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Barta yertues. 3. The Moon hath no fixed Light, the

often changeth, and is sometimes more and sometimes less inlightned. The Church remains not long in one state, she is always rising or falling, she looseth some of her Light, and then receiveth more; Me défiles herself, and then is cleansed, and hath Periods almost as regular as those of the Moon. 4. The Moon, besides herconstant and periodical decrease, suffers Ecclipses, and sometimes total ones. The Church, besides her ordinary declensions, is sometimes so Ecclipft , as not to appear, which is more or less according to the inundations of Here. ly, or the corruption of manners. ; 5. 'Tis not the fault of the Sun, but of the Moon it felf, that thefe Eciclápfes happen ga the plungeth herself in the shadow of the Earth, and fo deprives herself of the Sun The Ecclipses of the Church by the loss of T-ruth or vertue happen in like manner, because The falls into fin and falfhood, which is shadow and darkness, the product of Earth and Hell your fins bave separated between God and you. 6. When the Moon is Ecclipit, fhe becomes black, and puts on a frightful Afpect, when the church suffers herself to lose the Light of the sun, her visage be

comeşdeformed by her disordersand crimes.* . .Why doth not the Church appear but in this

sofixrth Period, Gnce she was created from the be::..ginning of the World? so the Moon which was a ..." figure of the Church, should have been created on

the first day. I answer, that the Church may also be found in the three preceding Periods: but in the føft and second daytis a Land covered with waters. The Church is mixt and confounded with the People of the World, and even covered and hidden amongłem. In the third she appears as adry Land that is vilible, but as yet it is but Earth, producing

comes de ce lose the Pooh when the black, and

Why prmed by her of the Sun bhurch luffers


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Plants and Fruits. In our fourth Period, she isad- Part 2
yanc't from the quality of Earth, to the dignity of
the Stars, she becomes a Moon, a luminous body,
which may be seen afar off, which spreads its rays
throughout all the world . .bią '

In the fourth day there were also Stars, which Stars of lix are of fx different magnitudes, from the first to the tudes imafixth. In our fourth Period we have several Tea-ges of the

fix orders cbers, as shining Stars, but they lessen by degrees. of TcaThe Apostles are the Stars of the first magnitude, chesa Apoftolick Persons were Stars of the second magnitude, their Disciples who lived in the second Čen tury, were Stars of the third, the Doctors, of the Church in the third Century were Stars of the Fourth magnitude. Those of the fourth Century were of the fifth magnitude. Lastly, in the fifth Century when the good days of the Church ended, there were more Teachers, more Stars in number, but they were but of the fexul magnitude ; their Light began to be obscured by mixing with the darkness of Superstition and Heresy. After them in the following Ages, we feeno Stars but undera Cloud , the witnesses covered with fackcloth, Christians concealed and hidden among the multitude of those who were sunk into error and Idolatry,

In this Period there is also another sort of Stars ; viz. Confessors and Martyrs, who shined as Stars of the first magnitude, and the common sort of the Faithful, who are truly. Stars, though but of the fixtla magnitude. Lastly, in the fourth Period , we find Planets, wandring Stars, Apoftates, Iudas's , and such as Hymenans and Philētus, who concerning the Faith made shipwrack. : : We proceed to the fifth day of the Creation. The Mysteries

of ihessh fifth Period is that from the rise of Antichrist to his day.



Part 2, Completion, from the fifth Century to the eleventb.

