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For, Oh! the yellow treasure's taen

By witching skill; An' dawtit, twal-pint Haw kie's gaen

As yell's the Bill. ·

THENCE, mystic knots mak great abuse
On young Guidmen, fond, keen, an'crouse;
When the best wark-lumo i' the house,

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An' foat the jinglin icy-boord,
Then, Water-kelpies haunt the foord,

By your dire&ion,
An' nighted Trav’llers are allur'd

To their deftru&ion.


An' aft your moss-traversing Spunkies Decoy the wight that late an' drunk is : The bleezin, curst, mischievous monkies

Delude his eyes,

Till in some miry llough he sunk is,

Ne'er mair to rise.

WHEN Masons myftic word an' grip,
In storms an' tempests raise you up,
Some cock or cat your rage maun stop,

Or, strange to tell !
The youngest Brother ye wad whip

Aff straught to h-ll.

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LANG syne, in Eden's bonie yard, When youthfu’ lovers first were pair’d, An' all the Soul of love they shar'd,

The raptur'd hour,

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Sweet on the fragrant, flow'ry fwaird,

In shady bow'r:

Then you, ye auld, snick-drawing dog !
Ye cam to paradise incog.
An' play'd on man a cursed brogue,

(Black be your fa'!) An' gied the infant warld a fhog,

'Maist ruin'da'.

D’YE mind that day, when in a bizz,
Wi’ reekit duds, an reeftit gizz,
Ye did present your smoutie phiz,

'Mang better folk, An' sklented on the man of Uxx,

Your spitefu' joke?

An' how ye gat him i' your thrall,

An' brak him out o'house an hal,'



While (cabs and botches did him gall,

Wi' bitter claw,

An' lows'a his ill-tongu'd, wicked Scawi,

Was warft ava?

Bur a' your doings to rehcarfe, Your wily fnares an' fetchin fierce, Sin' that day Michael * did you pierce,

Down to this time,

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Wad ding a' Lallan tongue, or Erse,

In prose or rhyme.

An' now auld Cloots, I ken ye're thinkin, A certain Bardie's rantin, drinkin,

Some luckless hour will send him linkin,

To your black pit; But, faith! he'll turn a corner jinkin,

An cheat you yet.



Vide Milton, Book VI.

But, fare you weel, auld Nickie-ben!

[blocks in formation]

An Unco Mournfu' Tale. As Mailie, an' her lambs thegither, Was ae day nibbling on the tether, Upon her cloot the coost a hitch,

An' owre the warf'd in the ditch:


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