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S. M.


Blessedness of the Penitent and Pardoned.
OH! blessed souls are they,
Whose sins are covered o'er:
Divinely blest-to whom the Lord
Imputes their guilt no more.
2 They mourn their follies past,

And keep their hearts with care:
Their lips and lives, without deceit,

Shall prove their faith sincere. 3 While I concealed my guilt,

I felt the festering wound:
But I confessed my sins to thee,
And ready pardon found.

4 Let sinners learn to pray;


Let saints keep near the throne
Our help, in times of deep distress,
Is found in God alone.


C. M.


Hope of Justification by the Law abandoned.
HOW long beneath the law I lay
In bondage and distress!

I toiled, the precept to obey,
But toiled, without success.

2 Then, all my servile works were done,
A righteousness to raise;
Now, freely chosen in the Son,
I freely choose his ways.

3 To see the law by Christ fulfilled, And hear his pardoning voice,

Will change a slave into a child,
And duty, into choice.

C. M.

The broken Heart.

NOW to thine altar, Lord,
A broken heart I bring;
And wilt thou graciously accept
Of such a worthless thing?


2 To Christ, the bleeding Lamb,
My faith directs her eyes:
All other offerings, Lord, are vain,
But not his sacrifice.

3 That moment he expired,
Thy law was satisfied;
And now to its severest claims
I answer-Jesus died.


C. M.

OH for that tenderness of heart,
Which bows before the Lord!

That owns how just and good thou art,
And trembles at thy word!

2 Oh for those humble, contrite tears,
Which from repentance flow!
That sense of guilt, which trembling fears
The long suspended blow!

3 Saviour, to me in pity give
For sin the deep distress,
The pledge thou wilt at last receive,
And bid me die in peace!—

4 Oh fill my soul with faith and love,
And strength to do thy will;
Raise my desires and hopes above,
Thyself to me reveal.

C. M.


Confident trusting in Christ for Pardon.
BEFORE thy throne with tearful eyes,
My gracious Lord—I humbly fall;
To thee my weary spirit flies,
For thy forgiving love I call.
2 How free thy mercy overflows,.

When sinners on thy grace rely;
Thy tender love no limit knows;
Ŏh save me-justly doomed to die.
3 Yes! thou wilt save-my soul is free-
The gloom of sin is fled away;
My tongue breaks forth in praise to thee,
And all my powers thy word obey.
4 Hence while I wrestle with my foes,

The world-the flesh-the hosts of hell; Sustain me till the conflict close, Then endless songs my thanks shall tell

S. M.

Ingratitude deplored.


IS this the kind return?

Are these the thanks we owe? Thus to abuse eternal love, Whence all our blessings flow!

2 To what a stubborn frame

Has sin reduced our mind!
What strange, rebellious wretches we!
And God as strangely kind!

3 Turn-turn us, mighty God!
And mould our souls afresh!
Break, sovereign grace, these hearts of
And give us hearts of flesh.


4 Let past ingratitude

Provoke our weeping eyes; And hourly, as new mercies fall, Let hourly thanks arise,

C. M.


Indwelling Sin lamented.
WITH tears of anguish I lament,
Before thy feet, my God,

My passion, pride, and discontent,
And vile ingratitude.

2 Sure there was ne'er a heart so base, So false as mine has been;

So faithless to its promises,
So prone to every sin.

3 How long, dear Saviour, shall I feel
These struggles in my breast?
When wilt thou bow my stubborn will,
And give my conscience rest?

4 Break, sovereign grace-oh break the charm, And set the captive free:

Reveal, great God, thy mighty arm,
And haste to rescue me.



GOD of mercy-God of grace!
Hear our sad, repentant songs,
Oh restore thy suppliant race,
Thou, to whom our praise belongs!
2 Deep regret for follies past,

Talents wasted-time misspent ;
Hearts debased by worldly cares,

Thankless for the blessings lent,-
3 Foolish fears, and fond desires,
Vain regrets for things as vain,

Lips too seldom taught to praise,
Oft to murmur and complain;-

4 These-and every secret fault, Filled with grief and shame, we own; Humbled at thy feet we lie,

Seeking pardon from thy throne!

5 God of mercy! God of grace!
Hear our sad, repentant songs,
Oh restore thy suppliant race,
Thou, to whom our praise belongs!

C. P. M.

The Penitent surrendering.


LORD, thou hast won-at length I yield; My heart, by mighty grace compelled, Surrenders all to thee:

Against thy terrors long I strove,
But who can stand against thy love?
Love conquers even me.

2 If thou hadst bid thy thunders roll, And lightnings flash to blast my soul, I still had stubborn been:

But mercy has my heart subdued,
A bleeding Saviour I have viewed,
And now, I hate my sin.

3 Now, Lord, I would be thine alone;
Come, take possession of thine own,
For thou hast set me free;
Released from Satan's hard command,
See all my powers in waiting stand,
To be employed by thee."

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