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Fays, Spunkies, Kelpies, a', they can explain

them, And ev’n the vera deils they brawly ken


Auld Brig appear'd of Ancient Pictish race,

The vera wrinkles Gothic in his face :

He seem'd as he wiTime had warsti'd lang, Yet teughly doure, he bade an unco bang. New Brig was buskit in a braw new coat, That he, at Lon’on, frae ane Adams, got ; In's hand five taper staves as smooth's a bead, Wi’virls and whirlygigums at the head, The Goth was stalking round with anxious

search, Spying the time-worn flaws in ev'ry arch; It chanc'd his new-come neeber took his e'e, And e'en a vex'd and angry heart had he!

Wi' thieveless sneer to see his modish mien,

He, down the water, gies him this guideen


I DOUBT na, frien', ye'll think ye're nae sheep


Ance ye were streekit o'er frae bank to

bank !

But gin ye be a brig as auld as me,
Tho' faith that day I doubt, ye'll never see ;

There'll be, if that date come, I'll wad a

boddle, Some fewer whigmeleeries in your noddle.


AULD Vandal, ye but hew your little mense, Juft much about it wi' your scanty sense ;


Will your poor, narrow foot-path of a street, Where twa wheel-barrows tremble when they


Your ruin'd, forinless bulk o'stane an' lime,

Compare wi' bonie Brigs o' modern time?

There's meni o'taste wou'd tak the Ducat


Tho' they should cast the vera fark and


E'er they would grate their feelings wi' the


Of fic an ugly, Gothic hulk as you.

[blocks in formation]

CONCEITED gowk !puff'd up wi' windy pride; This mony a year I've stood the food an' tide;


* A noted ford, just above the Auld Brig.

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And tho'wi' crazy eild I'm sair forfairn, I'll be a Brig, when ye're a shapeless cairn !

As yet ye little ken about the matter,

But twa-three winters will inform



When heavy, dark, continued a' day rains Wi’ deepening deluges o'erflow the plains ; When from the hills where springs the braw

ling Coil, Or stately Lugar's mofly fountains boil,

Or where the Greenock winds his moorland

course, Or hauntea Garpal* draws nis feeble source,


* The banks of Garpal Water is one of the few places in the West of Scotland, where those fancy scaring beings, known by the name of Gbaists, still continue pertinaciously to inhabit.

Arous'd by

blust'ring winds and spotting


In mony a torrent down the sna-broo rowes ;

While crashing ice, borne on the roaring

Speat, Sweeps dams, an' mills, an' brigs, a' to the


And from Glenbuck, down to the Ratton


Auld Ayr is just one lengthend tumbling


Then down ye'll hurl, deil nor ye never rise !!

And dash the gumlie jaups up to the pouring


A leffon

* The source of the river of Ayr.

* A small landing place above the large key.

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