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89, 7s & 4.


Close of a Protracted Meeting.
NOW these solemn days are ending,
All their glowing hopes are o'er ;
Now the final hour is spending-

We shall see their joys no more;
Days of gladness-

We shall see their joys no more. 2 Oft the tidings of salvation

Have been pressed upon our ears;
Who has heard the invitation?
Who in sinning perseveres?
Who, rebellious,
Still in sinning perseveres?

3 Sinner, o'er thy hardness weeping,
To the Saviour thou must go-
Never resting, never sleeping,
Till salvation he bestow-
Never resting

Till salvation he bestow.

4 Thoughtless ones, while ye, departing,
Hasten from these scenes away,
Let your spirits, onward darting,
See the final parting day;
Fast approaching,

See the final parting day.

5 While the contrite, while the lowly,
Rise where matchless glories glow;
Ye, who choose to be unholy,
Must depart to endless wo.

Ye, unholy,

Must depart to endless wo.



C. M.
Conviction by the Law.

LORD, how secure my conscience was,
And felt no inward dread!

I was alive without the law,
And thought my sins were dead.

2 My hopes of heaven were firm and bright; But since the precept came,

With such convincing power and light,
I find how vile I am.

3 My guilt appeared but small before,
Till I with terror saw
How perfect, holy, just, and pure
Is thine eternal law.

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load-
My sins revived again;

I had provoked a dreadful God,
And all my hopes were slain.

5 My God! I cry with every breath,
Exert thy power to save;
Oh! break the yoke of sin and death,
And thus redeem the slave.


S. M.

MY former hopes are fled,
My terror now begins;
I feel, alas! that I am dead
In trespasses and sins.

2 Ah, whither shall I fly?
I hear the thunder roar;

The law proclaims destruction nigh, And vengeance at the door. 3 When I review my ways, I dread impending doom; But sure a friendly whisper says, "Flee from the wrath to come."

4 I see or think I see,
A glimmering from afar;
A beam of day, that shines for me,
To save me from despair.

5 Forerunner of the sun,

It marks the pilgrim's way;
I'll gaze upon it while I run,
And watch the rising day.

L. M.


Impenitence deplored.

AMID displays of wrath and love,
What stubborn creatures, Lord, are we!
No relish for the joys of heaven,
No dread of endless misery.

2 With what a base contempt we treat Thy threatenings and thy promises! Duty neglect and mercy slight,

Nor fear to sin-nor seek to please. 3 Could angels weep-for us they'd mourn: Break, then, these flinty hearts, O God! Sure we must melt beneath thy grace, Or feel the terrors of thy rod.


C. M.

ALMIGHTY Father! God of grace!
We all, like sheep astray,

In folly, from thy paths have turned,
Each to his sinful way.

2 Sins of omission, and of act,
Through all our lives abound;
Alas! in thought, and word, and deed,
No health in us is found.

3 Oh spare us, Lord!-in mercy spare!
Our contrite souls restore,
Through him who suffered on the cross,
And man's transgressions bore.
4 And grant, O Father! for his sake
That we, through all our days,
A just and godly life may lead,
To thine eternal praise.

4s & 6s.


The convicted Sinner urged to submit.
Oh now begin

To call upon the Lord;
Relent and pray,
And mourn the day,
In which you scorned his word.

2 While converts sing,
And bless their King,
And praise th' incarnate Word;
Oh now submit

At Jesus' feet,

And own your sovereign Lord.

3 Now is the time
To come to him'

Who died that you might live:
Resist no more
The Spirit's power,
No more yourselves deceive.

4 O sovereign Lord,
Now speak the word,
And pierce each stubborn soul;
Yet as they bleed,
Let love succeed,

And make the wounded whole.
L. M.


Coldness and Inconstancy lamented. DEAR Jesus-when-when shall it be, That I no more shall break with thee? When will this war of passion cease, And I enjoy a lasting peace? 2 Here I repent and sin again;

Sometimes revive-sometimes am slainSlain with the same malignant dart, Which, oh! too often wounds thy heart. 3 When, gracious Lord-when shall it be, That I shall find my all in theeThe fulness of thy promise prove, And feast on thine eternal love? 8s & 6s.


Prayer for pardoning Mercy.
JESUS, incarnate Son of God,
Now hear us from on high;
Oh, seal our pardon by thy blood,
To thee, to thee we cry:
Our prostrate souls no merit claim;
We plead thine all-prevailing name.
2 Ruined, and all defiled with sin,
Our souls would turn and live;
Lord, if thou wilt, now make us clean,
And all our sins forgive:

Thy righteousness, thy bleeding love,
Can every stain of guilt remove.

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