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* To lower Orders are aflign'd 3

The humbler ranks of Human-kind, 6. The rustic Bard, the lab'ring Hind,

• The Artisan;

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All chuse, as, various they're inclin'd,

• The various man.

• When yellow waves the heavy grain, The threat'ning Storm, fome, strongly rein; • Some teach to meliorate thepaia,

• With tillage-skill; And fome instruct the shepherd-train,

Blythe o'er the hill.

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SOME hint the Lover's harmless wile;

• Some grace the Maiden's artless sinile;

Some foothe the Lab'rer's weary toil,

• For humble gains,


• And make his cottage-scenes beguile

• His cares and pains.

• SOME bounded to a diftri&t-space, • Explore at large Man's infant race, • To mark the embryotic trace

Of rustic Bard;

• And careful note each op'ning grace,

• A guide and guard.


* Of these am 1-Ceila my name; * And this district as mine I claim,

* Where once the Campbells, chiefs of fame,

• Held ruling pow'r : . I mark'd thy embryo-tuneful flame,

* Thy natal hour.

• Wits future hope, I oft would gaze, · Fond, on thy little, early ways,

• Thy

* Thy rudely-caroll’d, chiming phrase,

In uncouth rhymes,

| Fir'd at the simple, artless lays

Of other times.

• I saw thee seek the founding fhore, • Delighted with the dashing roar; • Or when the North his fleecy store

• Drove thro' the fky, ! I saw grim Nature's visage hoar,

Struck thy young eye.


• Or when the deep green-mantled Earth, * Warm cherish'd ev'ry flow'ret's birth, • And joy and music pouring forth,

• In ev'ry grove, I saw thec eye the gen'ral mirth

With boundless love.



« When ripen'd fields, and azure skies, • Callid forth the Reapers rastling noise, * I saw thee leave their ev’ning joys,

* And lonely stalk, * To vent thy bosom's swelling rise,

*In pensive walk.

• When youthful Love, warm-blushing,



Keen-fhivering shot thy nerves along, * Those accents, grateful to thy tongue,

• Th'adored Name,

"I taught thee how to pour in song,

"To soothe thy flame,

I saw thy pulse's maddening play, Wild-fend thee. Pleasure's devious way,

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• Miled by Fancy's meteor-ray,

• By Passion driv'n;


• But yet the light that led aftray,

Was light from Heaven.


I TAUGHT thy manners-painting strains,

« The loves, the ways of fimple swains,

Till now, o'er all my wide domains, ,

Thy fame extends;

And some, the pride of Coila's plains,

$ Become thy friends,

• Thou canst not learn, nor I can show,

• To paint with Thomson's landscape-glow; • Or wake the bofom-melting throe,

« With Sbenstone's art;

"Or pour, with Gray, the moving flow,

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