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2 Oh, lovely attitude, he stands

With melting heart and open hands!
Oh, matchless kindness! and he shows
This matchless kindness to his foes!
3 But will he prove a friend indeed ?

He will—the very friend you need;
The friend of sinners-yes, 'tis He,
With garments dyed on Calvary.
4 Rise, touched with gratitude divine,

Turn out his enemy and thine ;
Turn out that hateful monster, sin,

And let the heavenly stranger in. 5 Admit him, ere his anger burn,

Lest he depart, and ne'er return;
Admit him, or the hour 's at hand,

When at hís door denied you ’ll stand. Gregg. 205 Return unto the Lord.Isa. lv. 7. L. M. 1 , ,

And seek an injured Father's face; Those warm desires that in thee burn,

Were kindled by reclaiming grace. 2 Return, O wand'rer, now return,

And seek a Father's melting heart;
His pitying eyes thy grief discern,

His hand shall heal thy inward smart. 3 Return, O wand'rer, now return,

Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live;
Go to his bleeding feet, and learn

How freely Jesus can forgive.
4 Return, O wand'rer, now return,

And wipe away the falling tear;
'Tis God who says, “No longer mourn,'

'Tis mercy's voice invites thee near. Collyer. 206 Pardon and Peace offered.

7s. 1 YE who

in his courts are found,
Listening to the joyful sound,
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Full of sorrow, sin, and care,
Glorify the King of kings;
Take the peace the gospel brings.

2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes,
View his bleeding sacrifice ;
See in him your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven:
Glorify the King of kings,

Take the peace the gospel brings. 207 The Invitation. Rev. xxii. 17, 20. S. M. 1 THE whispering," Sinner, come ;">

, The bride, the Church of Christ, proclaims

To all his children, “Come.” 2 Let him that heareth say

To all about him, “Come ;"
Let him that thirsts for righteousness,

To Christ, the fountain, come. 13 Yes, whosoever will,

Oh let him freely come,
And freely drink the stream of life;

'Tis Jesus bids him come. 4 Lo! Jesus, who invites,

Declares, “I quickly come :" Lord, even so; we wait thy hour;

Jesus, our Saviour, come. 208 The Weary inviled.

L. M. 1 COME, weary souls, with sin distressed,

Come, and accept the promised rest;
The Saviour's gracious call obey,

And cast your gloomy fears away. 2 Oppressed with sin, a painful load,

Oh come, and spread your woes abroad :
Divine compassion, mighty love,

Will all the painful load remove.
3 Here mercy's boundless ocean flows,

To cleanse your guilt and heal your woes :
Pardon and life and endless peace,

How rich the gift, how free the grace! 4 Lord, we accept, with thankful heart,

The hope thy gracious words impart:
We come with trembling, yet rejoice,
And bless the kind inviting voice. Mrs. Steele.

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209 The Gospel Invitation. Isa. lv. 1. L. M. 1

Hevery one that thirsts, draw nigh;
Mercy and free salvation buy,

Buy wine and milk and gospel grace. 2 Ye nothing in exchange can give;

Leave all ye have and are, behind ; Freely the gift of God receive,

Pardon and peace in Jesus find. 3 Come to the living waters, come;, Sinners, obey your Maker's call

; Return, ye weary wanderers,

home, And find my grace is free for all. J. Wesley. 210 The Gospel Message.

8. 7. 4. 1 SINNERS, will you scorn the message Every sentence-oh how tender! Every line is full of love;

Listen to it
Every line is full of love.
2 Hear the heralds of the gospel

News from Zion's King proclaim-
“Pardon to each rebel sinner,
Free forgiveness in his :"

How important !
“Free forgiveness in his name.”
3 Tempted souls, they bring you succor;

Fearful hearts, they quell your fears,
And, with news of consolation,
Chase away the falling tears ;

Tender heralds
Chase away the falling tears.
4 False professors, groveling worldlings,

Callous hearers of the wordWhile the messengers address you, Take the warnings they afford ;

We entreat youTake the warnings they afford. Littleton. 211

Peace to the troubled Soul. L. M. 6 lines. 1 PEACE, troubled soul, whose plaintive moan

Has taught each scene the note of wo;


Cease thy complaint, suppress thy groan,

And let thy tears forget to flow; Behold, the precious balm is found,

To lull thy pain, to heal thy wound. 2 Come, freely come, by sin oppressed,

Unburthen here thy weighty load ;
Here find thy refuge and thy rest,

And trust the mercy of thy God;
Thy God's thy Saviour-glorious word!

Oh hear, believe, and bless the Lord. 212 Life the Day of Salvation. Ec. ix. 4–6, 10. L. M. 1

The time t insure the great reward; And while the lamp holds out to burn,

The vilest sinner may return.
2 Life is the hour that God has given

To 'scape from hell and fly to heaven ;
The day of grace,

and mortals may
Secure the blessings of the day.
3 The living know that they must die,

But all the dead forgotten lie;
Their memory and their sense is gone,

Alike unknowing and unknown.
4 Their hatred and their love is lost,

Their envy buried in the dust;
They have no share in all that's done

Beneath the circuit of the sun.
5 Then what my thoughts design to do,

My hands, with all your might pursue;
Since no device nor work is found,

Nor faith nor hope, beneath the ground. 6 There are no acts of pardon pass’d

In the cold grave, to which we haste;
But darkness, death, and long despair,
Reign in eternal silence there.

Watts. 213 The Alarm.

7. 6. *TOP, poor sinner, stop and think,

Before you farther go ;. Will you sport upon the brink

Of everlasting wo?

1 ST

Once again we charge you-stop ;

For unless you warning take, Ere you are aware, you drop

Into the burning lake. 2 Say, have you an arm like God,

That you his will oppose ? Fear you not that iron rod

With which he breaks his foes ? Can you stand in that dread day,

When he judgment shall proclaim, And the earth shall melt away,

Like wax before the flames
3 Soon relentless death will come,

To drag you to his bar;
Then, to hear your awful doom

Will fill you with despair ;
All your sins will round you crowd,

Sins of a blood-crimson dye,
Each for vengeance crying loud-

And what can you reply? 4 Though your heart be made of steel,

Your forehead lined with brass, God at length will make you feel;

He will not let you pass. Sinners then in vain will call,

(Though they now despise his grace,) 6 Rocks and mountains, on us fall, And hide us from his face."

Newton. 214 Few saved. Luke xiii. 23.

S. M. 1 DESTRUCTION'S dangerous road

What multitudes pursue!
While that which leads the soul to God

Is known or sought by few. 2 Believers enter in

By Christ, the living gate :
But those who will not leave their sin,

Complain it is too strait. 3 If self must be denied,

And sin forsaken quite,
They rather choose the way that's wide,

And strive to think it right.

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