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Part 2 of Antichrift, the Church was intirely changed.

By Anticlorist's being at the Heigle, the Corruption was also at the Highest; and at length by the fall of Antichrist, she must put on another face.

This being supposed, that the seven Periods answer to the seven days; we must observe in every of those Periods such Events, and such things as answer to the several works of the Creation done on every day; so that what was made on the first day, may resemble that which happened in the firt Per riod of the Church : and that which was done on the second day, be the image of what happened in the second Period, and so ofthe following. If we and a perfect correspondence between the Copies and the Original, between the Types and the things which we pretend were represented by them, we thal have reason to believe that 'tis somewhat more than a sport of

wit,or the effect of Fancy and Imagination, which is the next thing we are to consider.

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The Explication of the Mysteries signified by the

Chaos , by the Creation of Light , by the feparation of the Waters, and by the Creation of the plants. The first days of the Creation, and the three

first Periods of the church. Intend not to stay long upon what is well

known, and hath been said already: and therefore fhall speak bụt little of the Chaos. We fee plainly, that this confused Mass, without form and void, which was properly nothing but a vast Abyts, covered with darkness, was the image of


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of the Prophecies. 3.35 that fad estate, to which sin had reduced the Part 2. World. It was without form, spoiled and defaçed by fin, for it had nothing at all of beauty. It was confused; for every thing there was in diforder, that which should have been above was below; God was blasphemed instead of being worshipt, and self-love had placed theCreature on the Throne of God. It was empty and void; for nothing that was good could be found in the World, It was covered with darknefs; for a stupid ignorance might be obferved to reign there. This was the state of the World; out of which the Church was to be drawn, as a new World. God was doubtless the Creator of unshapen Mass; and I doubt not but we have an account of its Creation in the first Verse. In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. 'Tis not, as is commonly thought, an abridgment of what is more amply and by particulars related afterwards. 'Tis the Creation of the Chaos, called Heaven and Earth, because it pofleffed that place which the Heaven and the Earth now do postess, and because it contained the matter of them. This is plain enough by the second Verse, and the Earth was without form and void,&c. 'Tis the description exactly of that Earth, which he was speaking of in the firf Verse.

Nevertheless, though God created the Chaos, Why 'tis 'tis but implicitly said fo; for Moses faith not, that

exprefly God made the Earth without

form and void. Which that God may import,that thoughGod do govern that which Chaos. we call the wicked World,and that enormous Mass is not formed without his Providence; nevertheless, he will notbe acknowledged the Author of it, because he is not the Author of Evil. God appoints no certain day to this Chaos, which is the Image of the corrupted World. 1. Becaufe this



not' said

Part 2 Chaos hath its reign and extention during the Why the whole fix days of the spiritual Creation ; for 'tis no assigned the perpetual fund whence God draws all the parts day. of the intelligible World, which is his Church, as

the Chaos was the fund from whence by little and little God drew all the parts of the Universe. 2. God assigns it no particular day, because 'tis the Empire of darkness; into which the Light and the day cannot enter. He produced not the Chaos by a Fiat, saying, ļet there be a Chaos , as he created the Light; because the Word of God doth not make the wicked World by its efficacy; this World produceth it felf by its own corruption. Lastly, he gives it not his Approbation, he says not, and God saw that it was good; he blesseth it not, as he did the works of the six days, because God seeth nothing good in the carnal World; inftead of blessing it, it is under his curse.

In the mean time, the Spirit of God.moved upon

the waters, Waters in the Language of the ProCreation phets and of the Types do signify People. This we signify: have observed before, and is too well know to People.

need to be proved. This we mustremember that Waters signify People in all the Type of the Creation. The Spirit of God moved on the waters of the Chaos, to prepare that matter, to bruise and reduce it into little parts, and to introduce the ditpositions to receive that form which he intended to give it. God intending to draw his Church out

of the World, and from among the Nations, hath What is presided over them by a wise providence. If he had figpified

intirely abandon'd the World to it self, after the enby the spi.

trance of fin, it had been impossible to draw thence ving on the the intelligible World. It would have fallen into


a total deprivation of Light, Equity, and Goodness; and into that Spirit, which the Scripture cal's,

a spirit

VVaters in all the

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a fpirit of Number, past feeling, and a reprobate Part2. sense ; But the Spirit of God hath presided over these Waters; he hath preserved and kept up in the World some fragments and remainders of Lights Conviction, Conscience, the knowledge of God, the diftinction of right and wrong, and the apprehension of future rewards and punishments. We may see every where this motion, this action ofthe Spis rit of God on the Waters, that is; the People of the World, even to the approach of the fourth Periód, which is that of our Lord Jesus Christ; God was

then about to give a Form to the Church, tothis ini telligible World , which (properly speaking) it

never yet had. Then he caused in the World such things as would dispose to thisgreat work; he prepared his matter by the study of Philosophy; which drew men from that stupidity; that before rendred them uncapable of receiving the Light of Trurl. He dispersed the lews,who carried every where the knowledge of the true God, and made an infinite of Proselites. He caused the Bible to be turned into the Greek Tongue, which then spread and prevailed in the World; and guided the Hearhen insenfibly to a dislike of their idols, and their Religion. This is the Mystery of the Chaos.

In the first day, God said, Let there be Light, TheMynes and there was Light. The first day answers to the first day of first Period of the Church, which lasted from Adam the Cocauntill Abraham. 1. By what did the first day begin? by Light. Jesus Christ the Messiah is the Light, which inlightens every man that comes into the World: 'Tis from him that the Creation of the intelligible World takes its beginning ; from the first moment that Light hath shined in that famous Oracle; The feed of the woman shall bruise the Serpents head. The first day hath two parts , It



Part 2. was Evening, and it was Morning; the Light of

the Evening was the first,but the dimmer of the two, the Light of the Morning was the fecond, but the cleareft

. The knowledge of Christ began by that Oracle, The seed of the woman, &c. The Period ended in Abraham, by the fame Light, viz. the knowledge of the fame Messiah, but proposed less obscurely in that prophecy, And in thy feed shall all the Nations of the Earth be blest. This was the Morning; for the Light began to increase. 2. By whom was this Light produced ? By the Word of God, His Eternal Word. ; He said, i. e. by this Eternal Word, by his infinite Wisdom, by the fruit of this understanding that God manifested to Adam and Abraham , this Light to conduct and guide them. 3. This Light preceded the Creation of the Sun. This knowledge of a Redeemer was given to the first World, before the Meffiah its Sun was produc't, before the Word was incarnate. 4. The Light which appeared on the first day is originally the same with that which was put into the Sun The seed of the woman revealed to Adam, is the same with the word made flesh many ages after 5. The Light of the first day was doubtless ob. scure, its seat in the illuminated Waters, was not yet well prepared; the Earthly parts were not separated, and the Light could not have a very free passage through that thick matter: In the first Period of the Church knowledge was but dim, People were not yet well disposed to receive it, it had not yet entred into them: 6. After all, to what purpose was the Light of the first day? to en

lighten a Chaos, and an unformed Mass. To what Church be-end also was the Knowledge of the first Period, bam was from Adam untill Abraham? to inlighten a Chaos, formio and that Chaos was not only in the World, but in



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