The Rough Guide to the Beatles

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Rough Guides, 2003 - Всего страниц: 403
More than thirty years after they split, the Beatles remain the ultimate pop band - the most popular, the most respected, the most influential. This new Rough Guide covers the Fab Four from every angle, delving deep into their music and lyrics, their movies, their solo careers and much more. Features include: - The Life and the Music: from Liverpool clubs to world domination, from Beatlemania to the break-up and beyond, here's the story of the recordings and the gigs, as well as the haircuts, girlfriends, scandals and psychedelia. - The Canon: the inside track on the 50 essential Beatles songs. - Beatles On Screen: the movies, the promos, the TV appearances. - The Fifth Beatle: George Martin, Brian Epstein, 'Magic Alex' and others - the people closest to the Beatles. - Beatle Country: the landmarks of Beatles lore. - Beatleology: the best books, the weirdest cover versions, the most obsessive websites, the obscurest trivia.All you need is this!

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The Life and the Music The story and the songs 195770
Afterlife What happened next 19702003
The Solo Years Being an exBeatle
The Canon 50 Essential Beatles songs and the stories behind them
The Beatles as Authors and Artists Penpushing and brushstroking from the Fab Four
The Fifth Beatle The movers and shakers within the Fabs Inner Sanctum
Beatles Country Liverpool London Hamburg and New York landmarks of Beatle legend
Beatleology Trivia rumours websites oddball info and curious covers
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The Unreleased Beatles: Music & Film
Richie Unterberger
Ограниченный просмотр - 2006

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Rough Guides are written by expert authors who are passionate about both writing and travel. They have detailed knowledge of the areas they write about--having either traveled extensively or lived there--and their expertise shines through on every page. It's priceless information, delivered with wit and insight, providing the down-to-earth, honest read that is the hallmark of Rough Guides.

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