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Or strutted in a Bank and clarkit

My cash-account: While here, half-mad, half-fed, half-farkit,

Is a' th' amount.

I STARTED, mutt'ring, blockhead! coof!
And heav'd on high my waukit loof,
To swear by a' yon ftarry roof,

Or some rash aith,

That I, henceforth, would be rby.me-proof

Till my last breath

WHEN click! the string the snick did draw;

And jee! the door gaed to the wa';
And by my ingle-lowe I saw,

Now bleezin bright,
A tight, outlandish Hizzie, braw,

Come full in fight.


YEneed na doubt, I held my whisht,

The infant aith, half-form'd, was crusht;

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GREEN, slender, leaf-clad Holly-boughs Were twisted, gracefu', round her brows,

I took her for fome Scottish Muse,

By that same token; And come to stop those reekless

Vows, Would foon been broken.

A HAIR-brain's sentimental trace'

Was strongly marked in her face ;
A wildly-witty, rustic grace

Shone full upon her;


Her eye ev'n turn'd on empty space,

Beam'd keen with Honor.

Down How'd her robe, a tartan fheen,
Till half a leg was ferimply seen;
And such a leg! my bonie Jean

Could only peer'it;

Sae straught, fae taper, tight and clean,

Nane else came near it,

HER Mantle large, of greenih hue, My gazing wonder chiefly drew; Deep lights, and shades bold-mingling, threw

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Here, qumbling billows mark'd the coast,

With furging foam, There, distant shone Art's lofty boast,

The lordly dome.

HERE, Doon, pour'd down his far fetch'd


There, well-fed Irwine stately thuds :

Auld hermit Ayr itaw thro' his woods,

On to the shore;

And many a lesser torrent scuds,

With seeming roar.

Low in a fandy valley spread,

An ancient Borougb rear'd her head;

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Still, as in Scottish story read,

She boasts a Race,

To ev'ry nobler virtue bred,

And polish'd gracei,


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By Aately tow'r; or palace fair,
Or ruins pendent in the air,
Bold items of Heroes, here and there,

I could discern;

Some feem'd to mare, fome seem'd to dare,

With feature ftern.

My heart did glowing transport feel,

To see a Race * heroie wheel,


And brandish round the deep dy'd feel

In fturdy blows;

While back-recoiling seem'd to reel

Their Suthron foes.

His COUNTRY'S SAVIOUR t, mark him well!

Bold Richardton's heroic swell;


© 2

* The Wallaces.

of William Wallace,

Adam Wallace of Richardton, cousin to the immortal Prem server of Scottish Independence,

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