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Part 2, Chaos hath its reign and extention during the yvhy the whole fix days of the spiritual Creation; for 'tis Chan's hath no allened the perpetual fund whence God draws all the parts

of the intelligible World, which is his Church, as the Chaos was the fund from whence by little and little God drew all the parts of the Universe. 2. God assigns it no particulat day, because 'tis the Empire of darkness, into which the Light and the day cannot enter. He produced not the Chaos by a Fiat, saying, ļet there be a Chaos , as he created the Light; because the Word of God doth not make the wicked World by its efficacy; this World produceth it self by its own corruption. Lastly, he gives it not his Approbation, he says not, and God saw that it was good; he blesseth it not, as he did the works of the six days, because God seeth nothing good in the carnal World; inftead ofbler

ling it, it is under his curse. Vraters in in the mean time, the Spirit of God.moved upon all the the waters, Waters in the Language of the ProCreation phets and of the Types do signify People. This we Lignify: have observed before ; and is too well know to Pcople.

need to be proved. This wemustremember that Waters signify People in all the Type of the Creation. The Spirit of God moved on the waters of the Chaos, to prepare that matter, to bruise and reduce it into little parts, and to introduce the dispositions to receive that form which he intended to give it. God intending to draw his Church out

of the World, and from among the Nations, hath What is presided over them by a wise providence. If he had figpified int

intirely abandon'd the World to it self, after the enxis mo" trance of fin, it had been impossible to draw thence ving on the the intelligible World. Warcrs.

It would have fallen into a total deprivation of Light, Equity, and Goodness; and into that Spirit, which the Scripture cal's,

Type of the

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a fpirit of Number, past feeling, and a reprobate Part 2. sense ; But the Spirit of God hath presided over

these Waters; he hath preserved and kept up in the · World some fragments and remainders of Light;

Conviction, Conscience, the knowledge of God, the i distinction of right and wrong, and the apprehen

Sion of future rewards and punishments. We may fee every where this motion, this action ofthe Spi

rit of God on the Waters, that is the People of the "World, even to the approach of the fourth Periód, i which is that of our Lord Jesus Christ; God was,

then about to give a Form to the Church, tothis intelligible World , which properly speaking) it never yet had. Then he caused in the World such things as would dispose to thisgreat work; he prepared his matter by the study of Philofophy; which drew men from that stupidity, that before rendred them uncapable of receiving the Light of Trurh. He dispersed thelews,who carried'every where the knowledge of the true God, and made an infinite of Proselites. He caused the Bible to be turned into the Greek Tongue, which then spread and prevailed in the World; and guided the Heathen insenfibly to a dislike of their idols, and their Religion. This is the Mystery of the Chaos.

In the first day, God said, Let there be Light, TheMyne and there was Light.

ries of the The first day answers to the firit day of first Period of the Courch, which laíted from Adam the Crea

untill Abraham. 1. By what did the firft day becom
gin? by Light. Jesus Christ the Messiah is the
Light, which inlightens every man that comes into
the World : 'Tis from him that the Creation of the
intelligible World takes its beginning ; from the
first moment that Light hath shined in that famous
Oracle; The feed of the woman shall bruise the ·
Serpents head. The first day hath two parts, It


Part 2. was Evening, and it was Morning ; the Light of the

Evening was the first,but the dimmer of the two, the
Light of the Morning was the second, but the clearest.
The knowledge of Christ beganby that Oracle,The
feed of the woman, &c. The Period ended in Abrae
ham, by the same Light, viz. the knowledge of the
fame Messiah, but proposed less obscurely in that
prophecy, And in thy feed shall all the Nations
of the Earth be blest. This was the Morning; for
the Light began to increase. . By whom was
this Light produced? By the Word of God, His
Eternal Word.; He said, i. e. by this Eternal
Word, by his infinite Wisdom, by the fruit of this
understanding that God manifested to Adam and
Abrabam; this Light to conduct and guide them.
3. This Light preceded the Creation of the Sun,
This knowledge of a Redeemer was given to the
first World, before the Meffiah its Sun was pro-
duc't, before the Word was incarnate. 4. The
Light which appeared on the first day is originally
the same with that which was put into the Sun
The seed of the woman revealed to Adam, is the
same with the word made flesh many ages after
5. The Light of the first day was doubtless ob.

