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Section 1. The sum of ten thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of the general fund to pay for one thousand sets of a revised and annotated code and general laws of Oregon by Hon. C. B. Bellinger, United States District Judge for the State of Oregon, and W. W. Cotton.

Section 2. Said compilation shall be published in two royal octavo volumes of about one thousand pages each, and shall contain the constitutions of the United States and Oregon, and Declaration of Independence, the act admitting Oregon into the Union, and other acts of the congress of the United States relating to the State of Oregon, and all of the laws of a general nature in force in the State of Oregon, including the enactments of the twenty-first biennial session of the legislature. Each volume shall contain a thorough, complete, and first-class index of the contents thereof, and the second volume shall contain a like index of the contents of both volumes. Section 7. From and after publication of Bellinger's Annotated Code and General Laws of Oregon, it shall be in force and shall be received in all the courts of the state as an authorized compilation of the statutes of Oregon. [Act of February 25, 1901; L. p. 119, §§ 1, 2, and 7.]

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