In the fifth day God faid, Let the waters bring forth Fishes abundantly ; (or moving Creatures which have life,) and Fowl that may ftie above the Earth in the open firmament of Heaven. Behold, two sorts of Creatures, Birds and Fishes, and they are to be Emblems of reen, who should rule in the fifth Period of the Church. It may be the name of Bird may prove a good Omen to some, one would think we should find something of good there, because Birds are a kind of Colestial Creatures; but we must remember, that in the two following Periods, we shall meet with nothing that is good, because they belong to Antichrist. If there be any thing good in these two Periods, 'tis the remnant of the fourth, for all is evil that belongs to their perticular Character. So that by Birds we underItand men of rash and daring fpirits, who would pierce beyond the Clouds, attempting to reach unto God himself, and have done violence to his Holy Mysteries by their bold Inquiries. Such was Arrius,who would dive into the myftery of the Eternal generation of the Son, and was thereftumbled: Such was Macedonirs, who would fachom the Mysteries of the Procesion of the Holy Spirit, and not being able to effect it, made him a Creas ture, as Arius did the Son. Such was Eutyches, who not being able to fathom the Mysteries of the union of the two natures in Chrift, did confound them. Such was "Neftoriis, who lost himself in fearching into the manner of the Union of the humane Mature with the Divine Person, and so eftablisht two Perfons in Christ; and I know noi how manymore such Birds there were, men ofbold and

daring fpirits, who did great mischief to the Church, · Weneed but consult History to be informed

. .. . Tis

- Tis true, among those Birds there were fome Part2. whose flight was happy enough. The fourth and fifth Centuries produced some Eminent Doctors in comparison of the preceding. The firit Doctors of the Christian Church after the Apostles were but poor Divinės, they could flýę but a little way. There is more Divinity in one piece of St. Austin, then in allthe three first Centuries, Origen excepted, who was the Eagle of his Age. But those Birds who made some happy flights, were yet guilty of great faults, and often lost themselves by endeavouring to go too far. ;! ;. : :.

The other sort of Creatüręšare Fishes. Creatures The Fish that make their abode in the waters, that swim and day threatika =descend into the Deep ; Creatures among whom ţichrist and

his fol. :) there are some of a monstrouş bigness; Creatures lowers. that live upon filth and mud , and are the lively

image of the second forf of People to be seen in the * fifth Period, which is that of Antichrist riling and

growing to perfection. We there see the great Leviathan of the Abyss. Antichrist himself the Monster of the great waters, who devours all the other Eisl, and subjects them to his Government; There we see all the followers of Antichrift,Fishes of the second order. Allthese Creatures, i.e. all these men, 1. Have their abode in the waters, which denotes a Collection of much People: they have the multitude on their fide; they reckon it their honour they glory in it. 2. They descend into dark Abysses; far: whereas the Doctors of the fourth and fifth Century would be too knowing, those of the following ages fell into a most stupidlgnorance; They descend into thedarknessoffüperstition: and as for the most part Fiskes adhere to the rocks or to the mud; so those false Doktors addict themselves to Creatures, and rise not towards Heaven, whers

Part 2. is the Creator. In those times fprung up the ado

ration of Reliques , the invocation of Saints , the worship of Images; and even the sublime wits, who are the Birds of the fifth Period, who flie fo high by their lofty speculations, as did Gregory of a zianzen, and Ambrose of Milan , do sometimes fall from their elevation into the mire of a carnal and superstitious worship, as Eagles after a flight into the highestregions of the Air, fall down, as it were in a moment, to fix upon Carrion. :

Lastly, Fishes puddle and roll themselves in the mud and slime: a good Emblem of that dreadful corruption into which the last ages of this fifth Period, were plunged, viz. the nineth and tenthi we have already spoken of that corruption; and you need but look back to what hath been said, to perceive how justly we may compare the men of those Times to Fishes that live in mire and dirt.

Some will doubtless make an objection here on this account, that God is faid to be the Author of these Birds and Fishes. Which there is no reason for in the thing represented by the Type, because God is not to be lookt upon as the Author of the HereLies, Idolatries, and corruption of the Papacy. Į might reply,thar no Typical relations ought to hinder, but that God may be said the Author of , and give his blessing to those Creatures which were good, in respect of their natural being; he did not bless thé Chaos, 'tis true, but it was because that in its natural being it was neither fair nor good, no more than in its typical relation. But if any will that the mystery be carried farther, it may be obferved, that God faith, Let the waters bring forth every moving Creature, &c. 'Tis the waters that immediately produce'em. To the same effect as he said. before, Let the Earth bring forth Plans. For this


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