The Royal Princesses of England: From the Reign of the George the First

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G. Routledge and sons, 1871 - Всего страниц: 540
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Стр. 334 - Unthinking, idle, wild, and young, I laughed, and danced, and talked, and sung : And, proud of health, of freedom vain, Dreamed not of sorrow, care, or pain ; Concluding, in those hours of glee, That all the world was made for me. But when the hour of trial came, When sickness shook this trembling frame, When folly's gay pursuits were o'er, And I could sing and dance no more, It then occurred, how sad 'twould be Were this world only made for me.
Стр. 317 - I have been several evenings at the Queen's Lodge, with no other company but their own most lovely family. They sit round a large table, on which are books, work, pencils, and paper. The Queen has the goodness to make me sit down next to her ; and delights me with her conversation, which is informing, elegant, and pleasing, heyond description ; whilst the younger part of the family are drawing and working, &c.
Стр. 320 - ... the parade, and turning from side to side to see everybody as she passed ; for all the terracers stand up against the walls, to make a clear passage for the royal family the moment they come in sight. Then followed the king and queen, no less delighted "with the joy of their little darling.
Стр. 151 - A boy in England born — in England bred ; Where freedom well becomes the earliest state, For there the love of liberty's innate. Yet more ; before my eyes those heroes stand, Whom the great William brought to bless this land, To guard, with pious care, that gen'rous plan Of power well bounded, which he first began.
Стр. 395 - BRIGHT be the place of thy soul ! No lovelier spirit than thine E'er burst from its mortal control, In the orbs of the blessed to shine. On earth thou wert all but divine, As thy soul shall immortally be ; And our sorrow may cease to repine, When we know that thy God is with thee. Light be the turf of thy tomb...
Стр. 377 - ... young princess. She is a most captivating and engaging child ; and considering the high station she may hereafter fill, a most interesting and important one. She repeated to me several of her hymns with great correctness and propriety ; and on being told that when she went to South End, in Essex (as she afterwards did, for the benefit of sea-bathing), she would then be in my diocese, she fell down on her knees, and begged my blessing.
Стр. 151 - Should this superior to my years be thought, Know, 'tis the first great lesson I was taught. What, though a boy ! it may with pride be said, A boy in England born — in England bred ; Where freedom well becomes the earliest state, For there the love of liberty's innate.
Стр. 237 - ... was prepared. No servants but those out of livery made their appearance. The gay and pleasant appearance they all made, and the satisfaction all expressed, rewarded the attention and politeness of the Duchess of Portland, who is never so happy as when she gratifies those whom she esteems worthy of her attention and favours.
Стр. 323 - I receive from my royal friends ; who seem unwearied in the persuit of making me as happy as they can. I am sure you must be very sensible how thankful I am to providence for the late wonderful escape of His Majesty from the stroke of assassination ; indeed the horror that there was a possibility that such an attempt would be made, shocked me so much at first, that I could hardly enjoy the blessings of such a preservation.
Стр. 233 - I was pleased with all the Princes, but particularly with Prince William, who is little of his age, but so sensible and engaging, that he won the Bishop's heart, to whom he particularly attached himself, and would stay with him, while all the rest ran about the house. His conversation was surprisingly manly and clever for his age, . yet, with the young Bullers, he was quite the boy, and said to John Buller, by way of encouraging him to talk, " Come, we are both boys, you know.

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