The Life of Robert Browning: With Notices of His Writings, His Family, & His Friends

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Macmillan, 1910 - Всего страниц: 342

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Стр. 147 - Pomegranate,' which, if cut deep down the middle, Shows a heart within blood-tinctured, of a veined humanity.
Стр. 283 - Italy, my Italy ! Queen Mary's saying serves for me — (When fortune's malice Lost her, Calais) Open my heart and you will see Graved inside of it,
Стр. 198 - This world's no blot for us, Nor blank; it means intensely, and means good: To find its meaning is my meat and drink.
Стр. 34 - I last night supped in Mr Walter Scott's. He has the most extraordinary genius of a boy I ever saw. He was reading a poem to his mother when I went in. I made him read on : it was the description of a shipwreck. His passion rose with the storm. He lifted his eyes and hands. 'There's the mast gone,' says he; 'crash it goes ! — they will all perish ! ' After his agitation, he turns to me. 'That is too melancholy,' says he; 'I had better read you something more amusing.
Стр. 34 - That is too melancholy,' says he, * I had better read you something more amusing. I preferred a little chat, and asked him his opinion of Milton and other books he was reading, which he gave me wonderfully.
Стр. 127 - FROM THE SEA. Nobly, nobly Cape Saint Vincent to the North-West died away ; Sunset ran, one glorious blood-red, reeking into Cadiz Bay ; Bluish 'mid the burning water, full in face Trafalgar lay ; In the dimmest North-East distance dawned Gibraltar grand and gray; " Here and here did England help me : how can I help England...
Стр. 185 - I would rather consider Shelley's poetry as a sublime fragmentary essay towards a presentment of the correspondency of the universe to Deity, of the natural to the spiritual, and of the actual to the ideal...
Стр. 123 - I only meant by that title to indicate an endeavour towards something like an alternation or mixture of music with discoursing, sound with sense, poetry with thought ; which looks too ambitious, thus expressed, so the symbol was preferred.
Стр. 125 - Two or three years ago I wrote a play, about which the chief matter I much care to recollect at present is, that a Pitfull of good-natured people applauded it: ever since, I have been desirous of doing something in the same way that should better reward their attention. What follows, I mean for the first of a series of Dramatical Pieces, to come out at intervals; and I amuse myself by fancying that the cheap mode in which they appear, will for once help me to a sort of Pit-audience again.
Стр. 189 - I have not left the house one evening since our return. I am writing, a first step towards popularity for me, lyrics with more music and painting than before, so as to get people to hear and see...

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