The History of the British Empire in India, Том 1

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Стр. 219 - I will kindle such a flame in your country as all the water in the Ganges shall not be able to extinguish. Farewell: remember that he promises you this, who never yet broke his word with you or with any man whatsoever.
Стр. 17 - So rich ft harvest bud been reaped by the first spoilers of the Deccan, that their example found many eager imitators. In one of these predatory visits, a prince, named Mohammed Toghluk, was so much struck with the central situation of Dowlatabad, formerly under the name of Deogur, the capital of a powerful Hindoo state, that he resolved upon making it, instead of Delhi, the seat of the Mahometan empire in India. He returned to Delhi for a short period, but recurring to his former resolution, he...
Стр. 192 - ... a single sloop, with fifteen brave men on board, might, in spite of all the efforts of the enemy, have come up, and, anchoring under the Fort, have carried away all who suffered in the Dungeon.
Стр. 249 - This city is as extensive, populous, and rich as the city of London, with this difference, that there are individuals in the first possessing infinitely greater property than in the last city.
Стр. 374 - Clive with their own doubts, and to alarm him by representations of the personal danger which he incurred. His reply is said to have been, "A public man may occasionally be called upon to act with a halter round his neck.
Стр. 195 - Can it gain belief, that this scene of misery proved entertainment to the brutal wretches without 1 But so it was ; and they took care to keep us supplied with water, that they might have the satisfaction of seeing us fight for it, as they phrased it, and held up lights to the bars, that they might lose no part of the inhuman diversion.
Стр. 531 - ... with poison, or a poignard, or some other instrument of suicide, in his hand : and threatening to use it if his adversary should attempt to molest or pass him, he thus completely arrests him.
Стр. 223 - I, who in all things seek the good of mankind, assist him in every respect, and have sent him the best of my troops, that he may join with them and fight the English ; and if it become necessary I will join him myself.
Стр. 509 - ... interest prompts him to, under the pretended sanction and authority of the Company's servant. Hence, Sir, arises the clamour against the English gentlemen in India. . . . [Clive asserts that] flesh and blood cannot bear [the temptations which are put in the way of the newly arrived Englishman. The Banyan] lays his bags of silver before him today; Gold tomorrow; Jewels the next day; and if these fail, he then tempts him in the way of his profession which is Trade. He assures him that Goods may...
Стр. 3 - Ere yet the Pyramids looked down upon the valley of the Nile, — when Greece and Italy, those cradles of European civilization, nursed only the tenants of a wilderness, — India was the seat of wealth and grandeur.

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