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ROME, IN 1564.

of the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church, New-York


156 Chambers-st. a few doors West of the

Hudson River Rail Road Depot.

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The council of Trent was assembled by pope Pius Ill., in 1545. It was continued under several pontiff's; and after several interruptions, it was brought to a close by pope Pius IV. in 1563. It was therefore convoked about sixteen years after the true church of God protested against the Roman Apostasy, and were thence called Protestants.

'It was called under the pretence of reforming " the church" in its head and members. But, who ever heard of an assembly of criminal intruders, and robbers of public property assembling to reform themselves, while they were resolved to be what they were ; and retain what they had abstracted, by a system of fraud and tyranny! The real object of this council, was to crush the Reformation, so triumphantly going forward in the continent and islands of Europe.

To accomplish this, the Council pursued two courses, while they carefully retained the entire power and supremacy of its pope, and prevented all reformation of the priesthood. First; they laid down their complete system of doctrines, rites, and ceremonies, in direct opposition to the simple and pure, and primitive doctrines, sacraments, and ordinances of Christ, drawn by the Protestants exclusively from the BIBLE. In doing this, they ratified the traditions of the fathers, though not, perhaps, two men present, could tell what they really were. They also confirmed the bulls, and decrees of former popes, with all the legends the most pal. pably absurd and ludicrous; and the opinions and determinations of their doctors and saints, in different ages and countries. These, altogether, exhibit a grotesque compound of contradictions, puerilities, heresies, idolatry, superstitions, and vileness in morals, such as never had match in heathen, or Mohammedan lands! And these, moreover, are all interwoven with a savage spirit of persecution. These councils ratified by that of Trent, invoke the sword of extermination against all who differ from Rome in religion. Nor does their fierce hatred pause at the gate of death. It pursues their victims into eternity, and standing up before the throne of the Eternal Judge, it utters its sentence of damnation on all who die out of its pale ! The spirit and anathemas breathed out in the following pages, will reveal this melancholy disgrace on human nature, as still nursed in the Roman church.

Second, Having thus succeeded in making all the votaries of Rome as divers from Protestants; and their faith, as far separated from the faith of the true Church, as Anti-Christ is from CHRIST; or, as Belial is from God,—years were spent in gradually maturing a stupendous conspiracy against the Protestant Christian world. This conspiracy produced explosion after explosion in Europe. The war was to be waged to extermination against the Waldenses, and Albigenses of the ancient Apostolic Church; against the Huguenots, even to the last man; and even against the last Bourbon who should favour them. Hence, as history tells us, Philip II. of Spain.was to exterminate Henry IV. of Navarre. Hence the origin of the famous French League, at the head of which were the bloody traitor, the Duke of Guise, and his guilty associates. These were to aid Spain against Navarre, in the horrid tragedy. The first outbreak took place in 1572, in the atrocious massacre of St. Bartholomew, and the following civil wars which desolated that

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