Power and Privilege: The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Challenge of Modernity

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Longman Cheshire, 1994 - Всего страниц: 422
Medieval and early modern times - The early nineteenth century, the peasantry, taxation and the redistribution of wealth - Great reforms and the rise of a revolutionary movement - 1905 Revolution - Economic and social change in early twentieth century - The February Revolution - Civil war and the origins of a new social order - New Economic Policy - Collectivisation and industrialisation - Joseph Stalin - The Great Patriotic War - Impact of war - The Cold War - Reforming the Stalinist system - CHange from 1964 to 1982 - Perestroika and the end of the Soviet experiment - Reasons for failure.

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C Indirect mobilisation economic growth and the modern revolution
Rus under the Mongols 1240 to 1480
the eighteenth century
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