you make a proper use of it? [Ans. The Sabbath.] What should you always keep from? [Ans. Wickedness.] whom should you try to please at all times? [ Ans. God.) What can be bid from God ? [ Ans. Nothing.) Suppose you do a fault in secret, when no creature is by, who sees you ? [Ans. God.] Does God see ibieves when they steal ? [Ans. Yes.] Who knows when people tell lies ? (Ans. God.] Can men see wickedness in the lieart? [Ans. No.) Who can? [Ans. God.] Is it not very wonderful to think of the wisdom of God ? [dns, Yes.] Is it not wonderful to think of his goodness also ? [Ans. Yes.] Whose house should we go to on the Sabbath day? [ Ans. God's.] What place is called the house of God ? [ons. Church.] Who must children be dutiful to? [Ans. Their parents.] Whom must they love next to their parents ? [Ans. Brothers and sisters.] To whom may you be cross and ill-natured? [Ans. Nobody.) What words must you never say? Ans. Bad words.] What are bad words ? [ Ans. Swearing, and lying, and calling names.] What should we do for sick people? (Ins. Pity and help them.] Whom do people make angry when they do wicked things ? [Ans. God.) Is it not a sad thing to make God angry? [.ns. Yes.]

Who is Jesus Christ? (Ans. The Son of God.] What is Christ to us? [Ans. A Saviour and a Friend.] What will Christ save us from ? [Ans. Everlasting death.] Why do we want a Saviour ? [ Ans. Because we are sinners.) What is meant by sin ? [Ans. Doing wicked things.j. What have you besides a body? Ans. A soul:] What divides the soul from the body? [Ans. Death.) What is the soul ? [Ans. A spirit.] Can it be seen? (Ans. No ] Do souls rot in the grave ? [Ans, No. What sort of place is heaven ? [Ans. A happy place.] What sort of place is hell ? [Ans. A place of torment.] For whom was hell made ? [Ans. The devil and wicked people.) Who must die? [Ans. All mankind.) When shall you die? { Ans. You cannot tell.] Are you sure you shall live another day, hour, or minute ? [Ans. No.] Is there a life to come after this ? [Ans. Yes.] Have you a body and soul ? [Ans. Yes.] Which part of you is your body ? [Ans. That which can be seen.] w do you know you have a soul ? [Ans. Because you can think.] What is the body when the soul is out of il ? [ Ans. A dead corpse.] Did our Lord Jesus Christ ever

come upon earth ? [Ans. Yes. What did he do to save mankind? (Ans. Died for them.] What wonderful thing did Christ do after he was dead and buried ? [Ans. Rose to life again.] Can mankind raise themselves from the dead ? [Ans. No.] Who can raise them ? [Ans. Christ.) Whom will Christ raise ? [Ans. All mankind.) What will sound to call them from the grave ? [Ans. The last trumpet.) Will it not be very awful to hear the last trumpet sound so loud as to be heard all over the world? [Ans. Yes.] What will be at an end then ? L.Ans. The world.] How will it be put an end to ? [Ans. It will be burnt up.] Who will come again at the end of the world ? [Ans, Our Lord Jesus Christ. ] Who will be called before him to be judged ? [Ans. All mankind.) What sort of à life must you lead if you wish to rise with joy? [Ans. A good life.] Suppose you should have been very wickert, where shall you te afraid of being sent to at the great judgment day? [.Ans. To hell.] Suppose you have been good, where will you hope to be received at the end of the world ? [Ans. Into beaven.] How will our Saviour come at the last day? [Ans. In the clouds.] Who will come with him? (Ans. The holy angels.] What will be say to the good ? [ Ans. Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.] Will not ihese be blessed words to the good ? [x'ns. Yes.] What will Christ say to the wicked ? [Ans. Depart from me, ye wicked, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and bis angels.] Will not these words be dreadful to the wicked ? [Ans. Yes.] What day should you often think of, to keep you from being wicked ? ( Ans. The great judgment day.) Don't you wish to be happy for ever and ever?" (Ans. Yes.] Don't you wish to escape being tormented for ever and ever? [ Ans. Yes.] Are not people very foolish who drive the thoughts of heaven and hell out of their minds, and give themselves up to wickedness ? [ Ans. Yes ] Can any creature binder Christ from coming to judgment ? [Ans. No.] Who can choose whether they shall rise from the dead or not? [Ans. Nobody.] Who can choose whether he will be judged by Christ or not ? [Ans. Nobody:] Can any one choose what place he will go to ? [Ans. No.] When we are told there is such a place as heaven, should we not try to go thither? [ Ans. Yes.] Can we go to heaven if Christ will not take us thiīher? [Ans. No.] Who will not Christ take to heayen ? [Ans. Wicked people.] Can any one put an end to his own soul ? [dns. No.] Which is of most value, the soul or the body? [Ans. The soul |

