House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Том 15

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Стр. xlii - To the House of Representatives:— In obedience to the resolution of your honorable body, a copy of which is herewith returned, I have the honor to make the following brief statement, which is believed to contain the information sought. Prior to and at the meeting of the present Congress, Robert C. Schenck, of Ohio, and Frank P. Blair, Jr., of Missouri, members elect thereto, by and with the consent of the Senate, held commissions from the Executive as Major-Generals in the volunteer army.
Стр. 178 - Court. retired from active service, and his name entered on the retired list of officers of the grade to which he belonged at the time of such retirement.
Стр. lvii - For the country, this will heal a dangerous schism. For him, it will relieve from a dangerous position. By a misunderstanding, as I think, he is in danger of being permanently separated from those with whom only he can ever have a real sympathy — the sincere opponents of slavery.
Стр. lvii - I believe will be best for the country and best for him, and it is that he will come here, put his military commission in my hands, take his seat, go into caucus with our friends, abide the nominations, help elect the nominees, and thus aid to organize a House of Representatives which will really support the government in the war. If the result shall be the election of himself as Speaker, let him serve in that position ; if not, let him retake his commission and return to the army.
Стр. xlii - Representatives, at the assembling thereof, upon the distinct verbal understanding with the Secretary of War and the executive that he might, at any time during the session, at his own pleasure, withdraw said resignation and return to the field.
Стр. 364 - Drouyn de 1'Huys expressed his gratification, and after asking some questions in regard to the effect of laying a resolution upon the table in the Senate, the conversation terminated. The extreme sensitiveness which was manifested by this government when the resolution of the House of Representatives was first brought to its knowledge has, toa considerable extent, at least, subsided.
Стр. lx - After a full consultation with all my army commanders, I have settled down to the following conclusions, to which I would like to have the President's consent before I make the orders: Third.
Стр. xlii - Blair's resignation, and making the order assigning him to the command of the corps, were not consummated at the War Department until last week, perhaps on the 23d of April instant. As a summary of the whole, it may be stated that General Blair holds no military commission or appointment other than as herein stated...
Стр. 6 - Havana, where you may obtain information to govern your future movements. You can then visit any of the islands of the West Indies or any part of the Gulf at which you think you would be most likely to overtake the Alabama or procure information of her. When you are perfectly satisfied that the Alabama has left the Gulf or the West Indies and gone to some other locality, you will proceed along the coast of Brazil to Fernando de Noronha and Rio dc Janeiro, making enquiry at such places as you may...
Стр. lxxii - He also sends a plan of the battery, a copy of which plan is enclosed, and gives a statement of its battery and of the steamer detailed to tow it, which is also plated. I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, yours, SP LEE, Acting Sear-Admiral, commanding NAB Squadron. Hon. GIDEON WELLES, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC US STEAMER MIAMI, PLYMOUTH, NC, June 8, 1863.

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