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1. Dr. Martin Luther's Short Catechism, translated from the

2. A Scripture Catechism.

3. The Christian Character and Duties, and the Christian's
comforts and hopes, expressed in the words of Scripture.

4. A Historical Catechism.

5. The Elements of Religion and Morality, for younger

6. To which are added a few Prayers.


Printed for the Tract and Book Society, of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church of St. John, and sold by G. W. Mentz and
Son, No. 53, North Third Street.

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THE "Historical Catechism," was prepared by Dr. Isaac Watts. In this edition, a few questions and answers are omitted, some expressions are altered, and a small number of articles are added.

The "Elements of Religion and Morality," were first published in New England, with the initials only of the editors' names, and on account of their plainness are peculiarly fit for the use of younger children. All will agree, that "such Catechisms must be best for them, which they can best understand, supposing that all the articles of religion necessary for children are contained in them."

It is hoped, that the variety here offered will prove a useful contribution of materials for the . religious instruction of children and youth, particularly in Evangelical Lutheran churches.

Philadelphia, January 23, 1816.

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