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which, see the Tranfa&tions of There would seem two the Royal Society) the Covers very great Wonders, if the Quewhereof are press'd down by rist had not been so kind to the Ponderosity of the Water, quote his Author: He which presses lo hard upon the tells us, he had 'em out of Sir Eye-lid, whose Springs are but H. B's Voyage into the Levant small and weak, that 'tis impof- which being well consider'd, sible for it to raise it self against we believe there is very few it.

As for the Per- Readers will expect any further fon's not being able to shut his Answer. Only, as to the Eyes under Water, we might latter of the two, this may be say, 'twas the Water got in be. observ'd out of Dr. Burnet's tween the Lids, which hinder'd Letters, that the Story of the the Under-Lid from rising, and River passing through the Lake joining the Upper ; without Lemain, in the same nianner which 'tis impollible to laut these two are said to run, withthe Eye. And here would out mixing, is a perfe&t Fable.be a very fair Account of the By which, if there were any Business. But the Mif- need, we might give a good chief is, that all this while there Guels at the Truth of the Qis not one Word of the Matter ther, without going so far to of Fac true; and so there's an disprove it. End of a fine Hypothefis: Q. What's the Reason that For, let any one make the Exo the greatest Wits are generally periment, as he may easily do S.ts? in a Bason of Water, (much

A. Because there's no great more effe&ually than Sir Nicho. Wit, as the Proverb has it,

withlas's learning to swim on the out a Mixture of Madness ; that Table-Board ) and he'll find is, - -those People who in that he


put his Eyes this Age have refoly'd to be fut under water, and open calld Wits

, are such as have 'em there; or shut them after vaft Fancies, which perhaps ewards, when he puts them un ven without their lo much inder, open; nay, open and shut dulging and giving then the 'em as often as he pleases. Reins, would be too strong for

Q. Why tbe River Save at their Reason; but that being Belgrade runs flower at Mid-day done, whereas they ought raana Mid-night, than at other ther to take the Counsel of Times, the Caule being neither Phoebus to his young HotRefrex nor Stop of Current by Brains. Wind, or otherwise ? And why Parce puer Stimulis, & fortbe said River and the Danube tius utere loris. run togetber, as by Experience They grow entirely Masters run they are found to do, and get away with the poor Wits, as t beir Waters not mix, the Da- those Fiery-mouth'd Jades' did nube running appermist, and the with phaeton, and throw them Save under, seeing 'tis not in headlong into the greatest Exthe least unétious ?


and when Vol. III.

C 2



they have spent their Spirits this you'll say, is, not to talk
in whatever wild A&tions they like an Anatomist
can think on, when all the would it be very civil to do so,
Briskness of Life is run out in only we'll say, that Nourish-
Froth, what remains must of ment being convey'd to the
Necessity grow vapid or aiger, Fætus, Wind may be also, and
while Reflexion on their Folly in Effeet is, as we see by the
ftupifies and stuns them, and Child's being often injur'd by
they can find no Ease or Quiet such windy Nourishment.
to their Minds, but by keep Q. Why should a Blockhead
ing them still as much as possi- have one out of Ten ?
ble in the same Humour. A. The Querist is beholding

Q. If any thing Temporal may for that sharp Thought to Mr.
be made sure ?

Bays his last Play, as Bays him-
A. Yes, what we give away telf stole the only few good

for the Relief of the Brave and Things there from Tajlo's Poem


of the Siege of Jerufalem,

Q. I bang’d a Cat lately in who being himself reputed a

my Garden full of Kittens, and Blockhead to make a Parson of,

when she was a dying, tbe Kit has railed at them all with or

tens cry'd within ber. I demand without Occasion ever since-

whence they had Air to make that But let the Wit be whose 'twill,

Sound ?

we'll here answer it. The

A. We have had this Quer- Question is Why should a
tion before, however it being Blockhead have one out of
a diverting Point, I shall fur- Ten? Our Answer is For
ther add, The more cruel

the same Reason that a greater


you your Blockhead has the other Nine,

Pains, thus with one Cord to and that is because the Law
destroy a whole Generation. gives it hini,
But to answer your unanswer. Q. How long do you intend
able Question. The Truth of to continue your Athenian Pro-
Fact we easily believe, the same ject, since some or other may al.
Accident having sometimes hap- ways be putting in fume Nice and
pened to human Births.

But Curious Questions ?

that there is Air in the Body, A. As long as such Questi-

none ever questioned.

ons shall be put in, and perhaps

Wind is a Degree more than a little longer, we having some

Air, or Air compressed

Three Thousand upon the File

this we aresure is in the Body- already, expecting their several

because it comes out on't. But Answers,

Q. Thomas

Q. Thomas Knowles, a Widower. bas a son named John Knowles 4 Bachelor.

Anne Brown, a Widow, bas a Daughter named Sarah Brown, a Spinster. Thomas Knowles the Father? And has by her inter marries with

Sarah Brown the Daughter ;Sone Son named
John Knowles the Son in. And has by her
termarries with

Anne Brown the Mother; S
Or, for the better understanding the Queston, take the following

one son named) Peter.

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Q. What is the Degree of Kindred between Knopoles. these two, riz. Peter And Richard, and what

is the Denomination of that Degree?

Tbo. Knowles.

