Minstrelsy, Ancient and Modern: With an Historical Introduction and Notes, Том 2

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William Motherwell
W. D. Ticknor & Company, 1846

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Стр. 246 - Lie you there, dove Isabel, And all my sorrows lie with thee ; Till Kemp Owyne come ower the sea, And borrow you with kisses three, Let all the warld do what they will, Oh borrowed shall you never be !
Стр. 251 - Wi' cauk and keel' I'll win your bread, And spindles and whorles for them wha need, Whilk is a gentle trade indeed, To carry the gaberlunzie on. I'll bow my leg, and crook my knee. And draw a black clout o'er my ee ; A cripple or blind they will ca' me, While we shall be merry and sing.
Стр. 58 - O they rade on, and on they rade, And a' by the light of the moon, Until they came to yon wan water, And there they lighted down. They lighted down to tak' a drink Of the spring that ran sae clear, And down the stream ran his gude heart's blood, And sair she gan to fear. " Hold up, hold up, Lord William," she says, " For I fear that you are slain.
Стр. 56 - Rise up, rise up, now, Lord Douglas," she says, "And put on your armour so bright; Let it never be said that a daughter of thine Was married to a lord under night. "Rise up, rise up, my seven bold sons, 5 And put on your armour so bright, And take better care of your youngest sister, For your eldest's awa
Стр. 57 - O hold your hand, Lord William!" she said, "For your strokes they are wondrous sair; True lovers I can get many a ane, But a father I can never get mair.
Стр. 23 - There's nae room at my feet; My bed it is full lowly now: Amang the hungry worms I sleep. 'Cauld mould is my covering now, But and my winding-sheet; The dew it falls nae sooner down, Than my resting-place is weet.
Стр. 238 - Was cover'd wi' a clouted cloak, And in his hand a trusty tree. "What news, what news, ye silly auld man, What news hae ye this day to gie ? No news, no news, ye belted knight, No news hae I this day to thee, But fifteen lords in the hostage house Waiting Wallace for to see.
Стр. 58 - And a' by the light of the moon, Until they cam to his mother's ha' door, And there they lighted down. " Get up, get up, Lady Mother," he says, " Get up and let me in ! — Get up, get up, Lady Mother," he says, " For this night my fair lady I 've win.

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