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Sages their solemn een may steek,
An' raise a philosophic reek,
An' physically causes seek,

In clime an' season,

But tell me W bisky's name in Greek,

I ll tell the reason.

Scotland, iny auld,

auld, respected Mither!

Tho'whyles ye moistify your leather,

Till whare ye fit, on craps o' heather,

Ye tine your dam;

Freedom and Wlaisky gang thegither,

Tak aff your dram!

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A robe of seeming truth and trust

Hidcrafty observation ;
And secret bung, with poison'd crust,

The.dirk of defamation :
A mask that like tbe gorget show'd,

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Holy Fair is a common phrase in the West of Scotland for a sacramental occasion.

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I walked

I walked forth to view the corn,

An' snuff the caller air.

The rifing fun owre Galston muirs,

Wi' glorious light was glintin; The hares were hirplin down the furs,

The lav'rocks they were chantin

Fu' sweet that day.


As lightsomely I glowr'd abroad,

To see a scene fae gay,

Three Hizzies, early at the road,

Came skelpin up the way.

Twa had manteeles o dolefu' black,

But ane wi' lyart lining;
The third, that gaed a wee a-back,
Was in the fashion shining

Fu'gay that day.

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The third cam up, hap-step-an'-lowp,

As light as ony lambie,

An' wi' a curchie low did stoop,

As soon as e'er she saw me,

Fu' kind that day.


Wi' bonnet aff, quoth I, 'Sweet lass,

"I think


seem to ken me;

• I'm sure I've seen that bonie face,

But yet I canna name ye.'

E 3


Quo' she an'laughin as she fpak,

An' taks me by the hauns,

* Ye, for my fake, hae gi'en the feck

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• My name is Fun-your cronie dear,

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Gin ye'll go there, yon runki'd pair, • We will get famous laughin

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