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And with affection, pure and bland;
Restore thee, to thy home again!

"'Tis true, thou sayest "Almighty Power,
"Impels thy steps, directs thy way:
"And sweetly, in each trying hour,
"Supports, and comforts, through the day.
"That, love Divine has filled thy heart,
"To call on sinners, far and near;
"To warn them, from their sins to part,
"A sin-avenging God to fear.

And who dares doubt, thy faith sincere,
That sees thy unassuming youth!
With heaving breast, and starting tear,
Declare the everlasting truth.—
Proclaim Jehovah's grace and love,
To fallen man, o'erwhelm'd in guilt:
Point him the way, to realms above,
Made sure, by blood, on Calvary spilt.

Go then, dear Messenger of Peace,
Pursue thy Heaven-appointed way:
Thy arduous labours soon may cease,
Lost in one bright, eternal day.
Open each door should quickly fly,
At thy approach;-Each friendly breast,
Should beat thy welcome, and draw nigh,
To greet with smiles, their lovely guest.
A blessing, on that house should rest,
Where thou shalt lay, thy weary head:
Each inmate feel thy visit blest;
Rejoice with thee, in breaking bread.


Presented to a Methodist Preacher, at his request by myself.

Go, blow the Gospel Trumpet, blow:
Eternal truth proclaim:

O'er mountains high, and vallies low,
Resound a Saviour's fame.

Go, tell the joy;-go, bear the news;
Even, unto Gentile men, and Jews.

Will not, the tawny Savage race,
And Afric's sable train;

God's word, and righteousness embrace,
Nor wear, the slavish chain?

Ere long, to Heaven, then may you bring,
Rich sheaves, and be complete-Amen.


By myself, on leaving America.


Farewell to my dear native land,
Ye plains, and ye wild woods, I leave.
O'er you, with delight, I have rang'd;
But now, my last homage receive!


To climates, unknown, I repair;
Rough billows, will bear me away;
For the "Isle of Britannia," I steer,
There, allied to its dust, may I stay.


Farewell, my lov'd parents, for me
Fear not, nor grieve for your loss:
Your faces, in Glory, I'll see,

When the "swellings of Jordan" we cross.


For "One is our Father-in Heaven;" Though to earth's distant verge I may fly: In His hand, will He hold, each, secure, And bring us to mansions On High.


Farewell, my dear Sisters,-with you, And Brothers, God calls me to part: Though the ocean, between us may flow, We are still, undivided in heart.


O, hasten to finish your work!
I'll strive, to be faithful in mine:
And soon, we in triumph shall meet,
In beauty celestial, to shine.


[blocks in formation]

York Terrace, Salmon's Lane, London.

My very dear Sister in the Lord:

We were pleased to hear from you-though sorry, that we did not have all the information, you had on your mind to communicate. But what remains behind, helps to keep alive our hope and expectation; therefore, you must not disappoint us in writing frequently, and fully. I felt thankful, in reading Brother N's letter,-and my own,that God mercifully preserved you from shipwreck; and landed you safe on "that happy shore," where you would be.

I have to inform you that, *Brother Padman sailed with captain Ward to Halifax, on Tuesday last, May 18th. I believe it is his intention to remain in Halifax for a short time, and then go to the United States.

I feel myself extremely obliged to you, for the present of books, papers, &c. you have sent me. They have afforded me several feasts, and I should like to see some of them republished in England. Especially in the Reformer:--I have read some excellent articles, on Primitive Simplicity. And I pray God, to give us the love, that would lead to

One of the three, expelled from the Methodist Connexion, for suffering a woman to speak in their chapel: who told me he had been rejected before by them, as a travelling preacher; because he was not acquainted sufficiently with Wesley's works.

the practices, so frequently enjoined in His Word, and in that publication: For I see, more than ever, that all systems and modes, are a bodily exercise that profiteth but little. Even Scripture modes of worship, and Scripture systems of church government, are but a "dead letter," without the spirit, -a shell without the kernel, and a shadow without the substance. O for the substance! the substance! the substance!--the love of God shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Ghost. That love, which "is the fulfilling of the law"--"the end of the commandment"--that worketh no ill, to any soul of man--that is long-suffering and kind--envieth not-does not boast--nor is inflated with pride-nor acts unseemly--seeks not her own advantage-is not passionate-thinks no evil--does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but in the truth-beareth all things--believeth all things--hopeth all thingsendureth all things;-without which, (whatever else I may possess, I am nothing!)

"For love, I sigh; for love, I pine;
This only portion, Lord be mine;
Be mine, this better part."

"My soul breaks out in strong desire,

The perfect bliss to feel!

My longing soul, is all on fire, to be dissolved in love."

Give me this, or I die!

You did not mention a word, in my letter, about Elizabeth--how is she? where is she? what is Elizabeth doing? Tell me in your next. Your father and mother, are they yet living?

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