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CURST Common-senfe, that impo'h-11,

Cam in wi' Maggie Lauder *; But O******* aft made her yell,

An' R***** fair misca'd her:

This day M'******* taks the flail,

An' he's the boy will blaud her! He'll clap a shangan on her tail,

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* Alluding to a scoffing ballad which was made on the admission of the late Reverend and worthy Mr L----- to the Laigl Kirk.

O double verse come gie us four,

An' skirl up the Bangor :
This day the Kirk kicks up a stoure,

Nae mair the knaves shall wrang her,
For Heresy is in her pow'r,
And gloriousy she'll whang her

W' pith this day.


COME, let a proper text be read,

An' touch it aff wi' vigour,
How graceless Ham * leugh at his Dad,

Which made Canaan a niger;
Or Phineas + drove the murdering blade,

Wi' wh-re abhorring rigour;


* Genesis, ch. ix. ver, 22. : Numbers,ch, *xv. ver, S.

Or Zipporah *, the scauldin jad,
Was like a bluidy tiger

I'th' inn that day.


THERE, try this mettle on the creed,

And bind him down wi' caution,

That Stipend is à carnal weed

He takes but for the fashion ;

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And gie him o'er the flock, to feed,

And punish each transgression ; Especial, rams that cross the breed,

Gie them fufficient threshin,

Spare them nae day.



Now auld K*********, cock thy tail,

An' toss. thy horns fu' canty;

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Nae mair thou’lt rowte out-owre the dale,

Because thy pastures' scanty;

For lapfu's large o' gospel kail

Shall fill thy crib in plenty,
An' runts o' grace the pick an' wale,
No gi'en by way o' dainty

But ilka day?


NAE mair by Bable's streams we'll weep,

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To think upon our Zion ;
And hing our fiddles up to sleep,

Like baby-clouts a-dryin ;
Come, screw the pegs wi’ tunefu' cheep,

And o'er the thairms be tryin:
Oh, rare ! to see our elbucks wheep,

And a like lamb-tails flyin

Fu' fast this day!


LANG Patronage, wi' rod o' airn,

Has fhor'd the Kirk's undoin,

As lately F-nw-ck, fair forfairn,

Has proven to its ruin:

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For there they'll think you clever; Or, nae restriction on your lear,

Ye may commence a Shaver ;




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