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For a' the real judges rise,
They canna fit for anger.

opens out his cauld harangues,


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An' aff the godly pour in thrangs,
To gie the jars an' barrels

A lift that day.

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But ne'er a word o' faith in

That's right that day.


In guid time comes an antidote

Against fic poison'd noftrum ;

For *******, frae the water-fit,

· Ascends the holy roftrum :
See, up he's got the word o' G-,

An' meek an' mim has view'd it,

While Common-Sense has ta'en the road,


An' aff, an' up the Cowgate*,

Fast, fast, that day.

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* A street so called which faces the tent inerna


WEE ******, niest, the Guard relieves,

An' Orthodoxy raibles,

Tho'in his heart he weel believes,

An' thinks it auld wives' fables :

But, faith ! the birkie wants a Manse,

So, cannily he hums them ;

Altho' his carnal wit an' sense

Like haflins-ways o'ercomes him

At times that day, si


Now but an' ben, the Change-house fills,

Wi' yill-caup Commentators : Here's crying out for bakes and gills,

An' there the pint-stowp clatters; While thick an' thrang, an' loud an' lang,

Wi’ Logic, an’ wi' Scripture, They raise a din, that, in the end,

Is like to breed a rupture

O' wrath that day.


LEEZE me on Drink! it gies us mair

Than either School or College : It kindles Wit, it waukens Lair,

It pangs us fou o' Knowledge. Be't whisky gill, or penny wheep,

Or ony stronger potion,

[blocks in formation]

To mind baith faul an' body,

Sit round the table, weel content,

An' fteer about the toddy.

On this ane's dress, an' that ane's leuk,

They're making observations ·

While some are cozie i’ the neuk,

An' formin affignations

To meet some day.


But now the L-d's ain trumpet touts,

Till a' the hills are rairin,

An' echoes back return the shouts :

Black ****** is na fpairin ;

His piercing words, like Highlan swords,

Divide the joints an' marrow;
His talk o' H--11, where devils dwell,

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