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2 Oh bring the nations near,

That they may sing thy praise :
Thy word let all the people hear,

Ånd learn thy holy ways:
3 Put forth thy glorious power!

All nations then will see;
And earth present her grateful store,

In converts born to thee.

8s, 75 & 4. 364

Enlargement and Glory of the Church.
ON the mountain's top appearing,

Lo! the sacred herald stands !
Welcome news to Zion bearing,
Zion long in hostile lands.

Mourning captive! God himself shall loose thy bands. 2 Lo! thy sun is risen in glory!

God himself appears thy friend;
All thy foes shall flee before thee;

their boasted triumphs end :

Great deliverance Zion's King will surely send. 3 Enemies no more shall trouble;

All thy wrongs shall be redressed; For thy shame thou shalt have double, In thy Maker's favor blest;

All thy conflicts End in an eternal rest. 365

O ZION, tune thy voice,

And raise thy hands on high!

H. M.

Tell all the earth thy joys,

And boast salvation nigh:
Cheerful in God, While rays divine
Arise and shine, Stream all abroad.
2 He gilds thy mourning face

With beams which cannot fade :
His all-resplendent grace

He pours around thy head:
The nations round With lustre new
Thy form shall view, Divinely crowned.
3 In honor to his name,

Reflect that sacred light;
And loud that grace proclaim,

Which makes thy darkness bright:
Pursue his praise,

In worlds above, Till sovereign love,


The glory raise.

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L. M. 366

Enlargement and Glory of the Church. TRIUMPHANT Zion! lift thy head From dust, and darkness, and the dead! Though humbled long-awake at length,

And gird thee with thy Saviour's strength! 2 Put all thy beauteous garments on,

And let thy excellence be known:
Decked in the robes of righteousness,

Thy glories shall the world confess. 3 No more shall foes unclean invade,

And fill thy hallowed walls with dread;
No more shall hell's insulting host

Their victory and thy sorrows boast. 4 God, from on high, has heard thy prayer;

His hand thy ruin shall repair:


Nor will thy watchful Monarch cease

To guard thee in eternal peace. 367 “GIVE us room, that we may dwell,”

Zion's children cry aloud:
See their numbers—how they swell!

How they gather like a cloud !
2 Oh how bright the morning seems!

Brighter from so dark a night:
Zion is like one that dreams,

Filled with wonder and delight. 3 Lo! thy sun goes down no more,

God himself will be thy light:
All that caused thee grief before,

Buried, lies in endless night. 4 Zion, now arise and shine!

Lo! thy light from heaven is come! These that crowd from far are thine ;

Give thy sons and daughters room. 368

8s, 75 & 4.
YES! we trust the day is breaking;

Joyful times are near at hand;
God—the mighty God, is speaking
By his word, in every land;

When he chooses, Darkness flies at his command. 2 While the foe becomes more daring,

While he enters like a flood,
God, the Saviour, is preparing,
Means to spread his truth abroad:

Every language
Soon shall tell the love of God.

3 Oh! 'tis pleasant— tis reviving

To our hearts to hear, each day, Joyful news from far arriving, How the gospel wins its way;

Those enlightening,
Who in death and darkness lay.
4 God of Jacob, high and glorious,

Let thy people see thy hand;
Let the gospel be victorious,
Through the world—in every land;

Then shall idols
Perish, Lord--at thy command.

8s & 78.


Consecration to the Service of Christ.

WITH my substance I will honor

My Redeemer and my Lord;
Were ten thousand worlds my manor,

All were nothing to his word. 2 While the heralds of salvation

abounding grace proclaim, Let his friends, of every station,

Gladly join to spread his fame. 5 May his kingdom be promoted;

May the world the Saviour know;

all to him devoted;
my Lord my

all I owe.
4 Praise the Saviour, all ye nations ;

Praise him, all ye hosts above;
Shout with joyful acclamations,

His divine-victorious love.

P. M. 370

Departure of Missionaries.
ROLL on, thou mighty ocean!

And, as thy billows flow,
Bear messengers of mercy

To every land below.
Arise, ye gales! and waft them

Safe to the destined shore;.
That man may sit in darkness,

And death's black shade, no more. 2 O thou eternal Ruler!

Who holdest in thine arm
The tempests of the ocean,

Protect them from all harm!
Thy presence e'er be with them,

Wherever they may be,
Though far from us who love them-

Still let them be with thee!

S. M.


YE messengers of Christ,

His sovereign voice obey;
Arise, and follow where he leads,

And peace attend your way!
2 The Master whom you serve

Will needful strength bestow;
Depending on his promised aid,

With sacred courage-go.
3 Go, spread the Saviour's fame;

Ġo, tell his matchless grace;
Proclaim salvation, full and free,

To Adam's guilty race.
4 Mountains shall sink to plains,

And hell in vain oppose;

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