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Antecedaneous to, concomitant with, and consequent

upon, a fore and heavy VISITATION.

Represented in several SERMONS, under the following Titles, viz.



some Time Minister of LONG-WHATTON, Leicestershire.

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All the Paths of the Lo

Mala pænaiia non funt verè mala, quia Huur

Deo; ducunt ad summum

de Paths of the Lord are Mercy and Truth, unto such as keep his
Covenant, and his Testiinonies, PSALM XXV. 10.

on lunt verè mala, quia fluunt à fummo bono, nimirum

ad lummum bonum, nimirum fruitionem Dei; et
bat in lummo bono, nimirum Chrifto.

Funishment are not truly Evils, for they flow from the

ven God; they lead to the chief Good, the Enjoyment
; and were found in the chief Good, even Christ.

The Evils of Punishment are
chief Good, even God; th

of God; and were


Printed and Sold by T.BALDWIN, at

St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cros

ο Ν D ο Ν :
BALDWIN, at No. o, in Great May's Buildings,

en Charing-Cross. MDCCLXIX.

[Price is. stitched, bound, is: 6d.]

E RR AT A. Page 5. 1. 1. for amaret fapare read amare & fapere. P. 15. I. 15. for sturbornness read stubbornness. p. 17. 1. 25. dele botb. p. 21. 1. 1. add of after the word reproach. p. 29. 1. 31. after the word as add in. p. 33. 1. 3. for domnions read dominions. Ditto, l. 18. after counts add it bis. p. 34. 1. 6---7. for Job vi. 36. read Fobn iv. 34. Ditto, l. 11. for worked read worketh. p. 36. l. 20. for do read doth. Ditto, I. 23. ditto. p. 38. 1. 19. for Feptba read Jephtba. Ditto, l. 26. for inordinances read inordinaces. p. 39. 1. 3. from the bottom, for with read without. p. 40. I. 16. for fovereignity read sovereignty. Ditto, l. 27. ditto, and 44. l. 2. ditto. P. 50. 1. 29. for happenetb read happened. p. 52. I. 9. for faithness read faithfulness. p. 54. 1. g. for up read upon. p. 67. 1. 9. for do read dotb. p. 92. 1. 18. dele of. p. 96. I. 6. after the word God add are. p. 112. 1. 32. after the word devil add a comma. p. 115. 1. 27. for wilderneness read wilderness.


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b. p. 36. I. -9. for feptba maces. P. 39. -0. I. 16. for 44. 1. 2. ditto.

. for faithness 7. l. g. for de the word God ama, poleg

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and Tim

P OME Memoirs of the Life as one of this excellent Man may

* be seen in Dr. CALAMY's Abridgement of Mr. BAXTER's Life

Times, page 426—436, and in the Continua

nuation, 592-593, an Extract which is prefixed to a late Edition of our Author's IMMANUEL, a Book

I known and approved by many

serious Christians.


The following Discourses were first preached by Mr. Shaw in his own Family, while visited with the Plague; and afterwards published to promote the Glory of God, and the Good of others. As they need no Recommendation, the Editor of this new Edition thinks himself under no Neceffity to apologize for prefenting it to the Public, especially as the Book was exceeding scarce, and greatly defired by many pious People, both of the established Church and Protestant Dissenters ; with whom it will undoubtedly have a kind Reception.

To :

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Christian Readers,
TT is now more than feven months, fince it
I pleased the holy and wise God, together with

fome dear and christian friends from London, to visit my house with the plague; whereby he gently touched and gave warning to myself and whole family, confisting then of eight souls, but called away hence only three members of it, viz. two tender babes, and one servant ; besides my beloved fifter, and a child of my precious friend, that man of God, Mr. G. C. since also translated, who were of those citizens that visited me ; you will easily believe that I can have no pleasure to rake into the ashes of the dead, nor to revive the taste of that wormwood and gall, which was given me to drink; and yet I see no reason, but that I ought to take pleasure in the pure and holy will of God, which always proceeds by the eternal rules of Almighty love and goodness; though the same be executed upon my deareft creature-comforts, and grate never so much upon my sweetest earthly-intereft; yea, and I see all reason in the world why I should give God the glory of his attributes and works beforeA 2


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