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they turned the Rivers and the Fountains inme to Wormwood: i. e. They reduced the & Roman Provinces into a bitter Servitude. mei And by reason of this, the name of Worm. 1 wood is given this last Fire ; that is to say, be this last Judgment and Punishment, less than

the former, but yet so great as to make the
people live in Bitterness. For the Goths
Ipoiled'them of their Lands & Goods. See the

Mystery of the second and third Trumpet. - I have no need to give notice, that the third

part of the Sea, and the third part of the Rin
vers, signifie the Sea, and the Rivers of the
third part of the World ; 1. é. of Europe :
For I have given notice already of that
once for all. In truth, they were the
People of Europe, that suffered these Deso-




V.12. And the fourth Angel founded, and a third part of the Sun was fíritten, and the third part of the Moon, and the third part of the Stars, so as the third part of them was darkened, and the Day shone not for a third part of it, and the Night likewise.

'Tis still the same Figure that rules, that is The Fall to say, that the Snii of Europe, which is the of

man Evisai third part of the World, was darkened; in pite. like manner the Moon and Stars. Wemust remember, that in the Prophecies the Sun,Moon and Stars alwayes fignifie the Powers of a State. The Heaven of the politick World, is the superior Region of Dignities, that sheds kind or malignant Influences on the People. We jhall see this constantly observed in this Book,

in such manner, that in all places where the Sun, Moon and Eclypses are spoken of, 'tis unquestionable that we must understand the darkening and destruction of the sovereign Powers in the State or Empire fpoken of. Now what Empire is it that is here spoken of ? 'Tis the Empire of Rome. For yet once more we must stick to this Principle , as one of the principal Keys of the Revelation, viz.that it moves wholly on the Roman Empire, and that’tis properly nothing but a Comment on what is said of the fourth Beast in the 7th chap. of Daniel: The Roman Empire, and în part the Invasions of it by the Goths and other Barbarians being here treated of, there is no room for doubting, but that the Sun of the third part of the World which is smitten, signifies the Sovereign of Rome, the Roman Emperor; the Moon is the Imperial Dignity; the Stars are the Grandees of the Empire. And 'tis the Extinction of the Roman Empire of Italy that happen'd in the year 455. after the Death of Valentinian the 3d, when Genferic came from Africa with his Vardals, took Rome, and fackt it fifteen days one after another; after which the Empire was torn among ten Kings, according as St. John foretold it in the sequel of this Book.. .


Chap.7. .' of the Prophecies:


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An Explication of the visions of the fifth
1 & fixth Trumpet , wherin are seen the
D Empires of the Saracens & Turks.
E THis fall of the Imperial dignity ai Rome
Peta I in the fourthi Monarchy is a great affair.
tú Therfore the H. Spirit stays upon it, & makes
E a pause as a mark of distinction, as we have

before observed. But that which follows also
om is a great affair. Therfore the three last
I Trumpets are preceded by an Angel that
To cries , Wo, , Wo; they are the three last
1 blows of the Fall of the Roman Empire. After
** this Cry follows the fifth Trumpet. Ch.g.
et And the fifth Angel sounded , & I saw a
è iftar fall from Heaven to the Earth, a to

him was given the Key of the Bottomless-pit.

. And be open'd the Bottomless-pit , there

arose a Smoke out of the Pit, as the fricoke of a greåt Furnace , or the Sun or the Air were [ Darkned by reason of the Smoke of the Pit. v.

3. And therë came out of the smoke Locufts on
the Earth.

And the sequel" of the history ; & the
Characters of this Prophecy , perswade me,
that by the Locufts we must understand the
Arabiańs and Saracens ; for after the fall of
the Imperial dignity in Italy, the greatest
event that happend with reference to the


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fourth Monarchy and Religion, is the Émpire of the Arabians. The imperial dignity falls in the fifth Age. In the sixth Age the Arabians are raised up to weary and torment the Roman Empire divided into ten Kingdoms, but above all, for the punishment of the Empire of Constantinople, the most remarkable part of the ten. We shall see that the words of the Prophecy agree very well with this discovery of thole modern

people. Thefal * A star falls from heaven. 'Tis a presage of ling star ameone

Le fifth some great event. By this star we must not Trumpet underitand a grear Lord, or a false Prophet, is not a

e as some have imagin’d. For this ftar doth ora nothing., & appears no more in this fifth Prophet.

Trumpet. 'Tis very improperly that De Launay & many others apply to this Star these words, a to him was given the Key of the Bote tomlefs-pit ; as if a star could carry a Key, use it, and open a door. The Prophecies are continued Metaphors and. Allegories: Now according to good Rhetorick, Actions in Metaphors must be attributed to Subjects according to the nature of those subjects. Here an Angel &a star are spoken of; 'Tis the Angel that opens the Bottomless-pit ,' and not the ftar. 'Tis the proper office of Angells in the Apocalyptical Visions , to open and shut, and bring in on the stage. So in the 20th. Ch. of the Revelation 'tis an Angel that closes the Bottomless-pit on the Dragon. This star therfore doth nothing else here but only presage a great insurrection against God,




" Saracens.

that was to happen under the fifth Trumpet. The bottomless-pit being open'd, there comes The out a Smoke black and thick, like that of a Mahomet Furnace, and the Sun was darkned therby. The baby 'Tis the unhappy Religion of Mahomet that smoak, fills the world with his thick darkness of Error : & there arose out of the smoke of the bottomless pii Locusts on the Earth. And this unhappy and detestable doctrine formed an Empire, and united the Arabians together under the deteftable Mahomet. One can't By the i. better represent the Arabians than by Locusts. Locusts the First because of their innumerable multitude. are meant, So'twas the Author of the book of Judges called them many ages before St. John. And the Midianites the Amalekites, & all the Children of the East , were in the valley as Lecufts for number. 2. 'Tis from Arabia that these inundations of locusts come, that often cover both Egypt and Ethiopia, and the other neighbouring places round about. 3. The prodigious swiftnefs of the Conquests of the Saracens is most admirably represented by Clouds of Locusts, that fåll on the fields ini öne night, and almost in a moment. 4. One can’t better represent the hideous desolations

which the Saracens made every where , than .. by the hideous condition that the meadows

and fields are in when the Locusts come on them.

It is commanded these Locusts, not to hurt the Grass of the Earth, nor any green thing, but only those men which have not the Seal of God in their forheads. This is to ex



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