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The Chief on Sark* who glorious fell,

In high command ; And He whom ruthless Fates expel

His native land.

THERE, where a fceptrid Pictisht shade

Stalk'd round his ashes lowly laid,
I mark'd a martial Race, pourtray'd

In colours strong;

Bold, foldier-featur’d, undismay'd

They ft rode along.


* Wallace Laird of Craigie, who was second in command, under Douglas Earl of Orinond, at the famous battle on the banks of Sark, fought anno 1448. That glorious victory was principally owing to the judicious conduct, and intrepid valour.of the gallant Laird of Craigie, who died of his wounds after the action.

+ Coilus King of the Picts, from whom the district of Kyle is said to take its name, lies buried, as tradition says, near the fa. mily-seat of the Montgomories of Coilsfield, where his burialplace is still shown,

* Thro' many a wild, romantic grove, Near many a hermit-fancy'd cove, (Fit haunts for Friendship or for Love,

In mụfing mood) An aged Fudge, I saw him rove,

Dispensing good.

+ WITH deep-ftruck, reverential awe,

The learned Sire and Son I saw,

To Nature's God and Nature's law

They gave their lore,

This, all its fource and end to draw,

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Barskimming, the seat of the Lord Justice Clerk.

Catrine, the seat of the late Doctor, and present Professor Stewart.

* Colonel Fullarton,

Who call'd on Fame, low standing by,

To hand him on,

Where many a Patriot-name on high

And Hero shone.


With mufing-deep, astonish'd stare, I view'd the heavenly-feeming Fair ; A whisp’ring throb did witness bear

Of kindred sweet,

When with an elder Sister's air

She did mę greet.

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* ALL hail ! my own inspired Bard ! * In me thy native Muse regard ! • Nor longer mourn thy fate is hard,

• Thus poorly low!

• I come

"I come to give thee such reward

' As we bestow.

• Know, the great Genius of this Land • Has many a light, aerial band, Who, all beneath his high command,

• Harmoniously, "As Arts or Arms they undertand,

• Their labors ply:

• They Scotia's Race among them thare;

Some fire the Soldier on to dare ;

"Some rouse the Patriot up to bare

Corruption's heart:

Some teach the Bard, a darling care,

«The tuneful art.

"'MONG swelling floods of reeking gore, • They ardent, kindling spirits pour ;

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"Or, mid the venal Senate's roar,, :o

They, fightless, stand, • To mend the honest Patriot-lore,

. And grace the hand.

• AND when the Bard, or hoary Sage,

* Charm or instruct the future age, They bind the wild, Poetic rage


• In energy,

Or point the inconclufive page

Full on the eye.

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HENCE, Fullarton, the brave and young ;.

• Hence, Dempster's zeal-inspired tongue;

• Hence, fweet harmonious Beattie fung

• His “ Minstrel lays";", Or tore, with noble ardour ftunga

The Sceptic's bays.

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