scure, its seat in the illuminated Waters, was not ... yet well prepared; the Earthly parts were not se

parated, and the Light could not have a very free passage through that thick matter. In the first Period of the Church knowledge was but dim, People were not yet well disposed to receive it, it had not yet entred into them.. 6. After all, to

what purpose was the Light of the first day? to enThe lighten a Chaos, and an unformed Mass. To what Church be: end also was the Knowledge of the first Period, ham was from Adam untill Abraham? to inlighten a Chaos, format and that Chaos was not only in the World, but in


the Church it self; for then the Church had no form; Part 2 The had no Pastors, no Priests, no Flocks, no AllemBlies, no Solemn days appointed, no Sacraments, no Holy Scriptare, no Discipline, no Cenfures. Every head of a family was both Prophet and Priest of his own house. Here was an Idolatrous family; there just by was another family where God was worMipt. It was a true Chaos; so the Iews say well, that the Church was two thousand years, beihohou in the Chaos, and two thousand years under the Law. The Patriarchs made their Feasts as they thought fit, on what day they pleased, and invited whom they pleased. 7. God made the distinction between the Nightand the Day. He separated the Light from the Darkness; for he is the Author of that distinction that is between the World and the Church, between the good and bad; yet'tis not faid that he made the night, because God is not the Author of Evil. 8. Hemade this distinction from the first day; becaufe from the beginning of the World, and in all ages, there is a separation be. tween those who are of God, and those who are of the Devil. 9. He made that separation of that Light and Darkness, of the Night and the Day, but he blessed it not; he faith not, and He saw that it was good. In like manner, God doth not bless and approve the feparation of the World from the cl * cb, tho he hath made that distinction because it carries with it in respect of the World,curses crimes, and miseries. 10: He began with the Evening whichi belongs to the Night, and isapartofit, because he drawslight out of darkres,& begins the composition of the Church by some degrees of imperfection. The Myster In the second day God made the Firmament, or ties of the

. second days Expansum, that it might separate the waters from the fir& dishe waters, Here begins the second Period of the

che People, Cburch,

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Part 2, Church, which lasted from Abrabam untill Moses:

let it be remembered that Water's alway signify People, 'tis necessary it should be so, that the Spi. rit of God may be uniform and like unto it self. If the Waters are People, the work of separating the Waters must signify the division of the People. 1. In the first day the Waters were mixt and con. founded both among themselves, and with the Earth : so in the first Period from Adam untill

Abraham, the people were confused and mixt one with another. God had not yet made choice of any certain peculiar People. Among all Nations there were some Holy, and some who were Ene: mies of God, were to be found every where. 2. But in the second day, God began the work of the separation of the Waters, i.e. that in the second Period should begin the distinction of the People. He took Abraham, drew him out of his own Country, fet him apart, and gave him the seal of his Covenant. 3. But this work of the division of the wa. ters was effected in two days, this work of the division of the People is also accomplisht in two peo riods ; from Abraham unto Mofes, from Mofe's unto Christ. - 4. The separation of the Waters made on the second day was but imperfect, God only separated the Waters which were above, i.e. the Clouds, from the Waters which were beneath, 3.6. the Seas. The distinction of People in t res cond Period , from Abraham unto. Mofes, was but imperfect; for we must not imagine but that God did preserve some Elect from Abraham unto Mofes, besides those in the family of the Patriarchs, to think he did not is injurious to the mercy and wife dom of God. There were then at that time some of the faithfull scattered in all places. But as the family of Iacob became a great People, foby little


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