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Shall we to men benighted

The lamp of life deny ?Salvation !-oh, salvation!

The joyful sound proclaim, Till earth's remotest nation

Has learnt Messiah's name. 4 Waft-waft, ye winds, his story;

And you, ye waters, roll, Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole ; Till o'er our ransomed nature,

The Lamb for sinners slain, Redeemer, King, Creator, Returns in bliss to reign.

C. M. 335

Prevalence of Christianity promised. GREAT God, is not thy promise pledged

To thine exalted Son,
That through the nations of the earth

Thy word of life shall run ?
2 “ Ask-and I give the heathen lands

For thine inheritance;
And to the world's remotest shores

Thine empire shall advance."
3 From east to west, from north to south,

Then be his name adored :
Let earth, with all its millions, shout

Hosanna to the Lord! 336

12, 11, & 8. Christ's Progress to universal Dominion. THE Prince of salvation in triumph is riding,

And glory attends him along his bright way; The news of his grace on the breezes are gliding,

And nations are owning his sway.

2 Ride on in thy greatness, thou conquering Saviour;

Let thousands of thousands submit to thy reign; Acknowledge thy goodness, entreat for thy favor,

And follow thy glorious train. 3 Then loud shall ascend from each sanctified nation,

The voice of thanksgiving, the chorus of praise ; And heaven shall re-echo the song of salvation,

In rich and melodious lays.


6s, 8s & 3.

Morn of Zion's Glory.
MORN of Zion's glory,

Brightly thou art breaking,

Holy joys thy light is waking;
Morn of Zion's glory,

Ancient saints foretold thee,
Seraph-angels glad behold thee;
See them glide,

Far and wide-
Streams of rich salvation

Flow to every nation. 2 Morn of Zion's glory,

Every human dwelling

With thy notes of joy is swelling:
Morn of Zion's glory,

Distant hills are ringing,
Echoed voices sweet are singing;

Haste thee on,

Like the sun,
Paths of splendor tracing,

Heathen midnight chasing. 3 Morn of Zion's glory,

Now the night is riven,
Now the star is high in heaven;
Morn of Zion's glory,

Joyful hearts are bounding,
Hallelujahs now are sounding ;

Peace with men

Dwells again,
Jesus reigns forever!
Jesus reigns forever.

L. M. 338

The Gathering of the Gentiles. THE heathen perish ;-day by day, Thousands on thousands pass away! Oh Christians ! to their rescue fly,

Preach Jesus to them ere they die. 2 Wealth, labor, talents, freely give,

Yea, life itself, that they may live;
What hath your Saviour done for you?

And what for him will ye not do? 3 Thou Spirit of the Lord, go forth,

Call in the south-wake up the north;
Of every clime, from sun to sun,

Gather God's children into one. 339

Prayer for the Enlargeme of the Church
SHINE, mighty God, on Zion shine,

With beams of heavenly grace;
Reveal thy power through every land,

And show thy smiling face. 2 When shall thy name, from shore to shore,

Sound through the earth abroad,
And distant nations know and love

Their Saviour and their God?
3 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Sing loud with solemn voice;
Let every tongue exalt his praise,

And every heart rejoice.

C. M.



S. M.
TO bless thy chosen race,

In mercy, Lord, incline;
And cause the brightness of thy face

On all thy saints to shine ;2 That so thy wondrous way,

May through the world be known; While distant lands their homage pay,

And thy salvation own. 3 Let differing nations join

To celebrate thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious name. 341

ON thy church, 0 Power divine,
Cause thy glorious face to shine;
Till the nations from afar

Hail her as their guiding star.
2 Then shall God, with lavish hand,

Scatter blessings o'er the land ;,
And the world's remotest bound
With the voice of praise resound.

S. M. 342

Christ exalted and his Enemies warned. THE Lord ascends on high,

And asks to rule the earth; The merit of his blood he pleads,

And pleads his heavenly birth. 2 He asks—and God bestows

A large inheritance :
Far as the world's remotest ends,

His kingdom shall advance.

3 The nations that rebel

Must feel his iron rod:
He'll vindicate those honors well,

Which he received from God. 4 Be wise, ye rulers, now,

And worship at his throne:
With trembling joy, ye people, bow

To God's exalted Son. 5 If once his wrath arise,

Ye perish on the place:
But blessed is the soul that flies

For refuge to his grace.



Prayer for Divine Help.
THOU, Jehovah, God o'er all !
Idol gods to thee shall fall :
None thy wondrous works can share ;

None with thee in might compare. 2 Formed by thy creative hand,

Let the nations round thee stand;
Prostrate at thy throne confess,

And adore the Saviour's grace. 3 Great in power !—thine arm divine!

Round the world thy wonders shine:
Bid the world thy glories own-
Thou art God--and thou alone!

8s, 75 & 4. 344

Influences of the Spirit necessary.
WHO, but thou, almighty Spirit,

Can the heathen world reclaim?
Men may preach—but till thou favor,

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