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I see, by our good Friend Dow's pamphlet, That America is not what it once was; and that there is cause of complaint, even in this happy land. And by the papers you have sent, it appears that, instances of distress frequently occur. But I see plain enough, by every thing I hear on the subject, that the "industrious poor" are much better circumstanced in America, than in England.

Affairs in England, continue much in the same state, as when you were here. There is no more trade now, than then. Business, with almost every one, is flat; and complaints, in almost every one's mouth. Religion, amongst us, is characterized be deadness, and want of feeling.-This formality still continues. We have preaching-preaching and praying, and singing, but no fruit. Few, or no sinners converted; but plenty of backsliders. There must be some sore, radical evil at the root of our work; and on that account, the Lord cannot do, many mighty works. I am still, however, looking out for a brighter day. Things in this state, will not always last.-God, I believe, will ere long, take the matter into his own hand; and maintain his own cause, in opposition to every obstacle. The cause at Salem, is much in the same state, as when you were here. Those who were brought in, at that time; still hold on, and are perhaps the most lively.

T. Prime desires to be remembered to you, but you omitted his name in your last.--He is a young man of God. Few like him. W. Pottst

†The second, who said, "I would not lay a straw in her way."

desires to be named to you.--He has not unfrequently spoken of you with pleasure.

I wish to send you out a few papers, but I fear the vessel will sail, before they are published.

Give my love to all that love the Lord Jesus Christ, in America. And let them strive for peace, and for the love, that hopeth and believeth all things, and thinketh no evil. May God prosper you, Sister Towle; and my dear Sister Elizabeth.--May He make you both instrumental in the conviction and conversion of sinners in abundance! And may you, in the day of the Lord Jesus, have many stars in your crown, and shine forever as those of the first magnitude.

Yours in the bonds of christian affection,

3d July, 1130.



Dublin, Ireland, 14th of 6th mo., 1830.

My dear Ann:

I have written to thee, on the latter end of 4th month, in answer to thine, of 27th of 12th mo., 1829. I sent it, by a young man named Robert Parks, going to America, with china, &c. &c.: but as he told me, he would not go to Philadelphia, (notwithstanding he said it should be forwarded to the care of Frederick Plummer, as di

The person that did--and whose right it was, to invite me to the place. (See account of London.) R*

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rected, and would go safe). Lest it should miscarry, I send this by a female named Elsegood, who came over a short time since, from the city of P., and is returning on to-morrow, with her son, that came over with her. She has been living in America, (said city), about thirteen or fourteen years her husband not so long.

At the time I wrote, it was after a great fit of illness;--and my wife very bad. But we are now, I may say, quite recovered. I know not, how to describe the wonderful and unparalleled MERCIES that have been, and are now, manifested towards us. O yes, yes-and I feel now qualified to say, ever will be manifested. Glory, glory to God! My dear Ann, it would greatly add to our comfort; yea, it would be matter of rejoicing, to hear and know, that thou art so baptised into the Lord Jesus, as to live and look above all priests, and priestcraft of every denomination;-all hirelings of every tribe; however near to, or remote from truth.-Reject every thing that stands not in the power. Suffer the bit of clay to be moulded, fashioned, formed, and in every way fitted for the work, and soforth, the GREAT MASTER, is pleased to set thee apart, for. *ASCEND THE MOUNT, THYSELF, and receive. the MESSAGE from the MOUTH of the LORD. Be not satisfied to have it, EVEN from Moses,- -or EVEN, as many of Our MODERN PRIESTS will say, "thus and thus saith the BIBLE." This, seems so plausible, and angellike, that said PRIESTS, BEWITCH, and lead captive SILLY WOMEN (CHURCHES); and thus go on from year to year, selling their merchan


dize, or their CHARMS. I said above, ascend the mount. But remain below in the valley, until the beastly-part be CRUCIFIED and FINALLY put to I say again, Remain in the valley until the MASTER saith to thee, "COME UP, I will give thee a message." And thus, thou wilt be clothed with the dread power of the Lord; and give each their portion, in due season. Yes, yes, thou wilt then be able, and only then, to bind on earth what is bound in heaven; and to loose on earth that which is loosed in heaven: for thou canst not say less, or more, than the holy unction teacheth.Not speaking in thine own will or time, but in the WILL and power of the living God. And in this WILL and POWER, and this only, thou wilt be ENABLED to say, "THUS and THUS saith the LORD." And not, "thus and thus saith the man, the book, the BIBLE, &c. &c." Thus, having the testimony of Jesus, thou wilt then realize, the SPIRIT of prophecy-notwithstanding that said Priests will say of such, they deny the BIBLE, the Holy Scriptures. But such a testimony, of prophecy will not, yea cannot, be contrary to the Scriptures or Bible: but rather, detect any error that might be therein, from false translation, &c. &c. &c.

I now conclude, but first feel, I should say, Tell Frederick Plummer, to go on; and as light makes manifest, and shows the road, to walk therein.That, as yet, he knows but the rudiments, compared to the mighty things, that will yet be revealed. I feel as somewhat near him, at this moment-now, near 12 o'clock at night. Tell him,

if he feels freedom, to drop me a line when thou art writing.

Please direct to care of William Calvert, merchant, 111 James street, Dublin, for J. W. Len


Thine, in the bond of truth,

†J. W. LENNOX. P. S. My wife (*Ann) desires to be revived in thy remembrance, with all the CHURCH that comes within thy bounds.

J. W. L.

He being absent, when we were first invited to his house; but shortly after, on returning home, he heard of "females from America come to Ireland." He contrived hence, to bring us back, by sending a young man, with a message, that "A gentleman from America, wished an interview with us." Although the distance was two miles, and the night, rainy and dark, we hastened to the place; and I earnestly enquired, "Are you, Sir, the gentleman from America, that requested an interview?" "Yes. I am from America; but I was never in that country."Hence, judging from my boldness, of the honesty of my purpose, he became a friend, in whom I could repose the highest confidence.

He had once belonged to the connexion of Methodists, but left the same, with his companion, prior to the visit of Lorenzo Dow to that land-for liberty of consciencc:-and with a small company of others, they still remained unattached to any community.

The good woman before named in the work, who met me at Friends meeting, &c.

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