The King of the Golden River, Or, The Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria

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Mayhew & Baker, 1860 - Всего страниц: 68

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Стр. 26 - shelter for a quarter of an hour." "Have the goodness to walk out again, then," said Schwartz. " We've quite enough water in our kitchen, without making it a drying house." " It is a cold day to turn an old man out in, sir; look at my gray hairs." They hung down to his shoulders, as
Стр. 13 - part of Stiria, there was, in old time, a valley of the most surprising and luxuriant fertility. It was surrounded, on all sides, by steep and rocky mountains, rising into peaks, which were always covered with snow, and from which a number of torrents descended in constant
Стр. 14 - that it looked like a shower of gold. It was, therefore, called by the people of the neighborhood the Golden River. It was strange that none of these streams fell into the valley itself. They all descended on the other side of the
Стр. 38 - polished as a river; but instead of reflecting little Gluck's head, as he looked in, he saw meeting his glance, from beneath the gold, the red nose and sharp eyes of his old friend of the mug, a thousand times redder and sharper than ever he had
Стр. 55 - But Gluck was very sorry, and cried all night. When he got up in the morning, there was no bread in the house, nor any money; so Gluck went and hired himself to another goldsmith, and he worked so hard, and so neatly, and
Стр. 55 - house for Hans's return. Finding he did not come back, he was terribly frightened, and went and told Schwartz in the prison all that had happened. Then Schwartz was very much pleased, and said that Hans must certainly have been turned into a black stone, and he should have all the
Стр. 51 - Three drops are enough," at last thought he; "I may, at least, cool my lips with it." He opened the flask, and was raising it to his lips, when his eye fell on an object lying on the
Стр. 52 - he thought that a strange shadow had suddenly come across the blue sky. The path became steeper and more rugged every moment; and the high hill air. instead of refreshing him, seemed to throw his blood into a fever. The
Стр. 56 - so long every day, that he soon got money enough together to pay his brother's fine, and he went, and gave it all to Schwartz, and Schwartz got out of prison. Then Schwartz was quite pleased, and said
Стр. 17 - my brothers never ask anybody to dinner. I'm sure, when they've got such a nice piece of mutton as this, and nobody else has got so much as a piece of dry bread, it would do

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