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2 The volume of my Father's grace Does all my grief dispel Here I behold my Saviour's face, And learn to do his will. 3 Here living water freely flows, To cleanse me from my sin; 'Tis here the tree of knowledge grows, Nor danger dwells therein.

4 Oh! may thy counsels, mighty God,
My roving feet command;
Nor I forsake the happy road,
That leads to thy right hand.

S. M.


Deliverance from Sin implored.

I HEAR thy word with love,
And I would fain obey;
Lord, send thy Spirit from above
To guide me, lest I stray.

2 Oh! who can ever find
The error of his ways?
Yet, with a bold presumptuous mind,
I would not dare transgress.

3 Warn me of every sin; Forgive my secret faults; And cleanse this guilty soul of mine, Whose crimes exceed my thoughts. 4 While with my heart and tongue, I spread thy praise abroad, Accept the worship and the song, My Saviour, and my God.

L. M.

Delight in the Scriptures.

NOW let my soul, eternal King!
To thee its grateful tribute bring:

My knee with humble homage bow;
My tongue perform its solemn vow.
2 All nature sings thy boundless love,
In worlds below-and worlds above:
But in thy blessed word I trace
Diviner wonders of thy grace.

3 There what delightful truths I read!
There I behold the Saviour bleed:
His name salutes my listening ear,
Revives my heart, and checks my fear.
4 There Jesus bids my sorrows cease,
And gives my laboring conscience peace;
Raises my grateful passions high,
And points to mansions in the sky.
5 For love like this, oh! let my song,
Through endless years, thy praise prolong;
Let distant climes thy name adore,
Till time and nature are no more.

S. M.


The Glory of God in his Works and in his Word. BEHOLD the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;

His beams through all the nations run,
And life and light convey.

2 But where the gospel comes,
It spreads diviner light;

It calls dead sinners from their tombs,
And gives the blind their sight.

3 How perfect is thy word!
And all thy judgments just!
Forever sure thy promise, Lord,
And we securely trust.

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4 My gracious God, how plain
Are thy directions given!
Oh! may I never read in vain,
But find the path to heaven.



Existence of God manifest from his Works. THERE is a God-all nature speaks, Through earth, and air, and sea, and skies; See, from the clouds his glory breaks, When earliest beams of morning rise. 2 The rising sun, serenely bright,

Throughout the world's extended frame, Inscribes, in characters of light,

His mighty Maker's glorious name. 3 Ye curious minds, who roam abroad, And trace creation's wonders o'er, Confess the footsteps of your God;Bow down before him-and adore. C. M.


Eternity of God.

GREAT God! how infinite art thou!-
What worthless worms are we!-
Let all the race of creatures bow,
And pay their praise to thee.

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood,

Ere seas or stars were made: Thou art the ever-living God,

Were all the nations dead.

3 Eternity, with all its years, Stands present in thy view:

To thee there's nothing old appears—
Great God! there's nothing new.

4 Our lives through various scenes are drawn, And vexed with trifling cares;

While thine eternal thought moves on
Thine undisturbed affairs.

5 Great God! how infinite art thou!-
What worthless worms are we!-
Let all the race of creatures bow,
And pay their praise to thee.

C. M.


God the Creator.

THE God of nature and of grace,
In all his works appears;

His goodness through the earth we trace, His grandeur in the spheres.

2 How excellent, O Lord, thy name,
In all creation's lines!
Spread through eternity, thy fame
With rising lustre shines.

3 Millions before thy presence stand,
Who feel, while they adore,
Fulness of joy, at thy right hand,
And pleasures evermore.

C. M.


God almighty and omnipresent.
GREAT God, thy penetrating eye
Pervades my inmost powers:

With awe profound, my wondering soul
Falls prostrate and adores.

2 To be encompassed round with God,
The holy and the just;
Armed with omnipotence to save,
Or crumble me to dust-

3 Oh, how tremendous is the thought!
Deep may it be impressed!
And may thy Spirit firmly grave
This truth within my breast.
4 Begirt with thee, my fearless soul
The gloomy vale shall tread;
And thou wilt bind th' immortal crown
Of glory on my head.


C. M.

WHERE'ER, thro' all his works, we send
Our roving eyes abroad,
The various objects all conspire
To lead our souls to God;-

2 That God, whose word all nature formed,
Whose eye all nature sees;
Whose hand all nature rules, sustains,
Or crushes, as he please ;-

3 Before whose high and dazzling throne Myriads of angels bow;

Whose smile is everlasting bliss-
Whose frown is endless wo.

4 Low at his feet, then, O my soul,
In prostrate homage fall;
Make him thy fear, thy love, thy trust,
Thy joy, thy God, thy all.'

C. M.


Omniscience and Omnipresence of God.
LORD, where shall guilty souls retire,
Forgotten and unknown?—
In hell they meet thy dreadful fire-
In heaven thy glorious throne.

2 Should I suppress my vital breath, To 'scape the wrath divine;

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