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8s, 7s & 4. 354

Prayer for the Conversion of the World.
O'ER the realms of pagan darkness,

Let the eye of pity gaze;
See the kindreds of the people
Lost in sin's bewildering maze:

Darkness brooding
On the face of all the earth.
2 Light of them that sit in darkness!

Rise and shine—thy blessings bring :
Light to lighten all the Gentiles !
Rise with healing in thy wing ;

To thy brightness
Let all kings and nations come.
3 May the heathen, now adoring

Idol-gods of wood and stone,
Come, and, worshipping before him,
Serve the living God alone:

Let thy glory
Fill the earth as floods the sea.
4 Thou to whom all power is given,

Speak the word-at thy command,
Let the company of preachers
Spread thy name from land to land;

Lord, be with them Alway to the end of time. 355

8s, 7s & 4.

Prayer for the Jews.
MAY the glorious day of promise

Come, and spread its cheerful ray,
When the scattered sheep of Israel
Shall no longer go astray ;

When hosannas
With united voice they cry.

L. M.

2 Lord! how long wilt thou be angry?

Shall thy wrath forever burn? Rise! redeem thine ancient people; Their transgressions from them turn.

King of Israel ! Come, and set thy people free! 356

Conversion of all Nations approaching. ARISE! arise !-with joy survey The glory of the latter day: Already is the dawn begun

Which marks at hand a rising sun! 2 Behold the way! ye heralds, cry:

Spare not—but lift your voices high:
Convey the sound from pole to pole,

“Glad tidings' to the captive soul. 3 The north gives up—the south no more

Keeps back her consecrated store:
From east to west the message runs,

And either India yields her sons.
4 Auspicious dawn!—thy rising ray,

With joy we view—and hail the day:
Great Sun of Righteousness !-arise,

And fill the world with glad surprise. 357 DAUGHTER of Zion, from the dust

Exalt thy fallen head;
Again in thy Redeerner trust;

He calls thee from the dead. 2 Awake-awake !-put on thy strength,

Thy beautiful array;
The day of freedom dawns at length,
The Lord's appointed day,

C. M.

3 Rebuild thy walls—thy bounds enlarge,

And send thy heralds forth;
Say to the south,—'Give up thy charge,

And keep not back, 0 north?' 4 They come! they come—thine exiled bands,

Where'er they rest or roam,
Have heard thy voice in distant lands,

And hasten to their home.
5 Thus, though the universe shall burn,

And God his works destroy,
With songs thy ransomed shall return,
And everlasting joy.

8s, 75 & 4. 358

Victories of Christ.
GIRD thy sword on, mighty Saviour,

Make the word of truth thy car:
Prosper in thy course, triumphant;
All success attend thy war;

Gracious Victor,
Bring thy trophies from afar.
Majesty combined with meekness,

Righteousness and peace unite
To ensure thy blessed conquests-
Take possession of thy right:

Ride triumphant,
Dressed in robes of purest light.
3 Blest are they that touch thy sceptre!

Blest are all that own thy reign;
Freed from sin—that worst of tyrants-
Rescued from its galling chain;

Saints and angels,
All who know thee, bless thy reign.

C. M.

C. M.

HOSANNA to our conquering King !

All hail, incarnate Love!
Ten thousand songs and glories wait

To crown thy head above. 2 Thy victories and thy deathless fame

Through all the world shall run,
And everlasting ages sing

The triumphs thou hast won.
JESUS, immortal King, arise !

Assert thy rightful sway,
Till earth, subdued, its tribute brings

And distant lands obey. 2 Ride forth, victorious Conqueror, ride,

Till all thy foes submit,
And all the powers of hell resign

Their trophies at thy feet!
3 Send forth thy word—and let it fly

The spacious earth around;
Till every soul beneath the sun

Shall hear the joyful sound ! 4 From sea to sea—from shore to shore,

May Jesus be adored;
And earth, with all her millions, shout

Hosanna to the Lord! 361

C. M.
HAIL, mighty Jesus! how divine

Is thy victorious sword !
The stoutest rebel must resign,

At thy commanding word.

2 Still gird thy sword upon thy thigh;

Ride with majestic sway:
Go forth, great Prince, triumphantly,

And make thy foes obey.
3 And when thy victories are complete,

And all the chosen race
Shall round the throne of mercy meet,

To sing thy conquering grace, 4 Oh may my humble soul be found

Among that favored band;
And I with them thy praise will sound,

Throughout Immanuel's land.

L. M. 362

Victories of Christ. SHOUT, for the great Redeemer reigns;

Thro' distant lands his triumphs spread; Sinners, now freed from Satan's chains,

Own him their Saviour and their head. 2 Oh may his conquests still increase;

Let every foe his power subdue ! While angels celebrate his praise,

Saints shall his growing glories show. 3 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb,

From all below and all above;
In lofty songs exalt his name,

In songs as lasting as his love.
RISE, gracious God! and shine

In all thy saving might;
Now prosper every good design

To spread thy glorious light :

S. M.

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