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No. 423. SATURDAY, JULY 5, 1712.

Hor. Op.

Nuper idoneus.
Once fit myself.

I look upon myself as a kind of guardian to the fair, and am always watchful to observe any thing which concerns their interest. The present paper shall be employed in the service of a very fine young woman, and the admonitions I give her may not be unuseful to the rest of the sex. Gloriana shall be the name of the heroine in today's entertainment; and when I have told you that she is rich, witty, young, and beautiful, you will believe she does not want admirers. She has had, since she came to town, about twenty-five of those lovers, who make their addresses by way of jointure and settlement. These come and go with great indifference on both sides; and, as beauteous as she is, a line in a deed has had exception enough against it, to outweigh the lustre of her eyes, the readiness of her understanding, and the merit of her general character. But among the crowd of such cool adorers, she has two who are very assiduous in their attendance


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