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2 "Tis not the trump of war,
Nor Sinai's awful roar:
Salvation's news it spreads afar,
And vengeance is no more.
3 Forgiveness, love, and peace,

Glad heaven aloud proclaims;
And earth the jubilee's release,

With eager rapture, claims. 4 Far, far to distant lands

The saving news shall spread;
And Jesus all his willing bands,
In glorious triumph lead.


8s & 4s.

The Gospel Trumpet.

HARK, hark! the gospel trumpet sounds,
Through earth and heaven the echo bounds;
Pardon and peace by Jesus' blood!
Sinners are reconciled to God,
By grace divine!

2 Come, sinners, hear the joyful news,
Nor longer dare the grace refuse;
Mercy and justice here combine,
Goodness and truth harmonious join,

T' invite you near.

3 Ye saints in glory, strike the lyre;
Ye mortals, catch the sacred fire;
Let both the Saviour's love proclaim—
Forever worthy is the Lamb
Of endless praise.

L. M.


Christ's Invitation to Sinners.

"COME hither, all ye weary souls, Ye heavy-laden sinners, come;

I'll give you rest from all your toils,
And raise you to my heavenly home.

2 They shall find rest, who learn of me;
I'm of a meek and lowly mind;
But passion rages like the sea,
And pride is restless as the wind.

3 Blest is the man, whose shoulders take
My yoke, and bear it with delight;
My yoke is easy to the neck,
My grace shall make the burden light.”

4 Jesus, we come at thy command;
With faith, and hope, and humble zeal,
Resign our spirits to thy hand,
To mould and guide us at thy will.



FROM the cross uplifted high,
Where the Saviour deigns to die,
What melodious sounds we hear,
Bursting on the ravished ear!-
"Love's redeeming work is done—
Come and welcome, sinner, come!

2 Sprinkled now with blood the throne,
Why beneath thy burdens groan?
On my pierced body laid,
Justice owns the ransom paid-
Bow the knee, and kiss the Son-
Come and welcome, sinner, come!

3 Spread for thee, the festal board
See with richest dainties stored;
To thy Father's bosom pressed,
Yet again a child confessed,

Never from his house to roam;
Come and welcome, sinner, come.
Soon the days of life shall end-
Lo, I come-your Saviour, Friend!
Safe your spirits to convey
To the realms of endless day,
Up to my eternal home-
Come and welcome, sinner, come!"



Christ's Invitation to Sinners.

BLEEDING hearts, defiled by sin, Jesus Christ can make you clean : Contrite souls, with guilt oppressed, Jesus Christ can give you rest.

2 You who mourn o'er follies past,
Precious hours and years laid waste;
Turn to God-oh turn and live,
Jesus Christ can still forgive.

3 Fainting souls, in peril's hour,
Yield not to the tempter's power;
On the risen Lord rely,
Jesus Christ now reigns on high.

C. M.

THE Saviour calls-let every ear
Attend the heavenly sound;
Ye doubting souls, dismiss your
Hope smiles reviving round.


2 For every thirsty, longing heart,
Here, streams of bounty flow;
And life, and health, and bliss impart,
To banish mortal wo.

3 Ye sinners, come-'tis mercy's voice; That gracious voice obey; "Tis Jesus calls to heavenly joys— And can you yet delay?

4 Dear Saviour! draw reluctant hearts;
To thee let sinners fly,
And take the bliss thy love imparts,
And drink-and never die


COME! said Jesus' sacred voice, Come, and make my paths your choice: I will guide you to your homeWeary pilgrims! hither come. 2 Hither come-for here is found Balm for every bleeding wound, Peace, which ever shall endureRest, eternal-sacred-sure!



C. M.

ALL ye, who feel distressed for sin,
And fear eternal wo,

You Christ invites to enter in-
This hour to Jesus go!

2 He, by his own almighty word,
Will all your fears remove;
For every wound his precious blood
A sovereign balm shall prove.

3 His conquering grace shall set you free
From sin's oppressive chains,
From Satan's hateful tyranny,
And everlasting pains.

4 Come then, ye heavy-laden-come!
His instant help implore:
Millions have found a peaceful home-
There's room for millions more.

L. M.


Invitation to the Heavy-laden.

COME, weary souls, with sin oppressed, Oh come! accept the promised rest: The Saviour's gracious call obey, And cast your gloomy fears away. 2 Oppressed with guilt-a painful load, Oh come, and bow before your God! Divine compassion, mighty love, Will all the painful load remove.

3 Here mercy's boundless ocean flows, To cleanse your guilt-and heal your woes; Here's pardon, life, and endless peaceHow rich the gift!-how free the grace! 167

C. M.

SINNERS, the voice of God regard;
His mercy speaks to-day;
He calls you by his sovereign word,
From sin's destructive way.

2 Like the rough sea, that cannot rest,
You live devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your breast,
Deprive your souls of ease.

3 Why will you in the crooked ways
Of sin and folly go?

In pain you travail all your days,
To reap immortal wo!

4 But he, who turns to God, shall live, Through his abounding grace:

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