From Cadet to Colonel: The Record of a Life of Active Service, Том 2

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Hurst and Blackett, 1866

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Стр. 222 - For, oh, if there be an elysium on earth, It is this, it is this ! There's a bliss beyond all that the minstrel has told, When two, that are link'd in one heavenly tie, With heart never changing and brow never cold, Love on through all ills, and love on till they die ; One hour of a passion so sacred is worth Whole ages of heartless and wandering bliss : And oh...
Стр. 130 - ... its exterior edge a wall loopholed for musketry. This wall is a continuation of the escarp wall of the ditch, which descends to a depth of twenty feet, and is twenty-five feet wide. The counterscarp is not of masonry, but is a mere earthen slope of easy incline. The glacis is sixj;y feet wide, and scarcely covers half the wall.
Стр. 139 - ... there are few who do not now feel that the accident which hindered this attempt was one of those happy interpositions on our behalf, of which we had such numbers to be thankful for.
Стр. 266 - You'll be mobbed, my dear friend, as soon as I leave, but you must hold out till I come back. You must push on the repairs of the fort, and the defensive measures that are in progress outside, and indent at once on Agra for ammunition for your guns.
Стр. 42 - ... of the plagues of Egypt, one of the armies of the Lord sent for the punishment of Pharaoh, and it is not to be wondered at that a degree of awe stole over our minds. Immense numbers of them settled on the large trees on my grounds, clinging one to another in such swarms, like bees, that branches as thick as a man's thigh were broken, and every vestige of foliage disappeared in a few minutes. When they had eaten up nearly every green thing they again took their flight. In the language of Holy...
Стр. 87 - It was well imagined, but the impatience of the sepoys marred it all. They could not wait, and before the appointed time...
Стр. 216 - ... and the very name made them quail. It has been well said that it was worth a brigade. Many, it is believed, were the plots vainly concocted in Delhi for his assassination; but he still lived. So they resorted to the following device : — Some luckless Cashmeree, with almost European fairness, was caught in the city, dressed up in English clothes, handcuffed and shackled, and paraded through the streets as the veritable Sir John Lawrence, a prisoner, to give confidence to the rebels...
Стр. 85 - ... troops, being of opinion that it would hasten rather than repress an outbreak. At Meerut, disaffection had been more plainly manifested than in any other station in the North-western provinces. A rumour had been spread amongst the troops by means, it cannot be doubted, of the agents of the King of Oudh, that the Government had plotted to take away their caste, by mixing the grounded bones of bullocks with the flour sold in the market...
Стр. 255 - Kissaldar, who with his two sons had rebelled and fought against us at Putteealee, had worked round us, and had returned to his house in Khasgunge with one son, who had been wounded in the engagement. Calling up Hodson, I sent him off with a troop of his regiment to try and apprehend the traitor. In five minutes that intelligent and energetic officer was off at a sharp trot, which he soon increased to a ~hard gallop.
Стр. 80 - ... of Juggunnath : the proselytising efforts of our missionaries, and the gradual spread of civilization ; — and the sepoys became alarmed. The Brahmins, of whom there were great numbers in our ranks, found their influence decreasing from year to year, and their alarm and discontent worked on the minds of the rest. Then Lord Dalhousie made every sepoy pay postage for his letters, which had hitherto gone free under his commanding officer's signature. The roads and ferries were no longer free to...

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