[blocks in formation]

A. We meet not with any foresaid Reasons must take place such Instances in Tables of Afi- of her Mother, or her Huse nity, nor have we a Denomi. band lose his Place-But nation particularly for such a we mention not this to encouRelation : It comes near to that rage Undutifulness, which the of Cousins of the firit Blood, Law of GOD will not dis. the Relation of a Father and a penfe with, altho' even in such Son being nearest to that of an Invasion it will dispense with two Brothers, as also a Mother the aforesaid unnatural Order and a Daughter, as two Sisters, in Civil Preheminences, which, consequently their flue nearest without a due Discretion, may to the Relation of Brothers and be an unhappy Novel of TempSisters Children

I his tation. is an odd Sort of an inverted 9. Where the Romish Infalli. Affinity, for the Son is hereby bility resides during the Vacancy made Father to his own Fa of the Papal Chair? [This was ther and his Mother-in-Law, propos'd and answer'd before the and the Daughter is made á lajt Choire was finib'd.] Mother to her own Mother and 8. Not in the PopeFather-in-Law. If the for the last is in Purgatory, and Question had been continued, his Succeffor not yet in Being. whether the Mother or Daugb

Not in a General Council, for ter ought to take Place? We had there is now no fuch thing ;answer'd, The Law of GOD not in Pope and General Counand Nature must certainly sub- cil together, because there's neiject the Child to its Parent; ther of 'em in Nature alunder : notwithstanding any Superin- Not in the Universal particular duc'd Civil Law, or Law of of the Roman-catholickChurch, Marriage, which in this case for the eldest Son of it, the is yet more obliging chan any most Christian King, is as we have met with ; for the good as turn'a Turk, and worle Woman always lofes her Name, than all that, is so ungracious, and is more properly married to call his' Mother whore. into the Man, than the Man Not in the Cardinals, for then into her, (Woman being made poor Infallibility would be torn for Man, so that perhaps not all to Pieces -there would improperly, according to this be French Infallibility against lalt Law, we may conclude, that Spanish Infallibility, and the both Mother and Daughter ha- Zealots Infallibility at Daggers ving lost their Names, and na. drawing with both. Things turaliz'd into New Stocks, they being in this Posture, we think mult, according to the Civil it very dangerous to interpose Law, reckon their Prehemi in fuch a Battle - Royal of nence from the Stock into which Creeds, left they should all athey are ingrafted; but the gree and fall upon us for MedDaughter having married the dlers ; however thus much Father, who is to be preferr'd we'll venture to say, tho they to the Son, she upon the a. should threaten us with the. H.

Inquisition it felf, that when. many Years before. Howeever the poor Spitch-Cockt Fa- ver, 'tis Injustice to blame the thers agree where to place this Poet for this Miftake in Chrorambling Infallibility, it must nology, which he was not ou be either K. Lewis's Gold or bliged to take any Care of. K. William's Sword will have Q. Why the Jews made their the casting Voice.

Idols in the Shape of a Calf, Q. 1 find reported in a Hifto- rather than any other Bealt. ry, that Æneas liv'd in the A. No duubt they learnt in Days of Abdon Judge of Israel, Ægypt, where the Worship of in the Tear of the World, 2790, an Ox or Calf was notoriously and that Dido was Grandaugh. practised. ter to Ethbaal K. of Sidon and Q. Whether Aaron receiv'd Tyre, whose Daughter Jezabel the Ear-rings and Bracelets of was married to K, Ahab ; so the Children of Israel, and made ibat by this Æneas must have the Calf of them, of real Gold ? lived long before Dido, and all And if so, by what Means did the Historians and Poets fabu. Mofes burn it, and reduce it to lous, in w?at they relate of their Afhes ? Acquaintance and Amours; A. 'Tis not said in any whether of the Two is more pro- Translation that we ever yet bable ?

faw, that the Calf was reduc'd A. The best Chronologers to Ashes : It was indeed burnt, and Historians on this Question or thrown into the Fire, and inform us That Etho melted out of that Form and baal, or Itbobaal, or Juthobaal Shape whereunto Aaron had re(for by all those Names he is duced it ; calld) had a Grandion, whose as our Translation has it, fiamp'd Name was Metimus, who had to Porder; that is, ground or two Sons, Pygmalion and Bar. filed it as small as poffible, and ca, and two Daughters, Eliza so strewed it upon the Water; or Dide, and Anna. That Pyg. when as the Jews say, by thć malion having murder'd Sicbaus, drinking thereof, the Bellies of Didi's Husband, for the Saké those who had been guilty of of his Treasure, as Justin and Idolatry immediately swelled, others tell us, Dido in the and their faces were discolour'd, feventh Year of his Reign sail. much as in the Case of the ed into Africk, and built Car. Waters of Jealousy, and therethage, which happened hy Com. by were discovered to the Lea putation an Hundred Forty vites. The Hebrew makes it

. of Solomon's Temple, which moiuit" ufque quo comminuit. was about some Two Hundred The Septuagint much to the Eighty Nine Years after the fame Purpofe, Κατέλεσεν αυτόν Destruction of Trcy, when λεπτών, , -Contrivit euni miÆneas was in a bad Condition nutim, -Ground it very small : to make a Lover of, for he must The Syriack Version,

Li. have been rotten in his Grave mavit eum Lima, quoad commi.

nust us

and then,

Et ויטחן עד אשררען

.Two Years after the building plain


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