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Minister.-0 Lord God, to whom the secrets of all hearts are known, thou knowest that there are many throughout the world, who, oppressed in spirit, are sighing and crying in the midst of ignorance and darkness for rest to their souls, and salvation. O Lord, compassionately look on all such, we earnestly beseech thee, and open up unto them in thy grace, thy wisdom, and providence, the way of salvation, that those who thus seek thee may indeed find thee, and dwell with thee for ever, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

All.-O Lord, compassionately look on all who are seeking for rest to their souls, and grant that they may find it, and have rest and joy everlasting through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister.-0 Lord God Almighty, the King Eternal, Immortal, and Invisible, have mercy on all those who deny thy Eternal Power and Godhead: have mercy also on all who deny the truth of thy holy word; and on all who deny the Glory of thy Son Jesus Christ, and the Atonement which he made for mankind in his sufferings and death. O Lord, convince all such persons of their great errors, and of their great danger, and lead them to believe in thy Adorable Self, to believe thy holy word of Revelation, and to believe in thy only Son Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed for the remission of sin.

All.-Lord God, lead all those who have thus erred and strayed from the Truth, to know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent, as revealed in thy most holy word.

Minister.—Hear these our prayers, O God, which we have now made before thee, on behalf of the Heathen, on behalf of thine Ancient People, on behalf of the votaries of the False Prophet, on behalf of all those in every place who are sighing after salvation, and on behalf of those who reject thy Testimony, and deny the Father Everlasting, and the Redeemer of the world. And now, O Lord our God, we present before thee in our supplications, all those who bear the name of Christian in various nations, but who understand not, and follow not, the way of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. O Lord, have mercy on all such. Let them see their ignorance, and their dangerous situation, and lead them truly and effectually to the Lord Jesus Christ, that their sins may be washed out with his precious atoning blood.

All.-0 Lord, have mercy on all who bear the name of Christ, but know not the way of life, and make them truly wise unto salvation.

Minister.Have mercy also, O our God, upon all who are esteemed among thy people as true disciples, but who are in truth dead in respect to the life of godliness. We pray thee to regard all those who have thus a form of sound words, but who do not yield themselves up to the obedience of Christ. O Lord, make all those in this state to perceive their guilt and peril, and to see that Christ will deny them, and turn them into deep perdition at the last day, if they so live and die. O lead them to repentance, and to yield up their understandings and their hearts unto Christ, and to glorify thy name by a godly life; and whether they eat or drink, or whatever else they do, may they do all from obedience and love to Him whó gave

his life a ransom for our salvation. All:-0 Lord, may all those who have only a name t olive, be made truly alive in Jesus Christ, and live entirely unto him.

Minister.--Almighty God, we praise thee for stirring up thy people in these days to attend to thy holy commandment to make known thy salvation to every creature upon

earth. Stir us all up upon this subject more and more, we earnestly beseech thee, that thy way may be known on earth, and thy saving health among all nations. O let the kingdoms of this world

become the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that without delay.

All.We thank thee, O Lord, for fixing the attention of thy people upon this subject. O fix it more and more.

Minister.-Almighty Father, we adore thee for uniting all thy people as one man to circulate thy holy word throughout the world in all the languages of men. Glory be to thy name for what has already been effected in this blessed work. O Lord, give thy rich blessing with the millions of copies of thy word circulated by thy people in this our day. Ogrant that millions of souls may be saved thereby.-And now, O God, make openings for thy word in every continent and island, in every nation and country, among

all tribes, and tongues, and kindreds of mankind over the face of the whole world.

All.—Glory to thy name, O God, for sending forth thy word through the world in this our day. O send it, and speedily, into every place, bring it under every roof, and put it into the hands of all.

Minister.-O Lord our God, we praise and adore thy name for sending forth thy Evangelists in a special manner in this our age to preach the Gospel of Christ, in many and distant nations. We rejoice, O Lord, that the number of thy servants already engaged in this holy and blessed work is so great. But, still, alas! the labourers are few, while the field is large and white to harvest. O Lord of the harvest, send forth more labourers into thy harvest : 0 Lord, send more, send many more labourers into thy harvest.

All.-0 Lord, send many, many labourers into thy harvest.

of our poor

Minister.-Most Gracious God, we bless thee for thy grace bestowed upon many,

fellow sinners in various climes through the preaching of the cross by thy servants whom thou hast sent forth.

Keep, O Lord, keep these thy people in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and may they be strong in the faith. O Lord, grant that they may bring forth the fruits of righteousness abundantly, and that they may be preserved to thine everlasting kingdom and glory, for their own eternal welfare, and for a crown of joy and rejoicing to thy evangelising servants in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All.-Keep, O Lord, all thy people among the nations unto eternal life.

Minister.-0 God, in thy abundant grace, look on thy servants the missionaries, the evangelists whom thou hast sent forth to the nations, and grant them largely of thy Spirit. May they faithfully, and fully, and earnestly, teach and preach Jesus Christ, and with all meekness, gentleness, and humility of mind. And, O God, be pleased to give yet more and more testimony to thy word spoken by them, that many and many more may be brought to the knowledge of the truth. O may thy flock increase among the heathen, and among all nations. May the leaven of the Gospel of Christ spread all around, and leaven the whole world.

All.-0 Lord, may multitudes among all nations be brought unto the Lord Jesus Christ, and be saved with an everlasting salvation.

Minister.-0 Lord our God, graciously protect and sustain thy servants amid all their perils and dangers. Save them, O Lord, if it please thee, from every accident and harm in all their voyages on the great ocean, and in all their journeyings by land. Preserve thy servants, O Lord, in health and in strength, that they may fulfil the objects of their mission; and lengthen their lives, if it be thy holy will, that they may advance thy kingdom and glory.

All.-0 Lord, protect and sustain thy servants in all their perils and dangers, and bless them with life and health for the advancement of thy glory in the earth.

O grant

Minister.-0 Lord, we supplicate thee yet more on behalf of thy servants the missionaries. that they may truly and entirely devote themselves to thy sacred work to which they have pledged themselves,-in thy sight, in the sight of all their brethren, and before angels and men. O Lord, preserve at all times most fully alive upon their minds, and especially upon their hearts, the nature of that most solemn trust thou hast committed unto them. Keep them, O Lord, from growing weary in well doing; keep them from growing cold and languid in thy service; keep them from all complainings, murmurings, and dissatisfaction under the difficulties they meet with in their holy calling; keep them from thinking, at any time, with unconcern of the salvation of men; O keep them from every snare of the devil. Maintain upon the minds of thy servants, O Lord, at all times, the mighty importance of the salvation of their own souls; maintain upon their minds the importance of the final salvation of those under their pastoral charge ; maintain upon their minds the solemn consideration, that many are perishing around them in their unbelief and unholiness; and keep, O Lord, full before thy Servants, at all times and seasons,-the glory of God, the glory of Christ, the glory of thy kingdom, and the glories of heaven. O may thy servants be faithful unto death; may they at last be presented before thy presence with exceeding joy; and may they have with them many souls saved by their instrumentality to enhance their triumph, and their felicity and glory.

All.-0 Lord God of salvation, bring all thy servants the missionaries to thy eternal kingdom and glory, and give them many souls to exalt their glorious triumph before thee.

Minister.-0 Lord our God, most graciously look down upon our Native Land, and bless it in all its concerns.


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