Why is the soul of more value than the body? [ Ans. Because it will live for ever.] Which should we take the most care of ? [ons. The soul.] Who may be said to take care of their souls? Ans. Those who lead good lives.]

Why should we pray to God ? [Ans, Because all things come from God.] Which is the best prayer that ever was made ? (Ans. The Lord's Prayer.] Why is it called the Lord's Prayer ? Ans. Because it was made by our Lord Jesus Christ.] How often should we pray at least? (Ans. Every night and morning,] Why should we pray every morning ? [Ans. Because we want things every day. Why should we pray every night? (Ans. Because we commit sins every day.] In what posture should we pray ? [Ans. Kneeling.] Whom do you speak to when you pray? [Ans. God.) What do those do who say their prayers without thinking of God ? [Ans. Mock God.] Why should we praise God ? [Ans. To show that we honour our Creator.] In whose name must you beg every thing ? [Ans. In the name of Jesus Christ.] How should you be when you pray? (Ans. Very serious.] Why must we pray in the name of Christ? Ans. Because he is our Saviour.] What will God forgive for Christ's sake? [Ans. Our sins.] Will God forgive our sins if we do not try to amend our lives ? (Ans. No.] Is it not a most happy thing to have a Saviour ? [Ans. Yes.]. Will God punish good people, that is, those who are sorry for their sins, and try to please him? [Ans. No.) Does a good parent ever punish a dutiful child ? [ Ans. No.] Who is the kindest and best of parents ? [ Ans. God.) Do good parents encourage their children in wickedness ? (Ans. No.] Does our heavenly Father encourage us in wickedness ? [Ans. No.] Why does God threaten us with punishment ? [Ans. To make us good.] Can we have greater encouragement to be good than the promise of everlasting reward in heaven? [Ans. No.] Is it not pleasant to you to receive little rewards for good actions from your earthly friends ? [Ans. Yes.] Will it not be wonderfully more so to receive an everlasting reward from the great Creator of all things ? [Ans. Yes.] Do you not wish to know your Saviour ? [Ans. Yes.] Whom should you like to live aniongst after you leave this world ? (Ans. The angels in heaven.) Is it not a happy thing to be put in the way of obtaining all these blessings ? (Ans. Yes. What should you be to those who instruct you ? [Ans. Thankful.]


When the children have learnt the Lord's PRAYER, they should

be taught to repeat the CREED, syllable by syllable, and sene zence by sentence, I. I Believe in God the Father Almighty, - Maker of Hea

ven and Earth. II. And in Jesus Christ, -his only Son our Lord. III. Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost,----born of the

Virgin Mary. IV. Suffered under Pontius Pilate, -was crucified,--dead

· and buried, --He descended into Hell. V. The third day he rose again from the Dead. VI. He ascended into Heaven,-and sitteth at the Right

Hand of God the Father Almighty. VII. From thence he shall come to judge the Quick and the

VIII. I believe in the Holy Ghost.
IX. The Holy Catholic Church, -The Communion of Saints

X. The Forgiveness of Sins.
XI. The Resurrection of the Body.
XII. And the Life everlasting. Amen.

When the children have learnt the CREED, the Ten Com. mandments should be taught to them in the same manner.


1. Thou shalt have none other Gods but me. II. Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven Image-nor the Likeness of any Thing that is in Heaven above-or in the Earth beneath-or in the Water under the Earth-Thou shalt not bow down to them-nor worship them :-For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God and visit the Sins of the Fathers upon the Children - unto the third and fourth Generation of them that hate, me and shew Mercy unto Thousands in them that love iemand keep my Commandments.

III. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain :-For the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh bis Name in vain."

IV. Remeinber that thou keep holy the Sabbath Day: Six Days shalt thou labour, and do all that thou hast to do:- but

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