Lothaire; a romance

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Стр. 197 - tis the song of Colonsay!— Like one that from a fearful dream Awakes, the morning light to view, And joys to see the purple beam, Yet fears to find the vision true, He heard that strain, so wildly sweet, Which bade his torpid languor fly; He feared some spell had bound his
Стр. 203 - That on thy finger glances gay, " And thou shall hear the Mermaid sing " The song thou lov'st of Colonsay '." " This ruby ring of crimson grain " Shall on thy finger glitter gay. " If thou wilt bear me thro' the main " Once more to visit Colonsay.
Стр. 203 - lyres of Ocean ring. And when the moon went down the sky Still rose in dreams his native plain, And oft he thought his Love was by, And charmed him with some tender strain: And heart-sick, oft he waked to weep When ceased that voice of silver sound ; And thought to plunge him in the deep That walled his
Стр. 200 - At eve shall shed a brighter day : " Nor stormy wind, nor wint'ry gale " That o'er the angry ocean sweep, " Shall e'er our coral groves assail, " Calm in the bosom of the deep.
Стр. 199 - Serene in Ocean's sapphire bed " Beneath the tumbling surge to lie ! " To trace with tranquil step the deep " Where pearly drops of frozen dew " In concave shells, unconscious sleep,
Стр. 205 - O'er her warm cheek and rising bosom, move " The bloom of young desire, and purple light of Love.
Стр. 196 - loved so dear, The song arose so soft and slow, He seemed her parting sigh to hear. The lonely deck he paces o'er Impatient for the rising day,
Стр. 196 - The Monks their prayers of death shall say, And long for thee, the fruitless tear Shall weep the maid of Colonsay '.— But downward, like a powerless corse
Стр. 198 - Compare to her of Colonsay ?" Roused by that voice of silver sound From the paved floor he lightly sprung, And glancing wild his eyes around
Стр. 208 - As when some shepherd from the rustling trees Shot forth to view, a scaly serpent sees, Trembling and pale he starts with wild affright And all confused precipitates his flight.

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