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also behold our "names," in golden characters enrolled;--and that, with increasing transports,-which shall never, never end!

The account I had from capt. Smith-(having been favoured with an interview with him, and with a visit likewise on board the "Spy," to my great satisfaction)—was very consoling to me. From the time our brother embarked with him, which was on the Tuesday week before his decease; he manifested nothing like regret that he had left his home, to die, and be buried, as he had reason to think, in the wide ocean:-nor one unpleasant or untranquil emotion, that he should see his earthly friends, no more. He often spoke of his family, and of writing to his companion;-but delayed, in hope of being better able at another time. The kind Captain proposed writing for him, but he preferred sending his own language, in his own hand. He wished to send, that he should not recover-and said to captain S.(though with perfect composure,) "I have lived about long enough, as I am;-I am of no use to any one!"-(in reference, as the Captain supposed, to his sickness.)—He sat in his easy chair, and read the Bible the chief of the distance; as his cough prevented his lying with ease:-dressed and undressed himself;-relished his food;-and was free from any pain. He complained of nothing, but seemed perfectly reconciled to his lot;-and to desire nothing, in any sense, that he had not. Hence, the Captain judged him a good man; and did not doubt, but that he made a happy exchange of worlds. (A kind friend, he found in Mrs. Weaver, whose attention to him was beyond that, if any thing, to her husband, although, herself, nor any one on board, was a professor of religion.)



A cry in the "North," of lamentation and mourning!-Thou "South," awake to penitence and weeping, for the calamnities, your sins, have also incurred! A direful storm hangs over you! The Heavens, gather blackness! Stern "justice" cries, "Cut it down!"-how, how, will you escape!"What will you do, in the solemn day?"—ah, whither fly! One, only shelter, will secure you from vindictive retribution:- the Rock of Ages.-"Turn ye even to me, saith the Lord; with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning; and rend your hearts, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God!!"

Fellow-Sinner, of whatever rank or condition, I echo to you in friendship, the voice of consience, "You are travelling down to Hell!" With every breath, with every beating pulse;-you are liable to plunge the abyss of everlasting woe! A few more days and nights, and you will sleep, the sleep of death! Better, infinitely so, you had never been born;-than that, you die in your sins! Have you the riches of Belshazzar, with men servants, and maidens, many, born in your house; and "Art weighed in the balances at last, and found wanting," what will it all avail you? (True, the wise man says, "Money answereth all things:" but to his rule, one special exception I adduce, It cannot save the soul.) 'What shall it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? what can a man give in exchange for his soul?" What shall it profit him, in the regions of dark


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ness, that he was once, rich and honoured upon earth, who shall regard him on that account, the sooner there? Mothers, wives, children, servants, devils, shall then be his tormentors, forever and ever! Has he been a man of pleasure, and often cheered with the voice of music? Alas! what pleasure will he find, or sound to charm his ear, amidst the weeping, wailing, and agonizing cries, of damned Ghosts of Adam's race! Has he been a man of honour,—and his name enrolled, with the shining-sons of fame? It is now, upon the blacklist of Beelzebub's army;-marked with shame and everlasting contempt, and left to "rot." Has he been a man, fond of spirituous liquor-and wont to drown grief and care, thereby?-He'll find none of that to benumb his senses,-"where the worm dieth not; and the fire is not quenched." But oh! will uot his miseries, then, run parallel, even with the existence of Deity?-And with the hideous, infernal number, will he not join, in horrid execration, of the Being-of the day, that gave him birth? And of the unnumbered opportunities of hearing the Gospel's joyful sound, that brought salvation nigh?--But, this sad picture I leave with thee, Sinner-too dismal for my view!-And turn to a fairer, brighter scene-where, of such as you, there yet is hope!

Christ Jesus tasted death for every man. In Him, is found, pardon for the guilty,--life for the dead, and salvation for all that are lost! He calls aloud to you, and all, "Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow; though they be as crimson, they shall be as wool.' O, amazing con


descension,-matchless love! Will He yet save, the very chief of sinners'!--the vilest of the vile? Yes, My dear Fellow Sinner,-

"Will you be saved from endless pain?
Will you with Christ forever reign?"

Instead of "an heir of Hell," will you be associated with all the bright armies of Heaven;- -an "heir of God, and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ?”— with all the blood-washed millions to reverberate that voice, "Worthy, Worthy, is the Lamb that was slain for me:"--beyond the bounds, of time and space? Methinks, I hear you say, "Would God, I were a Christian!"--And I rejoice, that I can assure you, All things are now ready:---only believe, and thou shall be saved. Sometimes, in unbelief, you have said, "Christ, never died for me!" "He gave His life a ransom for all, to be testified in due time." Again, you have said, "He is a God of such unbounded love, He'll save me, as I am." "If you die in your sins," remember He hath declared, "where I am gone you never can come." You have also repeatedly urged, "When the time is come, I may be a Christian;--but that is not yet."-Because you loved your sins, and would not leave them off,-when you, very well knew, His word, "Now is the accepted time; and, now is the day of salvation"-and that the same, would never fail. Thus, have you confronted your Maker, and made Him a liar;--by a discredit of His word,-or a denial of "the record, He gave of His Son." Away, with that unbelief.---Fight against your God,--or distrust His power, no more. Even, to day,--lay


claims to all His gracious promises, as your own: and believe, that He will subdue that hard heart, open those blind eyes,---and turn your sorrows all to rivers of delight. He saved a trembling jailor,-a blaspheming Saul,--and an expiring thief;-you, also, will He favour with His love. According to your faith, now be it unto you,--who read, these lines. Cast, but an eye upwards;---fear not;--with the most earnest expectation, with the strongest confidence, in His goodness. Will you,---can you, longer doubt?--when His own mouth hath spoken it, "Ye shall receive." Take no denial;say, my case is a pressing one,---a distressing one; O, for one crumb, of mercy! Lord I give myself away;---save, or I perish! Dare you not add, "I will trust in Him, though He slay me?" Yea, you see His smiles! He seems to draw nigh!

Your bosom melts at the idea of what He hath done, and suffered for you. O your love increases, to God,-to all the human race! You wish to tell them of the immense fullness,-the glory,--the beauty indiscribable, you already see in Jesus! and to make them sensible,-how easy for them all, to come to Him, and live. Go then precious Youth, or whoever you are,--and tell to all around, How great things, the Lord your God hath done for you. Thus, do you set forward for Heaven. And thus, regardless of the frowns, or flatteries, you meet; or, the counsel of any, "To spare yourself a little," go on. Reflect, that if faithful unto death;--how many souls, you will turn to righteousness, and so, "Shine as the stars, forever and ever. Amen.

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