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May a blessing from above, through prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Christ, attend the perusal of this Treatise to every reader! Greatly shall the Author rejoice if, by means of it, any should obtain clearer views of the nature of this ordinance, and be assisted in the devout celebration of it; have greater enjoyment in its observance, and more practically improve it afterwards.

Islington, March 2, 1822.


THE later editions have contained some enlargements which appeared likely to be useful, and four additional Meditations have been added to the present edition. Two abridgments have been published in different forms for wider circulation; one chiefly extracted from the first part, entitled "An Invitation to the Lord's Supper," price 6d., and the other chiefly extracted from the second part, entitled "A Companion to the Holy Communion," in 18mo. and in 32mo. To God be all the praise for any benefit any may have received by this work. May He graciously continue to use it for the spiritual welfare of each reader; and prepare all our hearts for his coming kingdom, and heavenly glory!

Watton Rectory,
August 6, 1841.


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