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8s, 7s & 4. 354

Prayer for the Conversion of the World.
O'ER the realms of pagan darkness,

Let the eye of pity gaze;
See the kindreds of the people
Lost in sin's bewildering maze:

Darkness brooding
On the face of all the earth.
2 Light of them that sit in darkness!

Rise and shine—thy blessings bring :
Light to lighten all the Gentiles !
Rise with healing in thy wing ;

To thy brightness
Let all kings and nations come.
3 May the heathen, now adoring

Idol-gods of wood and stone,
Come, and, worshipping before him,
Serve the living God alone:

Let thy glory
Fill the earth as floods the sea.
4 Thou to whom all power is given,

Speak the word-at thy command,
Let the company of preachers
Spread thy name from land to land;

Lord, be with them Alway to the end of time. 355

8s, 7s & 4.

Prayer for the Jews.
MAY the glorious day of promise

Come, and spread its cheerful ray,
When the scattered sheep of Israel
Shall no longer go astray ;

When hosannas
With united voice they cry.

L. M.

2 Lord! how long wilt thou be angry?

Shall thy wrath forever burn? Rise! redeem thine ancient people; Their transgressions from them turn.

King of Israel ! Come, and set thy people free! 356

Conversion of all Nations approaching. ARISE! arise !-with joy survey The glory of the latter day: Already is the dawn begun

Which marks at hand a rising sun! 2 Behold the way! ye heralds, cry:

Spare not—but lift your voices high:
Convey the sound from pole to pole,

“Glad tidings' to the captive soul. 3 The north gives up—the south no more

Keeps back her consecrated store:
From east to west the message runs,

And either India yields her sons.
4 Auspicious dawn!—thy rising ray,

With joy we view—and hail the day:
Great Sun of Righteousness !-arise,

And fill the world with glad surprise. 357 DAUGHTER of Zion, from the dust

Exalt thy fallen head;
Again in thy Redeerner trust;

He calls thee from the dead. 2 Awake-awake !-put on thy strength,

Thy beautiful array;
The day of freedom dawns at length,
The Lord's appointed day,

C. M.

3 Rebuild thy walls—thy bounds enlarge,

And send thy heralds forth;
Say to the south,—'Give up thy charge,

And keep not back, 0 north?' 4 They come! they come—thine exiled bands,

Where'er they rest or roam,
Have heard thy voice in distant lands,

And hasten to their home.
5 Thus, though the universe shall burn,

And God his works destroy,
With songs thy ransomed shall return,
And everlasting joy.

8s, 75 & 4. 358

Victories of Christ.
GIRD thy sword on, mighty Saviour,

Make the word of truth thy car:
Prosper in thy course, triumphant;
All success attend thy war;

Gracious Victor,
Bring thy trophies from afar.
Majesty combined with meekness,

Righteousness and peace unite
To ensure thy blessed conquests-
Take possession of thy right:

Ride triumphant,
Dressed in robes of purest light.
3 Blest are they that touch thy sceptre!

Blest are all that own thy reign;
Freed from sin—that worst of tyrants-
Rescued from its galling chain;

Saints and angels,
All who know thee, bless thy reign.

C. M.

C. M.

HOSANNA to our conquering King !

All hail, incarnate Love!
Ten thousand songs and glories wait

To crown thy head above. 2 Thy victories and thy deathless fame

Through all the world shall run,
And everlasting ages sing

The triumphs thou hast won.
JESUS, immortal King, arise!

Assert thy rightful sway,
Till earth, subdued, its tribute brings

And distant lands obey. 2 Ride forth, victorious Conqueror, ride,

Till all thy foes submit,
And all the powers of hell resign

Their trophies at thy feet!
3 Send forth thy word-and let it fly

The spacious earth around;
Till every soul beneath the sun

Shall hear the joyful sound ! 4 From sea to sea-from shore to shore,

May Jesus be adored;
And earth, with all her millions, shout

Hosanna to the Lord !
HAIL, mighty Jesus! how divine

Is thy victorious sword!
The stoutest rebel must resign,

At thy commanding word.

C. M.

2 Still gird thy sword upon thy thigh;

Ride with majestic sway:
Go forth, great Prince, triumphantly,

And make thy foes obey.
3 And when thy victories are complete,

And all the chosen race
Shall round the throne of mercy meet,

To sing thy conquering grace, 4 Oh may my humble soul be found

Among that favored band;
And I with them thy praise will sound,

Throughout Immanuel's land.

L. M. 362

Victories of Christ. SHOUT, for the great Redeemer reigns;

Thro' distant lands his triumphs spread; Sinners, now freed from Satan's chains,

Own him their Saviour and their head. 2 Oh may his conquests still increase;

Let every foe his power subdue ! While angels celebrate his praise,

Saints shall his growing glories show. 3 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb,

From all below and all above;
In lofty songs exalt his name,

In songs as lasting as his love.
RISE, gracious God! and shine

In all thy saving might;
Now prosper every good design

To spread thy glorious light :

S. M.

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